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  1. How would I go about developing software compatible with both Windows and Mac? I currently VisualBASIC .net. Is there a tutorial available somehwere? Thanks again,
  2. Hello, I have been given the task of designing a Check-In system for a larger special event to be held this spring. We are planning on utilizing a central server running a master database with clients connected to the server. Now, I have 2 options for the logistics of this. I could develop an internal website, where the client just use their browsers. Or, I could develop a piece of software which interacts with the database. Does anyone have any thoughts / comments on which model would be fastes, and create the lease network traffic? I am very concerned with the speed factor because we will have to be setting up a VPN over a Dial-Up connection. Thank You,
  3. Would any Family members have any thoughts for someone looking at starting a small, privately owned, Wed Design Company? I have had several of my friends, family, co-workers, and employers suggest that I should start a Web Design Company for the local businesses and organizations in my town. Some of the topics that I am concerned with are; + Does anyone know of some design companies that I might use to build my service price list? Since any replies to this question would be in violation with the forum policies, I would ask that any replies be PM'd to me. My only intent in asking this is to see what prices other companies charge. - and - + Does anyone have any comments / suggestions for me? Thank You for any and all comments on this topic,
  4. I'm not sure this is even possible, but... I have been given the project of developing a web site for a local non-profit by my computer teacher. I have established a test server with Apache, MySQL, and FileZilla to aid me in this proccess. Now, how would I go about establishing sub-domains on this test server? For example the server's name is 'clstage', I'd like to be able to hit main.clstage. Is this possible, and how would I go about doing it. I hope this makes sence. If not, please let me know, and I can try and explain better. Also, I'd like to apologize if this topic is better suited elsewhere on the forum. Please feel free to move it if need be. Thanks,
  5. Will there be an update as you guys start moving accounts? AKA: Will we know that our account on Server X is now in the new DC? Thanks, and way to go TCH!
  6. Does anyone know how I could get a wireless network to reach 1/2 mile? I am 1 of 3 "IT guys" for a non-profit group. This spring we will be having a huge gathering of approx. 500 members, and we are wanting to do a computer-based check-in process with a central server running a master database. Because of the camp's layout, the check-in booth is separated by approx. 1/2 mile from the main office where we will house the server. Any ideas would be more than appreciated, as we have been scratching our heads for the past 3 months on this. One idea we had was to physically move the server to the check-in booth, but we are considering this as a last-resort, as we will be needing to run reports on the same data at the same time from the office.
  7. I don't know what happened with my last post.... sorry about that... Towel
  8. Homework (speaking of which... I should get started...)
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