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  1. Thank you Bruce. I didnt see that when i was looking at the resellers accounts. Is there instructions somewhere that explains how to setup your main account and how to add other accounts somewhere? I'd be interested in reading more about this feature, I do own other domain names that arnt doing anything at all besides sitting at directnic where i registered them at. I bought them for a friend who started up a business but decieded to have a different name so i was stuck with these. They're really good names so i've kept them. I've thought of selling them many of times. How do you know,... or where can you go to get advice on how much a domain name "Might" be worth? Would TCH possible have a round table meeting with me and help me to decide on what the value might be,... if any? Hi Andy. As always, I value your advice and understand where your coming from,... From a business stand point. I would think tho that the motherboards your using for your servers supports more hard drives than the basic motherboards do. I myself have a raid mb with 6 sata hd's a burner and a rom drive and having more hd's shouldnt tax the speed of the server i would think. It's the stupid software that's out there that seems to slow down my pc and even then transfering files and accessing programs over the internet from another pc doesnt seem to effect the performance of the pc on the other end thats accessing the files,... But anyway,... this can go on and on and on. I do understand what your saying and i am completly happy here. I'm not really a price shopper as much as i am a service and support shopper. No business can ever make everyone happy and having been on the support side myself you hardly ever hear of the good things that are happening and it seems most of the time you only hear about the bad things and the things people are unhappy about. Keep up the good work guys and sorry if this seems like it turned in to a ranting thread. Jim
  2. Hmm,... Okay, Wait one second. Is it 1500mb per account or total for the "Simple Resellers" Account? If it's only 1500mb total how is that better than 4 Starter Plans that would = 2800mb? I understand that you can get unlimted domain names under that but with 4 domain names already thats 375mb each and less and less the more domains you add if you divide the domains up equally. Plus i'm only paying $16 a month vs. $20 for less space. Heck,.. even the Expert Plan you get 2250mb and it's only $17.95. I dont understand that at all. If it's 1500mb for every domain,... Now were talking. 1500mb isnt really all that much these days. 1500mb was a lot more 4 years ago than it is today. How are you going to resell anything on that? Who wants to buy 10mb of space these days when you can get 100+ for free? With more and more hosting services coming out everyday with large storage spaces, Over selling or not, It really would be nice to see our storage space increased here at TCH. Who here wouldnt like to see more space? Personally i dont think it would be worth it unless it started at 3200mb. Jim
  3. It was no question about my other 3 accounts staying here at TCH. It was only a question of what i should do about the 4th. Maybe someday TCH will increase the space that we currently get, I'd be very happy even with a little extra space. Hard Drivers are getting cheaper everyday. 500gig Hard drive, 300mb extra space = 1666.6666666666666666666666666667 members.
  4. Bill,... Thank you for the info. If you need help with your account or have any questions, please feel free to contact at any time! Via Skype: tchgurubill_skype Via telephone at my office number: 248-834-4575 Via my Cell Phone: 248-632-3243 Via my Cell Phone Instant Messenger: tchgurubillpda Via Instant Messenger: AOL Instant Messenger: tchgurubill Yahoo Messenger: tchgurubill MSN Messenger: tchgurubill@hotmail.com I did not know this info was available
  5. Okay, Okay, Okay,... It's a done deal. I've now just signed up for my 4th account here. Could someone please call me now so i can get the site setup instead of waiting please? 4th Domain. MrSignsNDecals.com cazaland.com <- My Wifes site OnlineAutorama.us RCPriceWatch.com Jim
  6. Hi Bill,... Sorry i didnt see your post until i was done replying to Andys post. Do you know of the company we speak of? Jim
  7. Sorry for using their name,... i didnt know i couldnt use them as an example. I don't know,... I'm the type of person who is afraid to try to new things. I've enjoyed my stay here. And your probably right. 5gb I will probably never ever use that much but i've found my self close to the 700mb limit that i am having now. I've had to copy files over oto my other accounts just to keep from going over my limit here. I don't have any issue with you editing out the name of that place but,... Curious tho, why would you do that? Before posting this message i did a search of that company and found many threads but none that answered my question or any that explained why they are now using TCH instead. Is it possible that the reason i couldnt find my answer to how others feel about the two places is because Admins edit out the names of other companies? I really wouldnt mind knowing how others feel about the two places and i'd really like to know why they switched from them to TCH. Is it possible that by editing out their name that it might be hurting TCH by allowing us to search for their name? Now anyone who reads this thread who has been with them will have no idea about who we are speaking of and the only answers i will get are from you which might be bias since you work for TCH, does that make sense? Jim
  8. Hi everyone. My question is simple. Why should i sign up to have another site hosted here at TCH? I already have 3 domains hosted here but i've been looking at registering another domain name and i came accross zzzzzzz.com and i can't believe at the amount of space you get by going with their Economy Plan. You get 5GB of space there for $3.99 a month. I havent had any problem here at TCH but like i said i couldnt believe how much cheaper it was to register domain names and their hosting. Is there something about zzzzzzz that i don't know about? Does their support suck or something? Do they have a lot of problems with down times? Has anyone here ever been signed up with zzzzzzz before and then switched to TCH? Like i said i've got 3 domain names here already and all the problems i've ever had or questions have been fixed and answered quickly but man,.... 5 gb of space is really hard to turn away from. Please convince me why i should have a 4th domain hosted here. I'd really like to make up my mind tonight or tomorrow. Jim.
  9. Yep,... The Import Tab Worked. That video is incorrect so if someone is new such as i am someone might find it confusing if given that advice to follow an incorrect tutorial video. Just my thought. Thank you for coming thru with the info you provided in the P.M. That was much easier to follow and several minutes faster too, Visit phpmyadmin, click database, click import, browse to file, click ok. Thanks again.
  10. I followed the tutorial as suggested and when i click on the SQL tab as shown in the video,... There is no browse button to click on to point to the .sql file. That tutorial is not very accurate. Everything looks totally different. I can't see where this is helpful. So again,... I'd like to Query an .SQL file. Can someone tell me how this is done again please. Bruce thank you for trying. Jim
  11. I downloaded a links script for automotive website thats allow different drivers to post links rellated as per the type of vehicle they own but,... The instructions tell me this: 1. Edit password.php to denote your correct MySQL Information 2. Query mylinks.sql located in /sql folder inside your database 3. You can log into admin panel with /mylinks/admin/admin So,... I'm like really really new to doing such tasks and i've searched the forums, all 17 pages but not one was related to how this process is done. It sounds like i need to make my database first which i believe i know how to do but i've never had to install a script by running a Query before. It looks like a very simple easy to use script but so far i'm stumped as far as how you do this step inside the cPanel. Could someone give me the run by answer on how this is done. A Step-byStep would be even better meaning, Where do i go inside of cPanel and then what do i do from there. Is this something i run from my PC or once it's uploaded on to the server? Any Help would be Greatful Thank You. OA
  12. Yeah this is like the 3rd time different messages i've had this happen to me here. I believe the fix is to submit a support ticket which i'm about to do. this is the 3rd time i've received this message, Every 24hrs. Mail Delivery System [Mailer-Daemon@server128.tchmachines.com] This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its recipients after more than 72 hours on the queue on server128.tchmachines.com. The message identifier is: 1IAjdu-0007Qk-To The subject of the message is: =?utf-8?B?UkU6ICjnkZ7mmJ/mj5DnpLot5q2k6YKu5Lu25Y+v6IO95piv5Z6D5Zy+6YKu?= =?utf-8?B?5Lu2KUhlbHAuIFByb2JsZW0gd2l0aCBCcnVzaGxlc3MgMg==?= =?utf-8?B?NWEgRVND?= The date of the message is: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 05:46:52 -0400 The address to which the message has not yet been delivered is: No action is required on your part. Delivery attempts will continue for some time, and this warning may be repeated at intervals if the message remains undelivered. Eventually the mail delivery software will give up, and when that happens, the message will be returned to you.
  13. Thank You TCH-Dick! Bruce,.. I did but the 2 sites i went to wanted $5 for the listing or the request to have someone make this script for me. I thought $5 just for a post to see if anyone wanted to take on this task was a bit much. If you know of a Free Site where i can request this,.. By all means please let me know please. Plus your main homepage still says you guys do web design, unless thats a ploy to get new customers,... So thats why i thought i'd ask if you guys would make it, right here in this thread. But TCH-Dick made it clear you guys arnt taking on anymore websites. Jim.
  14. Hmm,.. I just thought of something,... Do you think maybe i can get vBulletin setup to do some sort of price comparison with vendors being able to log in and edit their product and stuff?
  15. Hi Everyone... Lets talk a little bit about TCH Web design. How much would it cost to do a smaller version of the website pricewatch.com? I mean I'll add the product, the description, the prices and all the product research ect,... how much would it cost just to make a smaller version of pricewatch.com, Meaning just the script, the database and the basic links to the database. I think if i can get that far i can figure out the rest later on when i want to add different fields to search for? Does TCH do this or do they just do the basic 1-3 page Html stuff? If anyone else is interested also and possibly needs some funds on the side of their normal job this would really help me out. I just want a basic beginners site, no fancy pictures just text for the links but of cources i'd need pics for the products which again i'd upload and maintain. Let me know. I'm still stuck. Does anyone have any links to people who do web design in this fasion if TCH doesnt do it? I really need your help guys. Jim.
  16. Yep,.. thats what i thought and as you can see in the picture that is how it's setup but wasnt able to find or see the database i created. There's only a couple options i didnt know for step 1 and i couldnt even get past it. So by going by that image above what is incorrect about it so i can put in the correct info as i asked before? Jim
  17. Yeah i ended up going with the starter plan,... I wasnt going to use the higher plans for this new name like i have with my other accounts. I was asking for a coupon because i thought it was funny that the option was even there,... I mean who does get the coupons to use for that area? If people are getting couppons, I didnt get mine. A Coupon is a Coupon and Yes,... If i can get one by all means, Yes I'd use it. If you got the cash to spend and do as you please, I think that is just wonderful. For some of us that isnt an option and live on a fixed budget. Jim
  18. Heyguy,... What program do you use? It just seems like some of the templates i'd like to use to create a website arnt supported on a linux server. I'd like to use an editor that has templates that i can use that would be compatible with the server that i'm using. Have you tried expressions yet? It's very different from FP and I find not as easy to use. Like in FP it was easy to change the theme of your website, with expressions i havent been able to find that feature. Jim
  19. Thank you Bruce. Thats what I wanted to know. You are da man! Jim.
  20. Yes, I understand MS has stopped support on it, So does this mean that you will no longer have frontpage extentions on your server? Probably not. Is it not true that frontpage created pages that linux servers do not support? I'm guessing that the new version of expressions will be the same. So i guess i'll have to say this another way then. For people who use Expressions then,... Is it better to be on a Linux or Windows server? Jim
  21. I've been using FrontPage user for a long time now and I've had two accounts here for a long time now and I was wondering,... For the people who use MS FrontPage what kind of servers would be better to use, A Linux or Windows Server? Theres things inside of frontpage that it would seem Linux servers just wouldnt support. Some of the templates that come with FP use extensions that linux servers dont support where a microsoft server could. Now i have no idea how different hosts and servers run their servers and theres probably things that a linux server has that a windows server doesnt and vice versa, Yes, No?. What are your thoughts on where people who use frontpage should really be? Making this website I want to be making right now is driving me nuts trying to get stuff put together for it so i'm just wondering before i sign up a third account. Thanks. Jim.
  22. I just bought another domain name and I was wondering if it would be best to add my new account i'm buying which is a "Starter Plan" to the account i currently have or create a new account when i sign up for the Starter Plan? If i add it to my current account can i access both from the same CPanel or how does that work when you add an account to another? Quicker the answer the better please. Could you please send me a coupon code via P.M. or email please since i will have 3 accounts here with you guys by chance? Jim
  23. Wheres the mysql databases located at so i can point this program in the right direction? Jim
  24. Where should the Dot be if i want to connect to the one on my server. Remote right? Jim
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