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  1. I'm upgrading Joomla. I'm not even sure I'll need the password for this but wanted to know how I could proceed if I do need it. I'm thinking if nothing else create a new database (remembering the password) and copy into it from the original. George
  2. Is there any hope for an admin who has forgotten a database password? George
  3. Thanks a lot. That does sound familiar now. George
  4. Thanks I'll probably do that. Pardon my ignorance but what is the package manager? (It's been awhile) George
  5. Well that explains the response I'm getting. I'll just have to delete those files before extracting. George
  6. I was trying to extract by uploading the zip file and extracting on the server. Otherwise it's file by file through quite a few subdirectories. I don't think I'm familiar with SMFs built in upgrader. George
  7. I'm following the directions to upgrade my SMF. When I run the upgrade script it tells me: + The upgrader found some old or outdated files. Please make certain you uploaded the new versions of all the files included in the package. + I extracted the zipped upgrade file into the existing SMF directory as instructed. My question is what happens when it extracts a file name that already exists? I need it to overwrite but it doesn't seem to give me any options. It also tells me that the output has been truncated by the browser, so I can only see the first few dozen lines. Is there any way around this? Is there any other reason SMF would be giving me this message? Probably a question for SMF. George
  8. Thanks. Some of this wasn't very straightforward of them so that helps. I tried a Joomla-Wordpress integration avaiable from joomla.org a few months back but wasn't very impressed, and read some pretty bad reviews. I'd still like to use WP and Joomla together. Does anyone know anywhere else I might look, or just how involved it would be just to get them to use the same registered member database and connect content by category? George
  9. Just to be sure, I've got a few questions about the screen Fantastico prompts me with when I ask it to install WordPress: The section labelled Admin Access Data -is this the username-password I use to logon to my CPanel? The section labelled Base Configuration -what exactly is the relationship between the admin email and the email account username in the Email Account Configuration section? George
  10. Many thanks. The thread you referred to was also talking about RG_EMULATION and it was hard to determine exactly what was being suggested for which problem. This sure beats the alternate suggestion posted in the Joomla forum: a separate PHP.INI in every directory to override the default. George
  11. I'm using Joomla and it's telling me that for security reasons I need to change the settings in PHP.INI from ON to OFF. Is this something I can do or do I need to contact support? Thanks. George
  12. Now that I've gotten far enough to worry about this stuff: What is the recommended method for shutting down your site for maintenance (and starting back up)? Isn't there something more graceful than renaming the index file and forcing an error? George
  13. Suddenly I am unable to change permissions to give me access to some of my own directories. As far as I know I'm following the same standard procedures that have worked before. Any suggestions? I'm stuck. George
  14. I didn't have trouble with the first time a couple of weeks ago. There are two themes I got from JoomlaResource that dont upload: lcars.zip and joomla_black.zip. What I reported and how Joomla replied can be seen at: forum.joomla.org/index.php/topic,58055.0.html
  15. I've installed Joomla, and have been trying out different templates for it. Templates are distributed in zip files, and Joomla provides a way to install directly after downloading the file from your computer. This has worked just fine in the past, but now I get a PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT error when I attempt the install. Joomla says my server must be using PCLZip instead of GZip, and thus the problem. Just what are my options here and how might I work around this? George
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