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  1. My clients have emailed me stating "my email account isn't working". By not being pre-warned about the upgrades and the effects of the upgrade, my clients feel the email service is not reliable or that it changes too much. Some of them left other email services like AOL, Yahoo, GoDaddy, etc. to go with us (TCH), so they compare the ease of use. When changes like this take place in this manner, it becomes a strike against us. Please provide a simple, easy to read, easy to understand statement that I can send to my clients that will explain the changes as a service (not disservice) to the
  2. I formerly had my domain and hosting accounts with Yahoo. Now my hosting account is with TCH. I use a directory service that requires an A Record to point to an IP Address, which was already set up with Yahoo. Since switching to TCH, my directory service no longer works. Did I need to set up anything under the TCH account in order to maintain my directory service. As far as I understood, I only had to do the set up on the domain level.
  3. I am a start up website developer and presently have 4 clients with live sites. I am interested in a TCH reseller account, but am unclear about the following: 1. What is the best practice (step by step) to switching the host provider and domain registrar, all while avoiding any interuption in service? 2. I want everything (all services) centralized under TCH, is there anything else I need to consider making changes to? Thanks in advance for all advice.
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