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  1. Thanks for your help TCH-Dick it's now sorted out and I can get into the workings. My apologies for taking so long to reply - I got carted off to hospital on Saturday with a suspected heart attack and I'm sure it was brought on by the sheer frustration of not being able to resolve this problem. Duckman the main problem we have here at the moment is so many dogs are being stolen - there are loads of websites etc to help them but it's hard for people to know where to start looking. Like your site!
  2. Thanks for your reply Alex. I can't do anything about the DNS because when I login it's telling me I don't have a domain. I contacted domain support who told me that whois tells them the domain is mine and to login to Account Assistance and put my domain in there but that tells me the domain isn't mine - so now I'm stuck until they sort themselves out.
  3. www.lostanimals.co.uk Hi, I got my new domain name and hosting via TCH, waited 48 hours while itching to get started and to cut a long story short am now waiting to find out why my domain isn't showing in my domain account. I'm planning to use wordpress which I've put into cpanel via Fantastico but while I can see the webpage using the Temporary Webpage URL, it doesn't work once I add /wp-admin on the end. Anyone know of a way around this so that I can start playing please?
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