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  1. Thank-you Bruce! I appreciate the words and your concern. Wished they came out of the tech support guy LOL! I thought the live help was gone.Thanks for your patience and the link. I agree that I should look around for the answers myself. Guess sometimes we want immediate solutions. Best regards, Mario
  2. I didn't know him, yet his photo with his pet made me smile! Looked like a man who saw only the good things of life. Rest in peace!
  3. I almost never had a problem, but when I did in the past I had excellent and fast live service. I had put some photos and text last sunday and noticed that they had disappeared today. I tried to find out what was happening. Was it totalchoice or cutesitebuilder?? Looked and didn't see any status problems or any changes in the news sections. Maybe I looked in the wrong places. I tried to contact, but noticed no more live help and have to send a ticket. I got a reply and I'm told "the server has been changed"? fair enough! so I ask, I not being a hosting einstein "What is it I must change
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