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  1. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks for all of you! With so many welcomes and responses, I do feel I am a member in a big family. After I submitted a wrong url without corresponding site to search engines, my clients got the wrong url as their search results from google. When they click the url listed in the search results, the page can't be displayed because there is no web site associated with the url. I just hope the url will be deleted the next time google trying to use the url to crawl the non-existing site. I have visited google remove url page. In my understanding, the removal only applies to an url which has a web site. I am not sure if I am right or not. Thanks,
  2. Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes. Your right. At this moment, I just want to know how to remove the wrong url from google. Since you have done it, please give me some advice. Thanks,
  3. So its not even sure they will index your site even if the chance they do is much much bigger in my own personal opinion. Also, moving for organization. Edit: I entered wrong url to the google page, its corrected now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just want to know how you removed the wrong url or corrected the url. I would like to remove a wrong url, which caused by a typo, submitted to search engines. Your help will be appreciated.
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