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  1. I'm considering a rebuild of my website and want to know where I would build it, and how I would "go live" with it when I am ready? Right now, I have a site on my public_html folder, and a forum on a subdomain. I want to build and test a new site - either joomla or mambo, to bridge to my smf forum, and then go live with the new site, without disrupting the forum. In other words, I want this to be as seamless as possible from the viewer's standpoint - go to bed one night, see one site, wake up the next, see the other - same domains and subdomains... how do I do this? QT
  2. OK - actually I did both, so off to the techs I go! OH... wait... I might have done ftp.windonwater.net/cpanel.... I'm guessing that would be wrong! Let me try again. Yup! That was the problem! D'oh! QT
  3. I just downloaded CoreFTP Lite, and tried to connect to my server. This is what I got: OK. What now? QT
  4. I'm learning the hard way. I didn't create any of these - they created automatically from fantastico on the old server. Anyway, is phpAdmin on the cPanel? QT
  5. Yes - sorta.... (and thank you)... OK - when I went into MySQL, I already had a user and a database. Four, actually. Only - since this is the umptininth time of me trying to create this forum, how do I know if this database is the one that goes to my new forum or if it goes to one of the previous attempts? Or, should I just delete all prior attempts as well as the existing databases and start from scratch? And - since this is on a subdomain, how do I know if the databases in question are the main domain or some other one? What do I look at in the file structure, or whereever to find out what goes with what? QT
  6. Hi Goatgirl! You'll have to share with me the story behind your handle! Anyway - please don't stress around this - if you check another forum, you'll see that I'm off doing something else. I didn't see the missing table on the old server either. QT
  7. OK - I've been told repeatedly NOT to use fantastico, and after finally getting burned more than enough times, I've decided to install an SMF forum directly instead of using the fantastico version. I'm doing fine, but got to a place where I have to do some FTP stuff... and the hosts here said this: How do I do this? QT
  8. Thanks, Jim.... that seems to answer question #2, but not question #1... QT
  9. OK - I understood very little of this, but there were enough familiar phrases for me to suspect that some answers to some questions would be here.... Question 1: I want to give administrative access to some more tech savvy folks than myself. Only - the tech support people said one user per cPanel. They also said something about FTP, but I ignored it since I had no idea what that had to do with anything. Now it looks like maybe giving someone ftp access IS giving them admin access. How would you go about assigning technical administrators to a website? Question 2: I installed the SMF forum script on my subdomain, and then got messages telling me to upgrade from version 1.05 to version 1.08. When I attempted to do that this is what I got: It then asks me for FTP server, password, etc. Here's the set up: FTP Server: LocalHost Port: ** Username: _________ Password: ________________ Local path to SMF: /public_html/realm OK... so here's the problem. I've plunked in my username & password, changed "Local Host" to my domain name (as per my support folks) and it keeps coming right back to this screen. Which password is it looking for? My control panel password, or my SMF admin password? How do I know if it finished "chmoding" or not? And... what the heck is "chmoding"??? It looks like its asking me to change permissions... but... ? QT
  10. Bless you! I honestly couldn't figure out how to do the copying, so I'm going to try the deletion thing... QT
  11. Erm - related question: I now have ZERO subdomains, according to cPanel. If I just go ahead and create the subdomain, and re-rename the folder back to what it was - will that work? Here's a screen that I totally didn't understand: Sub Domain Maintenance Current Sub-Domains -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . _____________.windonwater.net windonwater.net Note: If you wish to grant virtual ftp access to this subdomain, just create an FTP user with the same username as the subdomain base name that is listed inside the () above. Note: Subdomains rely on the DNS system in order to function, which means that your DNS information must propagate throughout the different DNS servers on the Internet before your subdomain becomes fully active. This process on the average takes a few hours. QT
  12. Alright - so, as predicted, the subdomain isn't working... I did rename it, but now I don't know how to copy over the files. Please advise!!! QT
  13. There isn't any possibility of the email being in my spam box, so I just haven't gotten it yet. I'm not home during the day, so if they called my phone number they didn't get me (and I forgot to check the voice messages). Is that what's going on - they're calling homes? QT
  14. Shouting! (And thanks for the welcome!) I paid yesterday for hosting... and am waiting for my setup email??? Um - is it because it was a Sunday that I've not heard anything yet? QT
  15. I'm sorry Bruce - but I understood very little of that... OK - A subdomin is a folder on my site. True. That won't transfer over with the transfer? QT
  16. OK. I've got a subdomain - not an addon. However - still don't quite see the difference. My subdomain doesn't go to my main website - it goes straight to the forum. This addon issue isn't an issue for me - I just want to understand better what the real difference is, and why there are policy distinctions. As I mentioned - I've only got the one subdomain so far - it is realm.windonwater.net. What difference would it have made from a technical standpoint if I had instead had windonwaterrealm.net? QT
  17. OK! That helps! So subdomains transfer automatically, so long as they are named after the original domain (I didn't even know they had the option to be named anything else!!!) Thank you, Thomas! QT
  18. ARGH! No wonder you're welcoming me... I thought I was logged in automatically!!! QT
  19. "cpanel to cpanel transfer" That's music to my ears. That's like... an entire symphony! LOL! For someone as completely tech UNsavvy as me, that language made so much sense... Thank you, Thomas! Is there an extra fee for the cpanel to cpanel transfer? QT
  20. Here's the deal: I'm interested in transferring my website to a reliable host. My current host is really killing my site with the inordinate amount of downtime. However, I'm running into a few glitches, so I ask your indulgence while I explain myself: 1. My web site is built using phpWebSite, which my host had preinstalled on their cPanel (Fantastico?) platform. I also have a forum on a subdomain. That forum is built using SMF (Simple Machines Forums), which was also preinstalled on the cPanel (Fantastico). I do NOT want to change the forum at ALL -I just want to move it from one host's server to another host's server. If at all possible, I don't want to have to rebuild the site, either. Is it possible to move these sites and have them hosted on Total Choice? Does Total Choice have people who know how to do that, or can tell me what to do, even for a fee? 2. If it is NOT possible, what are my options? QT
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