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  1. On the contrary, it seems a policy issue, not a technical one. Everything I'm reading tells me that WPMU can work fine with shared hosting, with simple, minimal and non-threatening changes to the httpd.conf file to set up virtual hosts correctly. See http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/ for many posts on this. And see here: http://www.blogopreneur.com/2006/11/06/ins...anelwhm-server/ and http://photomatt.net/2003/10/10/wildcard-d...nd-sub-domains/ It's not an issue of wildcard DNS because a test of my existing subdomains shows that they resolve to the same IP, which can be checked here: http://www.kloth.net/services/nslookup.php And given that I can create manually entries for the subdomains I want, I don't actually need DNS wildcards. The issue is simply putting a few lines of code in the Apache configuration file. This is what needs to be added: ><VirtualHost {SERVER_IP_ADDRESS}> DocumentRoot /home/{CPANEL_USERNAME}/public_html BytesLog domlogs/{YOUR_DOMAIN}-bytes_log User {CPANEL_USERNAME} Group {CPANEL_USERNAME} ServerAlias {YOUR_DOMAIN} *.{YOUR_DOMAIN} ServerName www.{YOUR_DOMAIN} CustomLog domlogs/{YOUR_DOMAIN} combined </VirtualHost> Importantly, this entry must come after any valid subdomain VirtualHost entries one may have. As one coder said, in WPMU: "no real subdomains are created, and neither are there any subdirectories. The only reason why we needed to create wildcard DNS is because WPMU uses mod_rewrite rules to determine which blog you are referring to. This means, the installation of WPMU actually reads the whole blog address and uses that to query the correct posts from the same one database." Why won't TCH do this? Is there a good reason, when other hosting companies offering shared hosting facilities do? Can we get an answer on this, TCH? best wishes, Dr Ian Douglas http://brusselstribunal.org http://powerfoundation.org
  2. I'd like to add to this discussion. I want to check a detail with you. I have a Wordpress blog on one subdomain of my site. I wanted to set up other blogs on other subdomains. I would be the single user; I'm not aiming to allow others to create their own blogs. Someone on the Wordpress IRC channel recommended WordpressMU. I installed it, but ran into problems as I was running in "subdomain mode". The problem is to do with subdomains. Someone on the channel told that I don't need wildcard DNS, but rather "wildcard name based virtual hosting". He said there was a difference. Either that or "symlink abilities"; that I should basically ask that the httpd.conf file be amended to "stop using virtualhosts and instead include a single link setting Server Alias to wildcard." He said: "basically, tell your host you want *.domain.com to point to the same document root as domain.com/www.domain.com." I want to check with you if any of the above is possible. thanks, ian
  3. without rhyme or reason - or me touching a single thing - the setting in the first screenshot seem now to be working!
  4. Here are two screenshots of the inputed SMTP values. Maybe someone can tell me if something is wrong here. Neither seem to work
  5. I did all of that. I want to use an SMTP with my own domain. Authentication is on, and I even changed the port to 26 incase 25 is blocked with TotalChoiceHosting.com. But still it fails. But the way, I love you guys but in the CPanel I think the instructions for setting up email could be improved, just a little
  6. I have a niggling problem with Mail.app in MacOSX. I followed carefully all the guidance in this thread and when I try to send (via port 26) in the Mail.app it shows "100% done", but the mail never leaves the Out tray (which would signify it was actually sent). After a while of spinning like this it says: Sending the message content to the server failed. The server response was: server88.totalchoicehosting.com SMTP incoming data timeout - closing connection. Either that or this: Sending the message content to the server failed. The server response was: An error occurred while delivering this message via the SMTP server “(null)” I'd like to figure this one out. I can successfully send email via gmail.com's SMTP, but for some reason when people reply to mails that I send that way their replies go to my gmail account not the account I sent them from! (i.e., my own domain) I know ..... i'm an idiot By the way,
  7. Hi! I deleted my SQL database for Movable Type installed on my site. Now I can't login here: http://www.powerfoundation.org/mt/mt.cgi because my user is unknown, and Melody Nelson is also unknown! What do I do? Please don't tell me I have to reinstall everything! I know, I know ....... you pay for your mistakes. But it took me the whole weekend to configure it only to lose it by pressing delete on the wrong database in my cPanel when I was trying to add a bulletin board! I know I suck
  8. Thanks so much, guys! Templates next!
  9. That thread is very useful; as you'll see, I posted a separate problem there as I was dealing with the same kinds of problems others had there. But no one really deals with - or raised - this specific problem I have. i don't know if I'm doing this right. Really what I'd like to have is three weblogs hosted on subdomains of my site: e.g., http://v1.powerfoundation.org/mt, http://v2.powerfoundation.org/mt, http://v3.powerfoundation.org/mt. Does this mean I should have three installations running across the respective subdomain areas? Or can I have ONE MT installation on my whole site but have the actual subdomains be the addresses of 3 blogs?? If the latter, that would be best, but I don't know how to do that! 3 separate installations would seem easier (given that "http://v1.powerfoundation.org/mt" must go to an actual mt folder in that subdomain). Can anyone help? Again, when I try MT seems unable to find at least one critical file: DBD::SQLite
  10. Hi, I'm trying to install MT in subdomains of my site. I successfully installed it in the main site area, but I'm having problems with the subdomains. When I run mt-check.cgi it tells me that everything is okay except that my server doesn't have DBD::SQLite and Crypt::DSA installed. Obviously these are somewhere, but I guess I have to configure some file to give a specific route to these files, so it can work. Can someone help? Can anyone run me through the necessary changes I have to make to make sure that a subdomain installation works? Thanks!
  11. disregard my last post ......... Not exactly how, but the problem is solved. In particular, users should pay attention to not having "<" quotes around the values for Database and DBUser in the mt.cfg file and making sure which they need, a dash ("-") or an underscore ("_"). In my case, underscores NOT dashes. Welcome, ian, victorious to the world of blog!
  12. I've done all of these. My mt.cfg file looks like this: but I when I run mt-load.cgi I get this message:Bad ObjectDriver config: Connection error: Access denied for user: '@localhost' (Using password: YES) Also, though I can't see what it is (mind you, i'm CODE BLIND), there is a problem with my SQL database, I think. When I open the MySQL manager in the cPanel I see this: Does anyone know what is going on here?
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