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  1. Thank you, Bruce -- I believe at the time I asked this, I (possibly unfortunately) went ahead and attempted to make it so that all permissions were basically not allowed, since I didn't know any better at that time and i hadn't seen your reply. Now, it appears, i need to reset the permissions. it would be great to understand them better: 1. Is there a tutorial in particular that might explain what the settings mean in the different categories (i.e., group,etc.) that will help me understand what setting a 4 or 7 will allow (or disallow) for that particular group? 2. Also: what if I wanted to post my web pages but didn't want them accessed yet? or, in a diff case, as in a blog, i want to allow visitors to remark, but not be able to change the original content. (which i would expect the diff values in each group would have something to say about that...) Is there a missive somewhere in the forums that i've missed? When I search for "Site permissions" or just "permissions" i get this blog. What should i be searching for? thanks jaci (sorry, re-read your post and understand that that answers part of my #2 question, thank you.)
  2. Thank you for the information provided, but I am hoping that there IS a list of what permission settings are best and when they should be used. Is there a page regarding this information someplace? I've found some great tips in the Forum re: security etc and permissions, but not this specifically. 1. I would like to have the settings so that I am able to work on the site without leaving it open for people who chance upon it to take advantage of the site, but can still have access on the Int to view it as I am building it. Right now, I have cold feet about uploading anything and making it viewable until I have resolved this issue. 2. I would like to know where to study up on 'permission settings' and what the numbers allow. It seems 7 is the highest and 0, therefore is the lowest. SO: If I set ALL my permissions to 700 will that allow me to work on the site still or do I have to set it to 755 or 744 or somesuch. As well: do I have to set ALL folders to 700 or can I just make .htaccess 700 and feel secure that any folders under that are secured as well? My main issue was that I had started working on a forum and then stopped to learn some. In the meantime, someone had included links in the forum. Because I did not know how to determine if the site itself had had hacking into it, I have deleted MySQL database and will be setting it up again, I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but it had some memory usage and I hadn't done anything to use it to my knowledge. (as a note, no loss on the database, it should not have had anything in it and i just need to create it again.) Thanks! jaci
  3. Hi Bruce, thank you: I believe I installed WordPress (not moving very quickly on this site, lol, there is SO much to learn...at this point in time, i have to start from the beginning...) and then went on to other avenues re: studying since I didn't know exactly what/how I was doing this. I went back to this section back in May/April? and found 1200 + pages !!! of 'comments' that included links to I AM A SPAMMER sites... egad. So, I did what I could at that time re: the permissions. I only came back recently to find, the same day that I did, someone was looking into the site as well with what seemed to be I AM A SPAMMER as well. I blocked the IP with the IP Deny Mgr: Then I saw other IP's, but they all appear to be TCH's re: work they are doing ... yay, the pages are working correctly. now i just have to get the info on them. I could move this to the 'blogging' forums... Now I am wondering if those 1200+ comments and the recent ones are taking up mem that i don't want there as well is it possible for these posts to have lodged cookies that will just continue to radar my site for these types of 'comments'. If so: how do I remove unwanted files from the mem, where would I look for these? How can I remove any cookies, if there, and how would I look for them since they're not on my own computer? thanks again! j
  4. I've looked at other hosting sites and am not knowledgeable enough at this time to say what TCH could do to improve site service. The service I have received has been good. I do wish the search engine were more effective when attempting to search the knowledgebase, though. I put in something like 'scrolling text' and get something totally off the wall. I don't know what it is called, so I can't be more specific. (I'm thinking i'll look under tables...) thanks j
  5. Thank you for that info, Deverill ~ noted and plan on implementing some. What brought me to your topic, though, was that I have yet to complete my site and in the meantime some 'bad people' have taken advantage of the pending blog pages and put porno URLs on them. Very upsetting. I am not certain where to look in the forums for how to avoid this. I have lowered all permissions to 700 as possible, but that was in haste LOL because I just wanted to block any further use, and i'm not certain what effect that is actually going to have. I am going to look for 'permissions definitions' next and see if there is an explanation of what changing these to the diff numbers does. (I found the 'how to change permissions' topic. I need to know what/how these actions actually affect my site.) Now I am wondering about the usage of memory allotted to me. How do I get rid of any files that might have been deposited by these 'bad people' and how do I locate them -- the files -- to get rid of them? Thanks jaci
  6. Thank you for the 'welcome's' all. Thanks for the link to hotscript.com too. now it's a matter of deciding which is the one for me!
  7. Hello, everyone! I need advice on how to allow customers to my site to upload their own pictures and textual ocntent. I want to have the page all set up with the pic's going in specific places as well as the text. At the same time, they would not be allowed to adjust the page. Is there a specific script or some program out there for this? (It would be on the lines of posting something at craigslist or a dating service. I appreciate your attention and any suggestions you might have. Thank you. jaci
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