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  1. Please note that the files or folders created through a script (like WP), should be under the ownership of Apache, that is why you are not able to change the permission of those files through File Manager or FTP. Please drop a ticket to Support Desk to correct this.
  2. I am working on a dual boot machine with Fedora Core4 and Windows XP
  3. Admin access data. Choose the username and password you’d like to use in order to access the WordPress admin panel after installation is completed. This is not the cPanel user/password. Base configuration. Type a nickname you’d like to use throughout the blog. By default, the nickname is used whenever you leave comments or write an entry on the blog, so choose something you don’t mind the world seeing. The admin e-mail address is where notices, passwords, and other information about the administration of the blog is sent. Your blog’s name and description should be self-explanatory. E-mail account configuration. You only need to worry about this if you plan to blog via e-mail. If you’ve set up a special e-mail account that you’ll use for blogging via e-mail, then enter the settings where applicable. (Bear in mind, you will need to enter an e-mail account password in order to proceed with the installation, simply use a false one if you don’t plan to blog via e-mail.)
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    Welcome to the forums ck27 Lot of our customers using the SMF (Simple Machines Forum) with out any issues. You can install SMF by "single click" from Fantastico in cPanel.
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