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  1. Sociable 2.0 Release Interview - Peter Harkins
  2. Added to Ticket: LWL-58270 as per your request. Thanks.
  3. I updated to 2.0.5 this morning. In addition, at the request of a leader of the Wordpress team itself, one of the world's leading Wordpress techs tested every problem they could think of and could not find the issue. In the continuing and all too long saga of trackbacks don't work on my blog yet another bizarre chapter has been written this morning. They still don't work, tried more posts. Yet, I went to look at the database and some entries - old entries had suddenly moved from to_ping to pinged some entries on 10/9 pinged other blogs on 10/19 - now that is bizarre. Yet current posts don't work. Did someone possibly make a fix and then put it back the old way? http://www.flickr.com/photos/daviddalka/281485750/ http://scobleizer.wordpress.com/2006/10/09...r-165/#comments http://wordpress.org/support/topic/90641?replies=6
  4. I have no idea what server I'm on, I just know it's not as good as the one that hosts my other site. I share not only my counterpart's unresolved inflicted Wordpress pain but the servers aren't all the same pain. Ouch!
  5. It's good to hear it's not just me: Wordpress' response to everything is that I should use a wordpress authorized host. I think they need to be more transparant - that aside, this problem is stil lnot rectified and it is also recent, I have opened a ticket - but even with several valiant efforts I have gotten nowhere yet. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/90641?r...s=4#post-462811 A fresh look at this issue would be appreciated. Again my problem is that I can not send an outbound ping of any sort.
  6. Uhm, this is incorrect. The ticket was never responded to and the ticket key is stated to be invalid when entered to check on it.
  7. Ticket ID: UQF-94066 Ticket Key: ****** Subject: ip banned as spam currently? Department: Technical Support for the past two weeks, I have not been able to utilize outbound trackbacks from my Wordpress blog, all of my research points to an ip, spam or other problem not related to Wordpress, which I did not change. HELP! Edited by TCH-Andy to remove the Ticket Key.
  8. thanks, but I got that rss stuff fixed, forgot to come back and close out the thread!
  9. this plugin is so unusable that it isn't even recognized on my plugin page once installed. Is there any easy solution?
  10. I did it through Fantastico....
  11. http://codex.wordpress.org/Upgrading_WordP...ed_Instructions Is there an eaiser way than this?
  12. Sorry to hear that took place, as dogs certainly do belong on leashes. But what about the people who have dog allergies whose lives you recklessly threaten regardless of a leash or not every day? What about the rights of these innocent people whose lives you threaten daily just by owning an unnecessary dog? How some people can be so sensitive about a dog attack and so insensitive about the life of a fellow human is a sad commentary on the decline of our civilization - just like SUVs...
  13. Has the sometimes I can't see the favicon.ico glitch been fixed in this version? Thanks.
  14. I have no such folders How does this get fixed?
  15. Wordpress (due to the group's suggestion!), I don't see it though...
  16. Thank you for all of your thoughts on building a blog! I'm happy with it for now. Now I need to get into the distribution game. What advice is good and bad here? http://www.johntp.com/2006/04/15/13-tips-t...r-blog-noticed/ How do I add all of that rss, rss2, atom stuff to my blog?
  17. Yeah, my point exactly, this 37 signals organization sells it as something I don't think it is, why woudl TCH even want it? I don't get it....
  18. Thanks. But I truly don't see what the fuss is all about, that looks like a nightmare to install and there are no easy to understand instructions. Like I said, is there someone that can show how this thing allegedly allows you to build web pages quickly? I don't see one.
  19. OK, this is been installed I understand. But how does one use it? How does one build a web site with it the 37 signals web site is not helpful in this regard after a thorough surfing. Can someone point me to a qucik and easy way to allegedly start this quick and easy web site builder?
  20. What do you guys find to be some of the more valuable plugins? There are tons out there! I care about distribution, linking, idexing in pod cast search engines and rss primarily. I can't seem to find a site that organizes bother ratings of usefulness stability and quantity of downloads. Thanks for your thoughts.
  21. Thanks, anyone else have comments on this topic?
  22. I'd like to combine the feel and rss features of example site 1 and the audio features of http://www.audioacrobat.com/ What blog software does example site #1 use? How does one customize a high tough soft feel like that? How do you sign up for and then add all of the rss feeds? What else should I be considering? ALSO I need to build a simple website... has anyone used anything easy and high end looking? Drupal? Mamboserver? Other things? Thanks in advance.
  23. Bruce, I've submitted the help desk ticket as per your request. Your idea might work for the 2% of power users in the world that might use this FROM THE HOME and in reality it amounts to a kluge. However, the majority of my visitors will be visiting from corprorations where modifying anything in their browser nowadays gets people fired on a daily basis - so this solution, besides being too high maintenance for some simpleton site visitors - is simply not practical. For this reason and because I want to run a top notch site, this feature simply must be installed. I can understand not installing Fantastico - that affects my ability to do a one install - fine skip it. However, a server configuration limitation that doesn't allow me to have all visitors use a popular and necessary feature of a popular software program - that one I must be insistent upon as it affects the overall functionality and public perception of my site. Thank you.
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