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  1. Thanks Bruce, I've been searching there for answers, and this may be a bit embarrassing to admit here, but most of what I've found has been a bit over my head Seriously it took me a week to figure out I needed to redownload upgrade.php and the sql update files and rerun them from my browser. Having gotten so used to Fantastico handling everything for me, I've gotten more than a bit rusty in the tech problem-solving arena. Thanks for the link and advice though, I just registered over there and will see if I can get some n00b help form them as well Cheers, Jason
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a teacher, and use SMF forums in my class that I host with TCH I ran an SMF upgrade, but I can't get a good upgrade on the SQL database backing each of my class forums. I'm definitely NOT a SQL master user, in fact it has been so worry free for the last three years I don't even know where to start in getting to the root of this issues. To make matters worse, I need my students in these forums like last week... When I run update.php to get the indexes and database inline with the forums I get: Updating Settings.php... Successful. Updating and creating indexes... Unsuccessful! This query: ALTER TABLE smf_smileys ORDER BY LENGTH(code) DESC; Caused the error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'LENGTH(code) DESC' at line 2 And the error I keep getting on the front end of the SMF forums is: Unknown column 'a.file_hash' in 'field list' File: /home/***/public_html/aboforums/Sources/Display.php Line: 711 Note: It appears that your database may require an upgrade. Your forum's files are currently at version SMF 1.1.10, while your database is at version 1.1.2. The above error might possibly go away if you execute the latest version of upgrade.php. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Jason
  3. Good morning everyone, and happy holidays. I need some help accessing cPanel for the first time on a new hosting package. My church is moving from a blogger site to a *real* website and they've asked me to help out getting everything rolling. I need to get into the account ot start FTPing some site files, setup e-mail accounts, and get the new site and content up and running. Unfortunately the welcome e-mail didn't come to me and the pastor who set-up the account did not keep the e-mail I have not been able to connect with the information he did forward to me: > New Hosting at Total Choice: > > Domain....: http://www.calvarybaptistlhc.com > Package...: Silver Hosting > DNS: > dns3.totalchoicehosting.com > dns4.totalchoicehosting.com I know that the domain is still redirecting to the old blogger site. How can I get the server names or IP addresses for the account so I can get into cPanel? I have the user name and password already. Thanks in advance! Jason Reinhardt
  4. Awesome, thanks guys! I didn't think this was help ticket worthy, I'm glad it is I've tried it in Opera, Safari, and the latest Firefox... No dice. I don't really know about page accelerators, but I know I haven;t installed anything like that. So if it isn't built in I don't have one... Thanks again! Jason
  5. Well... Logging into my Horde webmail through cPanel seems to be impossible right now Everything is cool until the "what language do you want" screen, and when I clink the login button the page flashes and ends up back at that language selection page. The address goes from the login.php to the index and back to the login.php. I have absolutely no idea how to trouble shoot or fix this, and help out there for me? Please? Jason
  6. I'll chime in and recommened Word Press as well... Their latest release, 1.5.1 is killer, and it's very easy to manipulate and make your own.
  7. Thanks! The idea with BG was to have several other Boston bloggers post recipies, but alas I'm the only one posting... HA! The rum balls were the first to go
  8. So, things over at Circa 1973 are shaping up... I have WordPress installed and running both of my blogs. The installs were a snap, and other than an errant keystroke killing one of my databases in cPanel, they've been running perfectly here on TCH (as expected) Now it's time to sort out a Gallery install, import a slew of pics, and concentrate on finishing the homepage design, and getting my blogs back to looking good.... It never ends
  9. Okay, sounds almost too easy We'll see how it pans out when I get home this evening... Thanks!
  10. Okay folks, I have most of my front page done, so now it's time to tackle moving my blog over here from Typepad. I've decided to give WordPress a try. Thing is, I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff... I did a search, but didn't see any posts here about doing installs. So, why don't we create one? Where do I start, particularly, how do I set up where to send teh WP files to so my blog gets published at http://www.circa1973.net/bossanova? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Right on, me too. I found that my readership went up quite a bit after I stopped getting all Maddox on everything though. But every now and again something gets under my skin enough and it's nice to have my blog to let it out. One of the other things I like about my blog is that it's a place where anyone can catch up with me... recently a friend from high school found me via my blog. Totally random.
  12. That's definitely part of it for me, but there is more to it than just venting when it comes to my blog. I'd say it's 20% vanity, 30% catharsis, and 50% community. I started out just ranting and venting about things, but it's evolved and changed over the years. Now I write a little bit about everything. Blogging is also very community oriented; I have quite a few blogs I read everyday, and have made some real friends through blogging. Feel free to check out my blog over at Typepad, which is moving over here soon. I have a pretty extensive blogroll (links column) with some real quality bloggers that are worth perusing as well.
  13. Thanks! I've heard a lot of good things about TCH, that's why I came here... I haven't received an e-mail yet, but I'm sure it's pending... thanks for the heads up! I saw in another thread that I'll get a temp url as well, so that should get things rolling. Cheers, Jason
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