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  1. Hi all, I know phpBB is an old engine, but it has been working for me great, until lst week. Suddenly, most users (including me, an admin) cannot post, reply, or send PMs. No errors, plenty of space on account, as far as I can see. When you try to post, it just refreshes the page with emty form again, like you never entered anything. A few users can post, though. Except when they try to PM a user who cannot post, it tells them user does not exist. Meanwhile user does exist, can login, and view forum notmally. I don't see any related errors in cPanel's error log. Any ideas on wht this can be? Where else can I see any logged errors in my account? Was there any recent upgrades on TCH? (though I don't understand hwo this could let some user accounts to continue working) Thanks in advance for any ideas? PS my forum is quite moded, so quick upgrade to phpBB3 is not an option (besides I cannot get into phpMyAdmin, for which I opened support ticket) - I need to find quick solution now, and prepare for upgrade without rush.
  2. yeah, i guess network config has changed. it works from home. sorry about that.
  3. i'm gonna try from home in an hour, maybe ports are closed over here.
  4. Where can I find my MySQL server's IP address of host name for remote connection?
  5. I use phpBB and quite happy with it. the version 3 it quite powerful too, in comparison to version 2. it's very popular, and they are getting help from professional web security firm to review their code, which is great. every web software, especially popular one, is vulnerable to spam. you'd most likely need install some mods or plugins to fight it off for whatever script you choose.
  6. if you're using outdated version of some script, restoring your files won't be of much help. such hacks are usually done automatically once your site is known to be hackable. this exact thing happened to me long time ago when I was using outdated version of WordPress. only upgrade will keep you relatively save. not if you don't have the originals. if you do, though, use something like WinMerge to compare the current and the originals to find the differences. make sure that you not only check the files, but the contents of the directories! make sure there are no new files on your site. if TCH backups are not far back enough, and you're are using opensource script, you'll most likely be able to download original copy of the version of the script you're using.
  7. Is it possible to automatically, via script, download raw access logs? Or to email it via cron script? I want to continued collection of logs for automatic analysis.
  8. the script you're talking about -- is that something already exist as part of the cpanel, or it's something i'd have to find/write? tia
  9. Moved your domain's mail facilities to Google Apps, and want to take all your old correspondence from Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat, Eudora, etc. to the new GMail hosted accounts? Not problems, here's how: If you have all your email in Outlook 2002+, Outlook Express 6+ or Thunderbird 1.5 or later all you have to do is to use Google Email Uploader — these are the supported clients. If you have another client, you'll have to first move your mail to Outlook Express, then use the Uploader (for whatever reason Uploader refued to see mail converted from The Bat to Thunderbird) 1. Export your mail to EML files: in The Bat select all messaged of the mailbox, then Tools > Export Messages > Message files (.EML) If doing multiple mailboxes, create temp folders for each mailbox on your hard drive — you can delete then when its all done. If using client other than The Bat, there most likely a way to export messages in .eml format, just look around the menus or read docs for that client. I've read that popular Eudora can do it. 2. Import: open Outlook Express, and drag-and-drop all .eml files into appropriate mailbox of the Outlook. Repeat for all exported mailboxes. 3. Use Google Email Uploader to upload mail from Outlook Express to your hosted GMail account. Done! :-)
  10. never mind, I figured it out - both issues
  11. Couple of webmail questions: 1) I've created an email account for another person, how can he change his password w/o me? 2) For some reason I can't login to webmail with accounts. I haven't done this in veeery long time, i just use email clients, and have no problems with them. I wonder if I'm doing something worng. I tried https://doamin.com:2096 (this one give warning about certificates, btw) which is listed in cpanel as the one I should use, and http://www.doamin.com/webmail . Both ask for credentials, but don't let me in (I absolutely sure I'm using correct credentials).
  12. I want to migrate my email accounts to Google Apps. I know a few people here migrated over, so I figured I'd ask. I haven't signed up yet. (1) What will happen to existing accounts? Do I create them on GA before updating MX records here? Or will they automatically be created? (2) Since there's a up to 48 hrs delay before transition takes place — what happens to email that arrives between the time I last check email (still on TCH) and the time the transition actually happens? Is there a way to check it, will it automatically be resent to Google, or will it be lost?
  13. thanks for reply! 'live' compressed backup is very good news. how about "restore option in cpanel, will it take the gz file generated by cpanel?
  14. How recent are the DB's in the Backup page in the CPanel? It's .gz files - are they generated every some period, or some how generated "live"? Also, how do you restore it if need be — do I unzip it first, or feed it the original .gz file? Thanks in advance!
  15. My website has been hacked. Only defaced, as far as I can tell — contents of home directory deleted, index.html replaced with their's. Subdomains keep working, subfolders seem to retain their contents. Happened within last 12 hours. 1) I'm about to write support, any specifics they need to know? 2) What are first things I must do? So far I changed my pwd to my account, replaced index file with "back soon", backing up everything now to compare with previous backup, which was quite a while back The main site was mostly static html and some perl scripts, I also have php-based forum on subdomain that is still running.
  16. ericwilmoth, thnx for bringing that up, im about to attempt to install this thing too
  17. try this. add whatever you're missing, wrap with html if that's what you're looking for.. >use strict; use warnings; #declare variables my ($college, $mascot, $size, @errors); my %college_list = ("Baker College" => "the Ferret", "University of Michigan" => "the Wolverine", "Michigan State University" => "the Spartans", "Eastern Michigan University" => "the Swoop Eagle", "Central Michigan University" => "the Flying C", "Wayne State University" => "W The Warrior", "Lawrence Tech University" => "the Blue Devil", "University of Detroit-Mercy" => "Tommy Titan"); # init college_counts to zeros my %college_count; foreach my $col (keys %college_list) { $college_count{$col} = 0; } #assign ramdom input items to variables for test purpose $college = (keys %college_list)[rand keys %college_list]; $mascot = $college_list{$college}; push(@errors, "Please make a valid college choice") if !exists $college_list{$college}; if (@errors) { print $errors[$_]."\n" for 0..$#errors; } else { # save form data to a file open(OUTFILE, ">> survey.txt") or die "Error opening survey.txt. $!, stopped"; print OUTFILE "$college,$mascot\n"; close(OUTFILE); # read stats open(INFILE, "<survey.txt") or die "Error opening survey.txt. $!, stopped"; my @records = <INFILE>; close(INFILE); # calculate survey statistics foreach my $rec (@records) { chomp($rec); my ($c, $m) = split(/,/, $rec); $college_count{$c}++; } # print all counts while ( my ($col, $count) = each(%college_count) ) { print "$col = $count\n"; } }
  18. im not a Perl guru, but I can tell you that this doesn't look right: my @college_count = (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0); ... foreach my $rec (@records) { chomp($rec); ($college, $mascot) = split(/,/, $rec); $college_count[$college] = $college_count[$college] + 1; } @college_count is regular array, but you are trying to use it as hash array. $college in your loop is a string, and $college_count[#] need an index - a number. Perl evaluates you string to 0, thus, you're always increasing $college_count[0]. firstly, read up on perl hash arrays. you could try something like >my %college_count = ( "Baker College" => 0, ... "University of Michigan" => 0 ); # then in the loop $college_count{$college}++; #and to print out all colleges with counts while ( my ($col, $count) = each(%college_count) ) { print "$col = $count\n"; } good luck
  19. i didn't say go visit it it just proves my confusion: you CAN include any web address in your post, weather domain exists or not — see its up there and its clickable... but not imageshack.us (note, that if forum engine doesn't attempt to render it as a URI, like here when did not include www prefix, its ok, its just text). but as soon as you include it -- you'll get error 406 Not Acceptable!
  20. on this very forum, try to reply to this post with only single line: http://www.image2shack.us/ only remove "2" in the middle, don't even need to use IMG tag. and you'll get the same error. add the "2" in the middle - no problem. i do appreciate you help in resolving it on my account, thank you. i'm just wondering that's up with this...
  21. done + fixed. thank you! *me still wonders why is foto hosting site is being blocked :-/ *
  22. yeah, same story on TCH Forums, but not on others I visit... so, why is TCH blocking it, its only images... :-/
  23. I have phpBB forum, and whenever soneone's trying to include image hosted on imageshack.us in the their post they get an "406 Not Acceptable" error. This does not happen with other image hosts. People are wondering, and so am I. On phpBB support forum I've read that this is a "server-side problem - your host has decided to block POST packets containing whatever is special about the imageshack links". Is this true? If it is, what other image hosts are being blocked (so I can let users know which sites not to use)? And what's the reason for this blocking, if not a secret? Thanks!
  24. thanks a lot for quick reply and for suggestions, Mike! Do you know if CodeTrack supports UTF-8? I need it to support Cyrillic and Central European characters (english interface is fine). I actually found a thread here of someone installing Bugzilla, but I'm not usre I want it, it looks too big for what I need.
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