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  1. Kudos to Kate A., who helped with access problems after I changed the username on one of my accounts. Thanks!
  2. Kudos to Andy, who helped me with a prickly issue on one of my accounts. What I liked best was that he did it with a smile. -Thanks!
  3. Thank you for looking out for your customers.
  4. An open letter of thanks to Dick Vance, Assistant General Manager of TCH: Dear Dick: Thank you. When I had a problem that wasn't being resolved, you took the initiative right away to call me. You spent an hour with me on the phone looking into the problem (which I now see was still going on while Bill was posting his,,,words fail. ). It took an hour and a half of phone time. But after that, the problem was solved. Really solved. You exemplify everything that makes TCH the best. You listened, Dick Vance. When I told you what I saw happening from my side, you d
  5. Here's the scenario. You started getting the same email again and again on Tuesday. You tried live help for two days, but couldn't get through. You reported it on Thursday at 1:30PM. The response email giving you a ticket key turns out to be invalid. You email again and again. It's now Friday almost noon. Some clients are upset that you haven't replied to their emails. Some say they never got an email from you. Then you find that TCH support closed out the ticket without resolving anything and didn't notify you. For transparency, log of support conversation is below.
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