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  1. I tried that without success. "Just Blog It" seems to be able to publish to my site though. Just browsing around, I saw some discussion that suggested the following: --------- After a quick look, I didn't see a httpd.conf file with my stuff. My working assumption is that that particular file is down at a level which is above my pay grade. Thought I'd mention it in case you guys want to take a look. But, I haven't yet spent much time on my own trying to get this worked out, so I'm not ready to submit a ticket. Just thought I'd mention the httpd.conf suggestion in case this is an issue affecting others.
  2. I'm having trouble posting to my WordPress blog using the Performancing plug-in for Firefox. The difficulty coincides with a TCH crash time-wise. I haven't noodled around too much with Performancing trying to fix it. Could be a coincidence, but it sounds like you're having a similar issue with Blogger. If you figure out the solution, I'd be grateful if you posted it.
  3. I thought I'd add to the chorus. I posted a blog entry noting a problem whereby my WordPress theme had turned all screwy -- the banner disappeared and the sidebar colors and whatnot had all reverted to their default state. In addition, the Tiga-theme editor function in WordPress was no longer functional. The rest of the blog seems to be functioning normally. One of my readers posted this in response: "You might want to check for viruii. I got an error that VBS/Psyme tried to get into my system when I opened your page at the same time as I was opening several others. Since yours is the only one acting funny, it might have been from here. Script executed by iexplore.exe VBS/Psyme (Trojan)" I kind of suspect the two issues are not related, but do not know for sure. I have not been able to dig into the Tiga theme issue because my access to Cpanel and the file manager has been extremely laggy lately - sometimes letting me through, other times timing out while loading the page.
  4. No better luck with Internet Explorer. Guess I'll add a ticket when I get the time.
  5. Yes I am. It hadn't even occurred to me as a potential issue. I'll try (blech) IE. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Using http (unsecure). However, I went ahead and tried https and had the same result.
  7. This doesn't necessarily have to do with bad hops, but this topic seemed close enough to avoid creating a new topic. I'm having trouble connecting to cpanel for my site. I don't seem to have any problem at all accessing the site's web pages, but when I try to get to cpanel, more often than not, I can't connect. Then, when I do connect, I'll be able to navigate through a few stages -- say to the file manager, then through a couple of subdirectories, before it starts hanging again. I'm on server 386 for what it's worth. Before submitting a ticket, I thought I'd ask if maybe there were issues with TCH connectivity generally that might clear up if I just wait a couple of days. Thanks for any help.
  8. Per the suggestion above, I submitted a ticket and it looks like it's been referred up the chain. Raj Nair advised that he locked down the problem directory and referred the matter to abuse.
  9. That was actually the site I came across that made me decide to just delete the .htaccess files.
  10. Thanks. Ticket submitted.
  11. In my Movable Type archives directory, I noticed that in the archives directory and all of the subdirectories a .htaccess file had been inserted such that if a URL were entered to a file that did not exist within the archive directory, the person was redirected to a site with the URL: "search.ug". I removed all of the .htaccess files and changed my main password. I also saw a number of .php files in the archives subdirectories I believe to be suspect. However, I don't know enough about php files or the "normal" structure of Movable Type to know if those php files are legitimate or not. Right now, my error log shows my site getting hit with archives request at the rate of about 15 per minute.
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