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  1. Thank you to all who replied to my query. We are in the initial research phase, so the information that you have given me is great. Matt
  2. I was wondering if we have access to a secure server via our CPanel account. We would like to post a form that asks for financial information on our site, but do not want to do this unless the data is encrypted. Can you point me to the place where I can find out more information about this? Thanks, Matt
  3. Thanks Bruce, I had kind of looked for it in CPanel but couldn't find it. I appreciate your quick response. Matt
  4. I would like to use a GCI script for Forms which requires a /PERL directory on the server. Do we have a directory for PERL on the server, and if so, what is the path to this directory? If not, which type of CGI script should I be using for Forms? Thanks, Matt
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