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  1. Please add our site: 1. http://www.jaxanimals.com 2. Jax Animals - Jacksonville and North Florida Pet Information Resource 3. Jax Animals is a complete resource and information center for pet and animal issues in Jacksonville and North Florida with an emphasis on lost, found, abused, neglected, and homeless animals. Comprehensive lists of local animal shelters, humane societies, and animal rescue groups are included along with links to current lost, found, and adoptable animals. Action plans are provided for those who have lost or found a pet. Founded in 2006. 4. Non-profit site 5. The TotalChoice Hosting link is on the home page near the bottom Thanks...
  2. Good luck with your new website. I noticed the website name and it looks like it will be a site about lost animals and animal rescue in the UK. One of my sites, also hosted by TCH for the past 7 years, is www.jaxanimals.com . Based in the US, it is a resource for local animal rescues and lost/found/available pets at local shelters.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I did not get any reply email(s) from the help desk. I also checked my junk email folder to see if the email was there (totalchoicehosting is also on my safe sender list and I do get other emails from TCH). I noticed on the Support Desk help page ( the page with "Submit Ticket" link at https://support.totalchoicehosting.com/index.php?/Core/Default/Index ) there is an account login box. I clicked on the Lost Password link and entered my email address to see if I would get an email successfully. A green box popped up and said an email had been sent with new password information. I did not get this email. I also tried the "I've Forgotten My Password" link for this Forum we are on now and I DID get an email within a few seconds using the same email address. It looks like I am not getting the reply emails from support (especially if I should be getting the password reset emails from the support page account login at the link posted above)...
  4. I noticed today that perl scripts were no longer running on my sites. In place of the script result I got the standard "[an error occurred while processing this directive]" message. Nothing on the site has changed from when it worked and when the perl scripts stopped working. Has something changed recently such as syntax, permission requirements, etc. regarding scripts running? There was a server migration recently and although I don't know for sure if that correlated to the scripts stopping, that is possible. I submitted a ticket this morning (Ticket# MFB-205-21129) but have not heard anything yet. Since submitting the ticket, the error message is no longer showing but the perl script result is blank (indicating it is not running).
  5. April will mark the 7 year anniversary since we switched to TCH back in April 2006. I wanted to let everyone know who may be considering TCH for hosting services that I have had very few problems over the years with TCH and the few issues that have arisen were handled quickly. We have also had very little downtime so I would say we have had 99.99% uptime over the 7 year period. This is speaking for our Reseller account that has several websites attached to it. Overall we would rate TCH five out of five stars... My only suggestion: bring back the forum contests
  6. A question about the recent Apache upgrade and scgi / cgi problems: When the upgrade was made, the scgi-bin scripts stopped working-> ticket submitted and Carl indicated last night (6/1/09) that he modified the configuration so it would work in the scgi-bin folder. Question: It's currently working (in the scgi-bin folder) but would it be best to convert and move the scgi scripts to the cgi-bin folder and do away with the scgi folder completely (thinking about future compatibility)? Also, if I move the scripts to cgi-bin, does that impact the recent configuration change you made on your end to get the scgi-bin folder working? The reason that script ended up in the scgi-bin folder and not the cgi-bin folder: When transferring everything over to TCH from the old host a few years ago, one of the scripts (the Perlfect Search program) would not work in the cgi-bin folder as it did with the old host, Verio. We found that with TCH the same script did work in the scgi-bin folder so we just left it there as it worked (never figured out why it would work in the scgi-bin folder but wouldn't work in the cgi-bin folder - in the cgi-bin folder any attempt to run the script gives a 500 error). I could figure out why it doesn't work via cgi-bin, if scgi-bin scripts could become another issue in the future...
  7. I was cleaning up some of my websites and noticed a folder called "Suspended.Pages" that had one page inside it called index which contained a short note saying "This account has been suspended". I assume this is a folder put there by TCH but it was only on one website out of several on the same reseller account. The account has never been suspended and has worked since day 1. There's no reason why this site would have been suspended. I don't know how long the folder has been there. Any idea why this folder appeared?
  8. Anyone remember a 1950's series called Science Fiction Theater? I remember seeing reruns of this series growing up. They were 30 minutes for each weekly episode. The current company that holds the copyright is selling these on ebay. I recently got the entire set (75+ episodes) for around $30. Although some shows are dated, some of the show topics are pertinent to today. Science Fiction Theater is not to be confused with Mystery Science Theater 3000, the 1990's/2000 TV series, another favorite of mine...
  9. I remember when CP/M was the OS to have. Before that we had the computers you assembled from a kit ... such as the MITS Altair, the IMSAI 8080, the SWTPC 6800, and (later on) the NorthStar with this thing called a floppy disk drive. Nothing like hundreds of solder connections to make before the exciting test of plugging it in and turning it on for the first time And getting a "factory assembled" computer took weeks and sometimes months and cost much more. With these early computers, a cassette tape recorder to load software was a luxury. There were paper tape readers to read in software. BASIC and other software came on rolls of paper tape to read in through a TTY terminal with tape reader or a small manual paper tape reader where you pulled the paper tape through it. Next came the 8" floppy disk drive and then the 5-1/4" drives. At some point, hard disk drives were introduced. NorthStar made a hard drive with a whopping 18mb of storage which took up an entire desktop (drive only) and was heavy... If you got a new printer (the early ones were only 40 columns of text), chances were you had to code in your own machine-level printer driver to read the port, check handshaking, send a character, and so on. USB? Forget it, the parallel and serial connections were the ports to have. The "Centronics" style parallel connector was sort of an industry standard for many early printers in the beginning desktop market. And modems? The speed of 110 baud (around 10 characters per second) was standard and also expensive ... then came 300 baud and the luxurious 1200 baud by an Atlanta company called Hayes. Graphics consisted of using standard letter/number characters to create images. Memory mapped video/graphic cards came along at some point and gave some better graphics capabilities. Software? Not much available. Initially there was "Tiny BASIC" to program in. It only took about 1K or so of memory which was important because a lot of early machines only came with maybe 4K of RAM (that's 4096 bytes). Some came with a 1K RAM and were expandable to 4K by adding more memory chips. Exciting times
  10. So sorry to hear of this. Although I did not know him except from reading the posts in the TCH forum, it is apparent by the comments here that he was a great asset to this community and a great guy. Thoughts and prayers to his family...
  11. Please add my site to the family: 1. http://www.thoughtsfromthepond.com/ 2. Thoughts from the Pond 3. Thoughts from the Pond, started in 1998, is a collection of inspirational and motivational thoughts, concepts, original stories, and ideas. 4. Personal Site 5. The TotalChoice link is on the home page, bottom and center.
  12. Please add the following site: 1. http://www.michaelwsmith.net/ 2. Fan and Informtion Site for Michael W. Smith 3. Free fan and informtion site for singer, songwriter, author, and Grammy award winner Michael W. Smith. Features include news, biography, album history, tour information, photos, reviews, games, and more. 4. Non-profit 5. Link back is installed using your suggested text html code on the site's first page (index) toward the bottom. Thanks!
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