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  1. I have been a customer since about 2003. During that time I have seen the near demise of the independent web page. This is not by accident. All during this time Google has managed to get everyone jumping through hoops trying to get in their good graces while doing everything possible to exterminate everyone except the corporate sites that contribute to their bottom line, I have always hoped that companies like total choice would figure this all out and fight back rather than offering their necks to the firms trying to destroy them. My suggestion to Total Choice is to start a search engine that actually finds information on the internet and do an end run around Google. Such a search engine does not have to be perfect. In the beginning all it has to do is provide a way for users to find adtual information. People are dropping off line because there is no longer any real benefit to being on line. There is no way to get traffic and ordinary people have no way to find them. This can all be fixxed.
  2. One of the things I do on my economics blog is disginguish between how things are definded and how they function. Google and the others are defined as search engines but are not according to how they function. There is now way a small web page is going to get really good exposure on any of them. That would work against "search engine's" business model. Eventually an euntrepenuer will notice that there is a huge demand for a gunuine search engine. and start one. To find something genuinely interesting it is impossible on google and all of the others. I would start one myself if I knew how to put one together. I am surprised total choice doesn't do this.
  3. Can you clarify what you mean by http transport and start no services? Thanks James
  4. What are the limitations on MP3 downloads and streaming with respect to Total Choice? Is it just a matter of buying enough band width? Or, are there other issues? Secondly, is there any HTML code that will allow a visitor to play a file but that will prevent it from being downloaded?
  5. That ia the version I downloaded and it has a blank file for the config file. Do you know anything about the fill 666 business? It is probably something so simple the the explaination is left out?
  6. Does anyone know how to put the line fill to 666 Into the config.php file so that phpbb will work on a linux server? Also the config.php file doesn't come with the download. Woul the following code work as the phpbb file? <?php // phpBB 3.0.x auto-generated configuration file // Do not change anything in this file! $dbms = 'mysql'; $dbhost = 'localhost'; $dbport = ''; $dbname = 'YOURDBNAME'; $dbuser = 'YOURDBUSER'; $dbpasswd = 'YOURDBPASSWORD'; $table_prefix = 'phpbb_'; $acm_type = 'file'; $load_extensions = ''; @define('PHPBB_INSTALLED', true); // @define('DEBUG', true); // @define('DEBUG_EXTRA', true); ?>
  7. Two more questions: I have the domain name and it is by proxy. Do I set it up with TotalChoice the same as the regular way? From the hosting side, is everything with TotalChoice automatically private or do I have to request that it is private? James
  8. What is SMF and what is the SMF forum? The only reason I use the PHPbb is that I could install it just by clicking the mouse. Customizing PHP is not that difficult. The problem I have is with the simple stuff.
  9. A few years ago I was able to install a PHP bulliten board directly off of the C-Panel Page. I was able to install it with just a mouse click. First, is is still possible to do this? If not, is there another way to do the same thing from a different source. Thanks Qman
  10. I have had a web page with Total Choice for going on 5 years. I am thinking about starting a new one that would mostly consist of a bullitin board. Is there a way to have a web site and keep my identity a complete secret? There would be nothing bizarre or immoral about the second one. Thanks Qman
  11. Don I found it and got it to work. Check it out. http://quillian.net/bboard/ I took part of what was in the overall_header and put it into the inxdexbody. I think it is a more effecient use of space this way. Thanks James
  12. Don, Let me rephrase my question. What I am trying to do is find the table that those items are in. Do you know where that is? Thanks James
  13. In the subsilver file I know that the overall_header file controls the very top of the page. The overall_footer file controls the very bottom. Which file applies to the middle beginning with the table that has You last visited on 28 Aug 2005 07:36 pm The time now is 28 Aug 2005 11:00 pm to the left and View posts since last visit View your posts View unanswered posts the right? Does anyone know which file contains those lines? they don't seem to be in the overall_header. Thanks James
  14. Right now my default page is the content at http:quillian.net. But, my best content is at quillian.net/forecast.htm quillian.net/forecast.htm is a weekly forecast column that has pretty decent readership. Would I be better off having my forecast page as the default page and naming main page something else? I have managed to get cagaloged on the major search engines. For example "Stock Market Forecast" comes up # 10 on Yahoo.com. I don't want to lose what I have. Thanks James
  15. My problem is that I don't know anything. I got my board up and running by pure luck. It is working perfectly and I wouldn't change anything if I wasn't required to. To me a phpbb is just a black box. I need to find a way to start from the beginning. For example, until today I didn't know that I had a database in addition to the bboard. Is there anywhere I can go and find out how to do this step by step with all of the terms explained.? Thanks James
  16. That will save me a lot of time. All I really need to do is to back up my bboard and install the new version. I got an email from Total Choice saying that I had to replace by bboards with newer versions. That is all I am really trying to accomplish. Thanks Jamws
  17. Everything seems to be uploaded but I am getting config error. "You should check the host, username and password in config.inc.php and make sure that they correspond to the information given by the administrator of the MySQL server." Are the three lines below what is needed to configure my server? Do I need to enter anything other than user name and password? If these are the correct lines, is localhost what neets to be in line 1? If so should it be entered between quotation like "localhost" or 'localhost'? $cfg['Servers'][$i]['host'] = "localhost"; // MySQL hostname or IP address Does user name go in the line below? $cfg['Servers'][$i]['controluser'] = "xusername''; // MySQL control user settings Does password go in the line below? // (this user must have read-only $cfg['Servers'][$i]['controlpass'] = "pasword''; // access to the "mysql/user" Thanks Q
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