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  1. I think it could be that you deactivated the Your Account Module. Log in to the admin panel and see if any there are any modules that are inactive that should be active. I forgot to mention that you should also check the permissions on the Your Account Module.
  2. Yes I have, and unfortunately that didn't work
  3. Hi. I've been having this problem with my v3arcade in my phpnuke as of today. After playing a game, the score doesn't submit. This started happening when, while a score was submitting, I refreshed the window. Now this was in Firefox. I used IE and everything was working fine until I did the same thing (that's how I realised what caused it.) Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem? Thanks a bunch.
  4. Ah I see. Well I guess I don't have that particular skin on my cPanel. All I have is "Forwarders".
  5. Hey Andy. Could elaborate on how I can do this in cpanel? The domain I want to forward to is not parked on top of the other, but I would like to see if this method would be applicable. Thanks. P.S. In my first post that word "commain" should have really been "command"...
  6. Hi. I would like to set up an email forwarder that does the following: emailadd1@domain1 forwards to emailadd1@domain2 In other words, I would like any email sent to domain1 to be sent the domain2 but using the same email address prefix. For example, john@domain1 would be forwarded to john@domain2 jane@domain1 would be forwarded to jane@domain2 and so on. Is there one commain that I could use to accomplish this? Thanks alot.
  7. Ok it seems something is wrong with my fsockopen() as well so it might be something to do with my account. I opened the support ticket to see if it can be fixed from there. Thanks.
  8. Hi. I'm trying to "open" a url in the background when users click the send button of a form. I use the file() function in php to do it. Recently it has stopped working and I start getting this error as shown below: Warning: file(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home/mydomain/public_html/sms/sms.php on line 204 Warning: file("the_url_i'm_trying_to_open_in_the_background"); failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/mydomain/public_html/sms/sms.php on line 204 "the_url_i'm_trying_to_open_in_the_background" Does anyone
  9. slick

    Wml And Html

    I tried the first method.
  10. slick

    Wml And Html

    Hi Bruce. I tried that bit of code and replaced the necessary url's but it is redirecting my html browser (Firefox) to the WAP site. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks.
  11. Hi. I wanted to know if this could be done. I want to put on some .wml pages on my site, but the thing is, I want those pages to go to an html page if it is accessed by a regular computer's internet browser. Is it possible to do this? If it isn't possible, is there anyway I can put some code in the .wml files that will only render in HTML browsers. Right now as it is with my .xml files, when I point my browser to them, they are just downloaded as a file and I don't want that to happen. All help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. slick

    Mod Rewrite

    Please ignore that last question I asked there Thanks
  13. slick

    Mod Rewrite

    I think I'll give GT-NextGEn a try. I wanted to find out one more thing. What is the code I would need to add to .htaccess to make --> *****/forums.html point to the very long and complicated ---> *****/modules.php?name=Forums Thanks.
  14. slick

    Mod Rewrite

    I don't know if I can do this but there is a link to a file on my site that shows the error and I want to put the link here so that you can see what it says. This is the main message that shows up: "Mod_Rewrite is either not installed or is not configured properly Please consult with your webhost to resolve any possible installation/configuration problems. " Should I put the link to the file?
  15. Hi. I am trying to use a script for PHP-Nuke called GoogleTap. In order for it to work it needs Mod_Rewrite to be installed and configured properly. Now according to the file that was included with the script to check for Mod_Rewrite, it says that something is wrong. Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this problem. Thanks.
  16. Hi. I'm having some problems using the redirects. When I try to redirect something like this *****/file.php?name=folder to something like *****/folder.html it just doesn't seems to work. There seems to be a but in the cPanel. I have some other redirects that work. Now the reason that I say there is a bug is because normally on the cPanel screen where there is either the (temporary) or (permanent) it is showing up with (folder) instead ie. what ever comes after the "=" in the url. Can someone help me with this please. Thanks.
  17. Hey everybody. I just wanted to say that I solved my problem with coppermine. It was my fault all along. I had a copy of my phpnuke site in another folder but it didn't have coppermine in it and everytime someone accessed that copy of my site it would make the coppermine module inactive. Once I stopped visits to the 2nd copy of the site, coppermine functioned normally. Sorry if I caused you all too much trouble. But thanks for all the help.
  18. aw man i'm really stumped don't know what to do well thanx to everyone who tried i hope someone stumbles across this problem and posts the solution
  19. just wanted to find out if anyone had any luck in figuring out what to do?
  20. hey everyone just an update on my coppermine situation i have realised that the reason for my coppermine module going to inactive is because --> the coppermine row in the nuke_modules table of my phpnuke setup is being deleted i don't know how but i went into my phpmyadmin to check the tables and the row for coppermine just wasn't there i reactivated it and the row came back but as soon as the module went inactive and i checked back in phpmyadmin the coppermine row was completly gone i already tried one thing which was dropping the whole nuke_modules table and reinstalli
  21. i've googled it and tried the phpnuke forums but no one seems to know what to do i hope someone figures it out soon
  22. i still haven't had any luck in figuring out what it could be another thing i have noticed is that everytime it deactivates itself the "cid" goes up by one it usually goes inactive when there is no one logged into the site i hope this additional information helps someone figure it out well thanks again
  23. hey people sorry to be a bother i have another coppermine problem i'm using it on php nuke platinum 7.6.0 everytime i activate the coppermine module a little while later it automatically goes back to "Inactive" anyone kno what to do to fix this problem? thanx.
  24. hey peeps great news i got it to work i jus changed the Method for resizing image to Image Magick and the path i used was /usr/local/bin/ cheers
  25. hey guys and gals i'm having this problem with coppermine i need some help this is the error that i'm getting - This is not a image or image has errors File: /home/cpanelname/public_html/modules/coppermine/db_input.php - Line: 304 anyone kno what to do??? Edit: TCH-Bruce removed your username from error message.
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