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  1. Thanks. The .htaccess file is actually a text file (weird?) but I input the piece without any results. However, the other option of changing the CHMOD did it. I also edited the configuration file in the FTP client where necessary.
  2. Some time ago, I set up Joomla so I could learn it and hopefully admin if needed. Lately I'm getting emails about users registering and there shouldn't be. I've noticed that in the global configuration it says that the register_globals is set to On instead of Off and that it's not recommended. I hadn't been able to find out how to have it changed. Today I tried to turn off the option to allow users to register and the change will not stick. I notice the message of "configuration.php is : Unwriteable" at the top and when trying to save the change, there's a message of "An Error Has Occurre
  3. As with the other domain and accounts I've set up here at TCH, this is the first time I've run into this error and can't figure out how to fix. I need to figure it out before setting up the client's accounts as this would not look good. When connecting through Outlook, my account at RPPSOA.com pops up an error titled Internet Security Warning. The message says, "The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The target principal name is incorrect. Do you want to continue using this server?" How do I get around this? My other accounts and domain
  4. Ok, maybe I spoke too soon. When using it on two sites that are in subdomains under my site for testing purposes, they work great. However, when I installed it for my own site, I keep getting the Server Error page. Any thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?
  5. Not to revive an old dead thread, but now that I'm doing sites again, I couldn't figure out why when testing a form, I couldn't get it to work. After hours of trying different things, researching, I ended up here. I tried the suggestion of the txt file and POSTing to that, but couldn't get it to work for the life of me. Thankfully, the PHP solution worked right out of the box, so to speak. Big thanks. I've more sites to update now, but at least I know they'll work. Thanks guys and gals.
  6. I've been reading a couple of threads about the filtering. Excuse me ignorance, but is the fact I get 70+ spam mails a day to any address with my domain, the same issue that everyone else is having? I mean anything with my domain attached gets through. If not, any words of advice on this? Thanks Jim
  7. Thanks. It looks like the shared is the way to go. Even though I'm just trying out right now, i may want to create a project that I may take on for myself. If so, I'm definitely going to try that. Thanks for the redirection help!
  8. Hey all, I just now (well a couple of days ago) saw the "Fantastico" icon in the cPanel. Low and behold, there's things in there that potential clients are asking about. So I thought, what a perfect tool to learn how to admin these sites before. So, when I go to the admin page for the osCommerce store, there's a message at the bottom that says, "You are not protected by a secure SSL connection." I can't find any documentation on how to secure it. At least, the sign up page and any pages that would be interpreted as potential hacking. Thanks everyone.
  9. Thanks, I'll try that, I just hate to bother support guys and gals for little stuff.
  10. So, what have I done wrong? I attached the screen shot of the domain manager. The forward to address is correct. Any thoughts as to why it's not forwarding?
  11. Thanks, the info in the three server text boxes, look different from when the names were purchased. As of now, they still don't forward.
  12. So, I know that it hasn't been 24 hours, but just in case, I thought I'd ask. The names were purchased and parked. Then, while trying to get the names going to this site, I went to them (the other hosting company) and got the information as to what DNS information to put in my domain manager. I did it, researched it, and now realize that it's more frugal to go throught TCH (duh!) and purchase the forwarding credits. I did that, but I had changed the DNS info. I changed them to the "Default Parked Name Servers." Is this correct? thanks Jim
  13. OneRedLT4


    FWIW, the times I've tried to set up a cart on my own account, I could never log in after it was set up. Curious to see how this turns out.
  14. So simple yet... I'm assuming since it has a "quantity" text box, that one purchase allows forwarding for one domain? Thanks for the "redirect"
  15. Ok, I did a search and didn't see this question asked yet. My uncle has three parked domain names here and would like them forward to his existing site hosted somewhere else. I purchased the names for him, so they're in my domain manager. When trying to set up the forwarding, it says I don't have any credits. Where do I purchase these credits? I need to weigh the cost of the credits and compare it to the cost of upgrading his hosting plan (not as good as TCH!) and advise accordingly. Thanks. Jim
  16. I can't find an area where I can at least view all hostings accounts that I've set up. Wrong as it might have been, I had set up a couple hosting accounts under my "account" with the anticipation that I'd bill the clients. Unfortunately, when the bills come in, there's no referrence to which account is being renewed, and therefore, I can't determine which one is being renewed without submitting a help desk ticket. Is there an area I can log into and view current plans and even update whether it's auto renew or not? Maybe change the credit card info? Thanks
  17. Thanks guys. Yes Steve I went there before posting. Followed the directions but it didn't help. Very odd that it installs quite easily, but won't let me in to set it up.
  18. Thanks, that's what I tried to explain, though, before receiving the notice of maintenance, the lack of images didn not produce the errors on the page. Infact, that page I posted, hasn't been touched since May, and wasn't showing the errors then. Any other ideas?
  19. I may have the wrong server, but I received a notice that Sunday, the server would be serviced. Since then, I've noticed some pages are showing PHP errors on the page that weren't there before. The pages are just multiple thumbnails being fed via PHP looping through a text file. Before, if the text files listed more files than pictures were uploaded, it just showed the "little red x" where the picture should be. Now there's the errors. I fixed a few pages, but let one for you to see at http://2005.tylerjames.net/may05/may05.php. Is this something that I'll now need to adjust for? Thanks J
  20. I hope this is where to ask this, but I'm trying to teach myself how to set up the Agora cart. I've been reading the help pages that TCH has linked up, but I can't get past the sign in page. I installed a new cart, and when I click on the "Modify an existing Cart" link, the page asking for a username and password comes up. No combination of name and pswd will work. As suggested, I've used the "www.MySite.com/cart/protected/manager.cgi" format with both the cPanel and the cart set up passwords, but nothing works. Am I missing something easy? Thanks. -Jim
  21. Sorry...Command line? Is that in the command prompt "area"? Raul, thanks for the info, I do use CuteFTP Pro but I was thinking more of when I'm doing work away from home on other people's PCs. I agree about the lack of security in the browsers history, but last time this worked, a pop up box asking for the username and password popped up. Thanks -Jim
  22. I tried to access my site using windows XP's ftp access and it no longer works (going to ftp://mysite.com). Is this a setting thing or is not allowed with TCH anymore? I have the option enabled on my system. I saw that "SSN" is no longer available, but I didn't know what SSN was. I just signed up for the forums, so I hope to find some time to browse around. Thanks -Jim
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