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  1. Then I'm not quite understanding how a 401 works. Even though it is being called from the subfolder, the page still lives in the root, correct? Isn't the root page being served?
  2. My 401 page is NOT in a subfolder, it's at the root level. That's my point. www.domain.com/401.php It works fine if you call it straight: www.domain.com/401.php It doesn't work if it is invoked by trying to access a subfolder that you don't have access to.
  3. Hi, Yeah, what was life before Google even like? Besides the info on the Paypal help pages, another good source is the Paypal forum: http://www.paypaldev.org/ For instance, I remember a thread from last year that talked about the IPN having a bug. The IPN is a way to tell your website that someone ordered, but occasionally it wasn't doing this. I think they've fixed this, but the forum is a great way to see if there are similar problems.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. The article you mentioned, Jimuni, is referring to using includes. In my case, I'm not using an include, I'm calling a 401 page that is located in the root. Nevertheless, the article states that, for includes, the path is relative to the calling page. If that logic carried over to my 401 page, it should work. Since the 401 page is at the root level, calling a stylesheet from within that page where the path is relative to the root level should work fine. That doesn't explain to me why the path in the 401 page is NOT relative to the location of that page; it is relative to the subfolder I tried to access when the 401 was called. I understand the workarounds to make the path absolute, but I'm still wondering why it behaves this way in the first place. Thanks.
  5. Well....looks like I misdiagnosed the problem. I was using php to set the stylesheet based on the browser. When the stylesheet wasn't being invoked properly, I incorrectly assumed the php wasn't working. But really the issue is since I got the 401 by trying to access a subfolder, it looks like I was no longer at the root level, even though my 401 page was located there. Clear as mud, I know. Specifically, a simplified version of my page had this code: <?php echo '<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles/sdi3column_allbrowsers.css" type="text/css">'; ?> Note that "styles/sdi3column_allbrowsers.css" is assuming I'm at the root level. (My 401 page IS at the root level). If I got the page by calling it, http://www.silverleafdesign.com/unauthorizedtest.php, the page rendered fine. However, if I got the page by going to www.silverleafdesign.com, clicking on Client Login, and then hitting Cancel, the page did not find the stylesheet. However, when I changed the path of the stylesheet in the 401 page to "/styles/sdi3column_allbrowsers.css" (added / to the front), then the page rendered correctly when I got there by trying to log in. Do you know why this would be the case? Logically, since the 401 page is at the root level, I would think that "styles/sdi3column_allbrowsers.css" would work correctly, but it didn't until I add the /. Why would this be? Thanks, Susie
  6. Hi, Tried that. Same result; showed the html of the page only and ignored the php. Hmm...anyone know any workarounds?
  7. Also, if you use Paypal's free shopping cart, you don't need an SSL because all the credit card info is entered on Paypal's site. If you use Paypal's Website Payment Pro, however, which costs 20.00/month, you do need an SSL because the customer would never leave your site.
  8. Hi, As for an SSL, I believe: 1. You can buy one from Total Choice for 115.00 2. You can buy one elsewhere for cheaper. Some of the cheap ones, like 50.00, will only work for a single domain. There's one called InstantSSL http://www.securessl.co.uk/products/comparison.html 3. I think you can use a shared SSL from Total Choice for free, but I don't know how this works or how it dffers from one you purchase.
  9. Correct, if I just go to the page straight, it works fine. In fact, the page is an exact duplicate of my 404 page, with slightly different text. The 404 is correctly served, but the 401 is not. It looks like for some reason it does not parse the php properly in the 401 error page, even though it does in the 404. Is there something about the nature of a 401 that causes the php not to be parsed? Perhaps this is an Apache bug?
  10. Hi, I'm trying to setup a custom error page for a 401 error. Here's my .htaccess: ErrorDocument 404 /notfound.php ErrorDocument 401 /unauthorized.php The problem is, it doesn't seem to parse php correctly for a 401 error. Note my 404 works fine; the page is displayed properly. However, when my 401 page is displayed, it looks like it's totally ignoring the php. I see the html of the page, so it's finding the page ok, it just isn't parsing the php. Is there some reason why a php page can't be used for a custom 401? Or is there another step I need to do to have the server parse the php properly? Thanks.
  11. Hi, How do you do that exactly? Is that using Paypal's Website Payment Pro? Thanks.
  12. Hi, Sorry, I'm new to all this domain stuff...just saw this thread. So you're saying that if my domain (through a reseller) is www.abc.com it is against the rules for me to create a subfolder called blah, and then through godaddy forward www.blah.com to www.abc.com/blah Is that accurate? If that is breaking the rules, can you tell me a little more about parked domains? Can a parked domain be set to go to www.abc.com/blah or could it only go to www.abc.com? Do parked domains have any kind of masking/aliasing so that the user still sees www.blah.com as the URL even though he is really at www.abc.com? Also, if I'm hosted through a reseller, would I submit a ticket to TCH to park the domain, or would I have to go through my reseller? Thanks.
  13. Hi, I had the same problem. Turns out it was because there were blank lines at the end of config.php. Removing these lines fixed the problem.
  14. Hi, We followed the instructions on the TCH support page about how to set up AWStats so that the user doesn't need to go through Cpanel. It used to work fine, but about a month ago, we started getting these errors when we went to the stats page: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/silverl/public_html/stats/config.php:34) in /home/silverl/public_html/stats/index.php on line 30 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/silverl/public_html/stats/config.php:34) in /home/silverl/public_html/stats/index.php on line 31 Authorization Required. Does anyone know why or how to fix it? Thanks.
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