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  1. I went to 123flashchat and they were very vague about pricing...something in the area of 100 dollars for the cheap version. Then I tried to download and install the free version and it installs to my home computer (this may be my fault as I know NO coding - not even HTML). They cant give tech support unless you buy the product. I have downloaded 9 chat programs in the last two days and the only to ask my website during install is coffee cup. They said that PHP is not installed on the server but the TC tech support folks said it is. I have been working on this for at least 20 hours..any help would be greatly appreciated. Larry
  2. is this something like the chat program that TC uses? Where can I check it out?
  3. I am a special education teacher as is my wife. We are looking for a "chat" program to put on our websites so our students can chat (about education content)with each other. We cannot install anything on the computers (except our own personal ones - ones that we will be running and monitoring)We would like to have a chatroom set up on our site where students log in at a specific time and we can direct the chat (I believe this would be a stand alone program - much like the Totoachoicehosting chat for support)It must be user friendly as our students are mildly mentally impaired. THANK YOU!!!
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