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I don't know if this is the correct place for this thread... but hey, i need the question answered :P (besides... someone can move it)


So here is my problem:

It's been a year since i started with Totalchoice hosting, and here it is a month after its expiration date, and I still have my site. No complaints, but I wan't to cancel it. My parents are paying for everything and I was told that they need to switch it from their debit card to credit card. However I don't remember my account number or name (or password) for totalchoice hosting. I had it printed out and saved, but my parents succeeded in losing it... :dance:


How could I either:

a ) get my account name and password so i can log in and manage my domains, etc. (cancel)

b ) cancel my registration with TotalChoice and cancel the domain so i can start from scratch.


It would be appreciated to get help on this ASAP.

My website name btw is www.deranged-brain.com (heh)

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I was told that they need to switch it from their debit card to credit card.

If that 's the only thing then tell the billing department via the helpdesk that you need to change the billing. There's no need to cancel the whole account just to switch cards. If you have already submitted the ticket I'd suggest a new one that references the number on the first one and then maybe IM one of the techs so they can cancel the first one.

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