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  1. Thanks Bruce. I've had my domain since I think 1995 - kind of alarming to finally have it happen. Thankfully the Cpanel filters are keeping the hundreds of bounced emails from filling up my inbox. Dave
  2. Hello, I just checked my email and I received over 350 emails from recipients saying that my email was not deliverable. The returned emails were all spam advertisements for everything you typically see SPAM messages for. I never sent these! I used to get one or two a week but in the last 12 hours I've gotten hundreds! For now I've created an Outlook filter to put all these emails into one folder so my inbox doesn't get confusing. What do I do? Will my domain or email acct be blacklisted? This is one email acct that I would like to keep using. Help! Dave
  3. That was it! Thanks! I don't understand why but I see on other links the wife gave an actual destination file like index.html whereas for this problematic link only the folder name was given. Dave
  4. Andy, I took a look inside my .htaccess file and the only thing I saw in there was a rewrite/redirect for the .COM domain to the .ORG domain. I should not have put WWW. in front of the URL if it was coming in as venturavineyard.org Also if the www was getting added to the URL, it wasn't getting added to all the other files I'm accessing on TCH in the other directories, like printed forms, sermons (MP3's), word docs. They all come up fine. I'd think that the .htaccess would have put www. in front of all the links. That said, I removed the rewrite/redirect from my .htaccess file, cleared the cache in Firefox and IE6. Now when I try to get the webpage http://venturavineyard.org/images/VRoom_2006/ if I copy it into freshly opened IE or Firefox, I get the page fine, but if I try to click on the link from the website, it comes up with an error. Go here http://www.venturavineyard.org/Vroom.html and click on the picture above the text "Vroom March 2006". Doing that I get an error. Very confusing. Dave
  5. Did this actually happen earlier? I experience NO email or domain access to my accts, or TCH until JUST NOW which is 10:30PM PST. Dave
  6. Okay, I did it! But I have a small problem I don't understand. www.venturavineyard.org now goes to Homestead and our website looks fine and our domain name stays in the toolbar. To get to Cpanel and Webmail, I tell my users to leave off the www. part so that it goes to TCH. On the website, sermons (MP3 files) I have linked to 'venturavineyard.org/sermons/blah.mp3' and that works fine. Even Word doc files on TCH can be linked as long as I leave off the www. part of the link. However, this link doesn't work and I don't know why. I have photo albums in venturavineyard.org/images and they won't come up. For example, this link doesn't work venturavineyard.org/images/VRoom_2006 This gets redirected to Homestead! Why would this be? TIA, Dave
  7. I think I finally have this figure out! I thought that doing the CNAME pointing to Homestead would mean that if someone type in www.venturavineyard.org, then they would go directly to Homestead instead of going to TCH first. But what really happens is that www.venturavineyard.org still resolves to TCH, but that TCH then redirects to www.dschmidt.homestead.com. This is why mail.venturavineyard.org would still work as would sub-domains from venturavineyard.org. Do I have this right? If so, this is the key part that I kept missing and couldn't understand how this all works. Dave
  8. Oh, that would be fantastic! I really want to keep TCH because of the storage and unlimited emails but I also don't want to have cryptic domains. Just to reiterate to make sure I have this straight in my head, I can have www.venturavineyard.org go to Homestead and be masked so it remains www.venturavineyard.org in the URL box, and I can have a subdomain of sermons.venturavineyard.org that would automatically resolve to TCH? If so, I'm off to figure out how to do a subdomain! Dave
  9. Sorry to bring up this old thread but the subject was brought up today at a meeting. Just so I can relay the information onward correctly, please tell me if this is correct (please read post #1 for background) - Using CNAME pointing if I have www.venturavineyard.org point to http://dschmidt.homestead.com/, then if user types in www.venturavineyard.org they will be taken to http://dschmidt.homestead.com/ instead yet their URL box will still read www.venturavineyard.org (which is what I want). - However in doing the step above, I have now lost the ability to host files on TCH since Homestead is now hosting www.venturavineyard.org (for example I couldn't have a file stored under a TCH acct and have it sourced from www.venturavineyard.org/sermons/july-2007.mp3) - Also in doing the firest step above, I have now lost having email accounts hosted on TCH using "@venturavineyard.org" since this now resolves to Homestead. Is all three items above true if I have CNAME pointing done to have www.venturavineyard.org go to http://dschmidt.homestead.com/ ?? Dave confused again.
  10. You're right. I didn't know I still needed to do a transfer authorization within my TCH acct itself. In that process I am asked for an authorization code. Dave
  11. Hello, I just put in an order to transfer 2 domains to TCH. One of them is currently on Yahoo and in my account there it said I need to tell the new company the authorization code to allow the transfer. I didn't see any comments section on my TCH domain transfer form to put this information into it. Will I be contacted for this info or should I go ahead and email it to someone? Thanks, Dave
  12. I'm looking for a receipt for my recent hosting purchase so I can give it to a friend for reimbursement. I don't see a link on TCH where I can log into 'my account' to see the hosting accounts that I have, unlike the domain page where I can log into my account there and see my domain names and billing history. Is there such an area for hosting accounts too? Dave
  13. Ooops, spoke too soon. The person that worked on my trouble ticket had to disable auto deletion of the spam - the button on Cpanel didn't work or it kept re-enabling itself. Last night I logged into one of my accounts and saw that I did have spam in the spam folder. I then logged into Cpanel, turned off the spam box function and now this morning I have NO spam in my inbox, in the spam folder, or anywhere for this particular account. The other account that the tech person worked on is working okay - I did get marked emails for that account. Question: the enabling and disabling of SpamAssassin features is for ALL email accounts correct? Well it appears it's fixed for one of my accounts but not the others. Time to log another trouble ticket.
  14. Update: It's fixed, or more appropriately - I can now see the spam folder. My problem was I was looking at all the various email accts I setup from the main hostname CPanel login's webmail acct. When I go in that way I can peer into each acct's inbox but it wasn't showing the spam folder. When I instead individually log into webmail using the username and password for each of my email accts, then indeed now there is a spam folder with spam in it. Because I don't have a "one stop shopping" webmail ability to peer into each account's folders and move or delete spam, I've turned off using the 'spam box' so that tagged spam can be delivered into Outlook Express and from there I can go through each account and move or delete spam. With OutlookExpress it will remember all the passwords for all my accounts - something I'll never remember if I have to manually log into webmail for each acct on TCH to check the spam folder. Thanks for your help! Dave
  15. Andy, send me another spam email to this acct. The help desk said Spam Assassin auto delete was turned on but I know I had disabled it earlier. Send to dschmidt at dschmidt dot com
  16. Nothing received or marked as spam, no spam folder seen in Horde using webmail.
  17. Just kidding. I 'may' have had "autodelete spam" turned on in the SpamAssassin menu of Cpanel. All the other choices has a status of whether it is enabled or not, but this choice doesn't. I did click on "disable autodeletion" so now I'll see if stuff shows up. Dave
  18. Thanks. I do have it enabled and I did setup an email acct specific for putting mis-addressed emails into days ago. I'll check again in a bit and see if anything has showed up yet.
  19. Andy, I went to change them in my Domain admin menu yesterday but left is as is because of this text in that menu. If your domain(s) are hosted here, choose 'Default Hosting Nameservers.' If your domain(s) are parked here, choose 'Default Parked Nameservers.' If your domain(s) are hosted somewhere else, choose 'Custom Nameservers.' Default Hosting Nameservers (DNS3.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM, DNS4.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM) Default Parked Nameservers (NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM, NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM) Custom Nameservers I took this to mean that if TCH is hosting my domain I should leave them as DNS3 and DNS4.. . . Did I misinterpret this or is the info on that webpage incorrect? edit: I just clicked the 2nd choice for "parked domains" and now I can ping by name (rincongeoscience.com) What do these choices mean? Dave
  20. Okay, thanks. Odd that I haven't received any, I used to get a ton with my previous hosting company and I've been 'switched over' for half a week now with the same email accts. Dave
  21. I ran a DNS check on a domain name I purchased today and this is the screenshot of the "problems" it found. Are these legitimate problems that I should be worried about? What do these errors mean?
  22. In Cpanel in the SpamAssassin section there is this blurb. "SpamBox will deliver any emails identified as spam by SpamAssassin into a separate mail folder named "spam". This "spam" folder will fill up and should be emptied regularly." I've activated SpamAssassin, but where is this "spam folder" ?? Using webmail and Horde I don't see any spam folder. Dave
  23. Thanks Andy. Odd that this isn't true on with my latest hosted acct. I thought maybe some parameter needed to be turned back on. Dave
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