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  1. The backslashes before the closing ']' brackets in your expressions are causing them to be treated as literal ']' characters, rather than closing brackets. So >if(!preg_match("/[^a-zA-Z0-9\.\-\Ä\ä\Ö\ö\Ü\ü\]+$/s",$name)) ... should be ... >if(!preg_match("/[^a-zA-Z0-9\.\-\Ä\ä\Ö\ö\Ü\ü]+$/s",$name)) Same with the second preg_match()
  2. BTW. just to add something about the removal of the mail forwarders. I understand that some of the forwards were removed immediately without prior notice because you were trying to get some servers off blacklists, but more notice, or better yet, logging what forwards were removed or changing them to some nonexistent local address -- something to mark which forwards had been removed -- would have been very helpful. I am subscribed to the forums but still had to go through several accounts trying to think of anyone that might have possibly had a forward set up that was now gone.
  3. Why wouldn't you simply use the addresses from billing? An Invoice is already being sent out to that address every month. Perhaps a little off topic, but what addresses were you going to use for the "TCH E-News" that was supposed to go out the beginning of March? Maybe that's why it never went out??? (Or maybe it did go out and I just missed it?)
  4. Unfortunately, it looks like there are quite a few problems with the html which may or may not be causing the problem. For instance, I see <li> tags that aren't inside <ul> tags, etc. (Even a second <html><head> section towards the bottom.) I would probably start by running it through the validator at http://validator.w3.org/ and work your way through whatever it finds. Maybe take a look at http://www.w3schools.com/ if you need help figuring out some of the html.
  5. In the past, I've also had occasional problems not getting notices for topics/forums I was subscribed to. Once, unsubscribing and resubscribing seemed to fix it, but other times it hasn't so it may have just been a coincidence. Eventually, it started working again on its own.
  6. Did you try looking at the page source in a browser? (right-click, "view source" on a PC -- I'm not sure on a mac) The page source should make it pretty clear what's going on. Is there a url we can check out, maybe? I don't know what a good php book would be. Try searching the forums or I'm sure someone else on here will be able to recommend one.
  7. Double check that opening <form> tag for typos. It looks like it may be picking up the "<" from "<?php". Make sure there aren't any spaces in there. View the page source in a browser to make sure it inserted the url. If you see the php code, then something's wrong with the <?php ... ?> tags.
  8. I assume it won't work under Windows, either. I think you can accomplish the same thing on a Windows system with "ini_set('sendmail_from','email@address.com')". I don't have much experience with php under Windows, though, so you'll want to double check that.
  9. You're right; There shouldn't be a space. I was going by the sendmail man page on my development system, but now I see that that system is running postfix and its sendmail implementation. The true sendmail doesn't use a space. Sorry 'bout that.
  10. No, the "-f email@address.com" (I believe there should be a space) is a command line switch used in the call to sendmail. When using php's mail() function, it's specified in the 5th parameter -- Bruce's post was missing the comma. Check out http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php.
  11. Try adding the following to .htaccess >php_flag mysql.allow_persistent off If we're allowed to override it, it should cause php to treat a call to mysql_pconnect() the same as mysql_connect().
  12. It looks as though VMWare wasn't using hyperthreading at all. I wonder if there wasn't a configuration/compatibility issue somewhere or if the results could be duplicated on another machine/OS. The virtual machine didn't do too bad when hyperthreading was turned off. I guess you would see the benefits of hyperthreading when running multiple lower demand virtual servers on one machine but it seemed to do surprisingly poorly running a single server. I hardly think the hardware abstraction/easy upgrade path, etc is worth a 43% performance hit.
  13. Cool. This datacenter is a very big milestone for TCH. It sounds like a big undertaking - and a lot of work. I hope the migration goes smoothly for you. Btw, anyone else not receiving new post email notifications recently?
  14. Are the network status pages down or something? I was looking for the recently unveiled uptime stats at tchstatus.com, but it seems to be back to the old "under development" page with a link to a post from a couple years ago for more information. Am I looking at the wrong address or are they really unavailable? At the moment, tchstatus.com seems to have more dead links than live ones.
  15. I believe they're referring to the email filtering in cPanel, which looks like it is applied after SpamAssassin.
  16. We aint got it; You don't need it. Seriously though, I can see both sides of this. I'm sure the folks blacklisting servers (Earthlink, AOL, et al) would argue that even if the server isn't the original sender, forwarding still funnels all the spam from many accounts into their servers, which have to deal with the load regardless of who the original sender was. Sending forwards through SpamAssassin would help tremendously, but that may be something that would have to be done by cPanel. I don't know.
  17. Try replacing the RedirectMatch in .htaccess with the following: >RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?foo.com$ [NC] RewriteRule ^$ /blog/
  18. What about adding a RewriteCond that checks the referrer ( %{HTTP_REFFERER} ) like you would do to prevent hot linking.
  19. At first glance it seems like that should work. Is there possibly another .htaccess file in a lower directory that is overriding it?
  20. oh jeez, now I'm confused. Just to clarify, once you're inside the <?php ?> tags you can use all the blank lines and spaces you want. You're only concerned about stuff that would be output to the browser.
  21. It's usually unintentional output that messes you up. For instance, a blank line above the opening "<?php" tag or in an included file. When Apache parses the page it will go ahead and send the headers and blank line before getting to the php header code. In this case, php will complain that the headers have already been sent.
  22. Try: >redirectmatch 301 /olddir/.* http://www.****/index.php
  23. Assuming the cron job is in a web accessible folder, you could create a .php file in the same folder with the line "<?php echo $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] ?>". Then bring up the php file in a web browser and it will give you the file path. The error you originally reported, though, would indicate to me that bash can't find /usr/bin/php. If this is just a leased server, then the setup will be different depending on how your host has it setup. You could try calling just php without specifying the path.
  24. Ya know, that seems to happen a lot with me. Sorry, the post was meant to be in fun; I certainly didn't intend any ill will. My apologies. And in a feeble attempt to bring things back on topic and make a productive contribution, the only problems I've had with TCH would be occasional (but seemingly a bit more frequent lately) heavy loads on the server. I don't know what the cause is (spammers are somehow involved, no doubt), but it's usually resolved pretty quickly so I don't know what more TCH could do about it. Just a trade off of being on a shared server, I suppose. Anyhow, I hope you have a merry Christmas and try to not spend too much time fixing servers this weekend. -Steven
  25. Hmmm... If most of the 9k members are reading but just not posting on the forums, kinda makes you wonder why a post by Head Guru was only read 260 times. and round and round we go. Hey - If it's view counts you're after, I bet a post about that big announcement of yours would get a few. May as well give it a try. Wondering if this topic could be a bit of foreshadowing (except that 60% increase part )... -Steven
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