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  1. Thank you! I THOUGHT that's how it should work, with PHPMyAdmin just opening onto the dashboard when clicked from cpanel in the main account. The problem is, it doesn't. Even when launched from cpanel, It prompts for a PHPMyAdmin login and password. From there, nothing I enter is acknowledged. ~ Rosanne
  2. Yes, and I just tried to create another one (****_test2), and added a user. I tried in both FireFox and Edge, and no matter what I enter into the PHPAdmin login prompt, I get the error message above, not reflecting what I typed in. This is all prep, and neither of the databases I've created are anything important; I'm just trying to figure out how to do it. When everything works as intended, I hope to import a database created by a third party (I know there will probably be some significant bug stomping there, as well). I'm just too inexperienced to know if it's something I'm doing wrong, or something wrong with the bigger picture - my overall account configuration. Thanks! ~ Rosanne
  3. I think I followed all the instructions. I created a database in MySQL, created a privileged user, then associated the two. But when I try to log into PHPMyAdmin as that user, it doesn't take the db user's login and password, insisting that I'm trying to log in as cpanelAccount@localhost. Very frustrated. If you can tell me what I'm doing wrong, or point me toward some specific instructions for TCH configuration of PHPMyAdmin, it would be oh-so-appreciated!
  4. I can get to my site, which is on darthsion, but I can't get to our church website, which is (I think) on butterscotch. I also can't get to support.totalchoicehosting to open a ticket (or billing.totalchoicehosting, for that matter). ~ Rosanne
  5. Thanks! So only the primary account holder can use it? This is for someone to maintain a small section of the website. I'm not handing them the admin password! Ah, well, this isn't an earth-shattering big deal - it's the worship recordings page of a church website. I wanted sFTP because I'm paranoid like that - not because we're handling financial data or HIPAA. His account is restricted to one subfolder and has a unique password, so it should be fine.
  6. Dredging a very old post back up to the top - if I want to give someone ftp access to a particular html folder, will I have to have them go through cPanel for sFTP? Is there no way to configure FileZilla? I tried a couple of settings, and no joy. Before I get too far into the weeds, is it even possible to set up with FileZilla? ~ Rosanne
  7. You would not BELIEVE the ragging I'm getting, from my Linux and UNIX friends. In my defense, I didn't write the original code. It still took me way too long to figure it out, though. By chance, when I tried the absolute paths, I typed the filename correctly, replacing the bad line. So it worked. By chance. Ah, well. Back to work.
  8. I finally had a chance to get back to this, and I'm going to go beat my head against a wall, now. The entire problem was due to ONE LETTER not being capitalized in an XML filename. Our folders don't care - we can launch from a network share, and it'll read fred.xml, Fred.xml or FRED.xml. Not so, from a Web server. At least, not these Web servers (and most likely, not from the LMS server, since it generated the same error message. That error has probably been around since the dark ages of this template - it never manifested, because we don't have a real web server to test on. We always launched from network folders. Sigh... thank you so much for your help.
  9. Thanks. This whole mess is going to make me have to review what my instructors TRIED to teach me about encryption and how keys work. I checked a couple of the big ones, saw that they were dated this week, and figured that was a good indicator.
  10. Thanks for the update! I had just run a check of both the totalchoicehosting and tchmachines certs, and yes, I would like to implement your new shared certs, once they're available. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! I've double-checked and confirmed with the original author (who has since retired) that the lesson is calling those SWFs unnecessarily - they're only needed on our standalone network, to handle our nonstandard CMI. I'll comment out the refs entirely tomorrow, and see how it works. Thanks for reminding me about the root directory - I made those subfolders this evening, and wasn't thinking about how that changed the paths. I thought I launched the absolute one afterwards, though. Hmmm. Anyway, I really appreciate your help!
  12. Okay, here we go. Absolute: http://itu.grassrose.net/absolute/newStartup.html Relative: http://itu.grassrose.net/relative/newStartup.html It's still very much an ugly baby at this point, and needs to be opened in Internet Explorer (sorry), otherwise video pages will lock you up. But the relative path version won't launch at all. As I said earlier, it WILL launch from UNC and from our closed network PHP server. I wonder if it's a path problem in the little bit of Flash that we have left in the core... the LessonLoader and LessonUpdater I'm going to try updating those HTML ref pages and pushing them. I don't have the source files here at home, so I can't check that this evening. Edited to add: didn't work; changed them back.
  13. I'll see what I can come up with as an example - Thanks! It was interesting to me, that the LMS server had the same errors, but our local PHP server on the closed training network launched it with no problem. We could also launch via UNC. :-)
  14. http://krebsonsecurity.com/2014/04/heartbleed-bug-exposes-passwords-web-site-encryption-keys/ This is huge. Big names like Amazon, Yahoo, GitHub, and possibly Google (since they reported the vulnerability) use it. It's at the heart of Apache and nginx. I'm already changing passwords on the sites I know are patched (rumor has it that Yahoo is NOT one of them :-P ). Do y'all use OpenSSL, and if so, is it patched yet?
  15. Hi! I'm troubleshooting a very intricate online lesson, basically developed as a single-page-application before SPAs were cool (it sorta works even in IE6, if that tells you anything). When we pushed a test template to the third party LMS, it spat errors - wasn't able to run scripts, couldn't find XML, etc. They're very busy, and can only push test packages once every few weeks. So I was delighted to get the same errors when I pushed the template to my TCH domain (HURRAY! I can troubleshoot!). The fix was to replace ALL of the relative paths - downward and upward - with absolute paths from root / . My question is, is it because of the spaghetti code that the package is running, with JavaScript and XML here, there and everywhere, or is it a general policy, and we can't use relative paths at all? I'm cool either way; I just thought somebody might know off the top of their head, and save me some poking around. Thank you so much! ~ Rosanne
  16. We're getting a number of vulnerability scans against our site. Blocking individual IPs isn't a solution - too many of them. One pretty solution I saw used iptables. Now, I know just enough Linux and network configuration to be dangerous, but I suspect that iptables would only be an option on dedicated servers. Is there a way for virtual servers to drop the connection based on a string, rather than an IP? It's not a huge deal - since we don't run PHP those scans are all logging 404s, but seeing them in our logs offends me - sort of an OCD thing. :-) ~ Rosanne
  17. I'm volunteer tech support for our church, and would like to migrate them from POP to IMAP. They (and I) use Thunderbird to access their accounts. Gmail autofills with the correct IMAP settings; could you either have a tutorial or an addition to an existing tutorial that gives TCH's correct settings? Is it just a matter of selecting IMAP and changing the ports? Thanks! ~ Rosanne
  18. I was startled to receive the following email this morning (excerpt): "This notification is to let you know that some or all of the products you purchased from TotalChoice Hosting will now be managed through Domains Priced Right®. Domains Priced Right offers the same great domain and service management tools, as well as friendly, 24/7, expert service." I've been a TCH customer for years, and I don't see anything in a casual look at the forums to indicate a change. Is this a phishing expedition? Thanks! ~ Rosanne
  19. I rely on a router and a browser plugin - FireFox NoScript. In the interest of being thorough, I also install Comodo's free Internet Security (antivirus, firewall, Defense+). I tend to leave the Defense+ turned off, because it's pretty aggressive and I don't usually need it, thanks to NoScript. No scripts are going to run unless I've authorized their domains. When I'm out from behind the router (i.e, traveling with a laptop), I turn on the entire Comodo suite. Edited to add: I imagine you've come up with a solution, since I just saw the date, and this question was posted quite a while back. What did you go with?
  20. My domain is grassrose.net, so I'm used to browsers alerting on the disconnect between grassrose and tchmachines certs (the normally listed "owner"). I understand that, and store an exception. I almost did that this time, when I got the alert on my grassrose webmail page, but something prompted me to check the details. Do I need to do anything about this? I'm certainly not going to store an exception to this alert! ~ Rosanne
  21. Thanks for the pointer - I bumped around the Filezilla forum for awhile, and I think the problem was in Filezilla, and in the fact that I recently updated it to v3.1.2. The app author is very confrontational and defensive about connection problems. In this thread, some problems appeared to be caused by the default setting of "don't send keepalive messages". He insists that it's the fault of the servers you're trying to connect to, that these messages are not necessary, and that they're wasteful and a symptom of bad coding. Ya' know what? I DON'T CARE! I just want the blessed thing to work. I don't have time to 1) research and find out if it's really as bad as he says it is and 2) go on a crusade to try to get system admins (to include the University of Liverpool, where I'm an online student, and Adobe, who really ought to know better, if this is true) to reconfigure their ftp servers. Last page of long thread: http://forum.filezilla-project.org/viewtop...=a&start=45 I turned keep-alives on, and the problem seems to be fixed for my TCH domain, Adobe, and UoL. But of course, it's not FileZilla's fault... Of course, there's also the issue that something in my router settings won't let FZ make an active connection - if I use the external IP address according to the external FZ checker, the wizard claims the router changed it and made it inoperative. If I tell it to ask the operating system for the external IP, it says it's getting the 192. address. I'm getting very frustrated, mostly because I don't understand how the router and ftp settings operate as well as I should. I'm a pretty geeky person, but this is outside my experience. My new router is a Linksys RVS4000 (Gigabit connections between my two computers - WHEEEE!!!), with more settings than you can shake a stick at. My old 10/100 workhorse was practically plug&play, compared to this. It's aggravating that I may be missing the obvious. Or it may all be FZ's fault. Thanks a bunch! If you have any thoughts on proper setup of the active connection, I'm all ears (eyes?), but my main problem is fixed. Yippee!
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