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  1. How would I go about developing software compatible with both Windows and Mac? I currently VisualBASIC .net. Is there a tutorial available somehwere? Thanks again,
  2. Hello, I have been given the task of designing a Check-In system for a larger special event to be held this spring. We are planning on utilizing a central server running a master database with clients connected to the server. Now, I have 2 options for the logistics of this. I could develop an internal website, where the client just use their browsers. Or, I could develop a piece of software which interacts with the database. Does anyone have any thoughts / comments on which model would be fastes, and create the lease network traffic? I am very concerned with the speed factor because we
  3. Would any Family members have any thoughts for someone looking at starting a small, privately owned, Wed Design Company? I have had several of my friends, family, co-workers, and employers suggest that I should start a Web Design Company for the local businesses and organizations in my town. Some of the topics that I am concerned with are; + Does anyone know of some design companies that I might use to build my service price list? Since any replies to this question would be in violation with the forum policies, I would ask that any replies be PM'd to me. My only intent in asking
  4. I'm not sure this is even possible, but... I have been given the project of developing a web site for a local non-profit by my computer teacher. I have established a test server with Apache, MySQL, and FileZilla to aid me in this proccess. Now, how would I go about establishing sub-domains on this test server? For example the server's name is 'clstage', I'd like to be able to hit main.clstage. Is this possible, and how would I go about doing it. I hope this makes sence. If not, please let me know, and I can try and explain better. Also, I'd like to apologize if this topic is bet
  5. Will there be an update as you guys start moving accounts? AKA: Will we know that our account on Server X is now in the new DC? Thanks, and way to go TCH!
  6. Does anyone know how I could get a wireless network to reach 1/2 mile? I am 1 of 3 "IT guys" for a non-profit group. This spring we will be having a huge gathering of approx. 500 members, and we are wanting to do a computer-based check-in process with a central server running a master database. Because of the camp's layout, the check-in booth is separated by approx. 1/2 mile from the main office where we will house the server. Any ideas would be more than appreciated, as we have been scratching our heads for the past 3 months on this. One idea we had was to physically move the
  7. I don't know what happened with my last post.... sorry about that... Towel
  8. Homework (speaking of which... I should get started...)
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