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  1. Ello everybody ive got a problem I used to get these when my bandwidth was getting critical and i used to make some changes so we wouldnt hit it Ive found my website offline due to bandwidth issues but no emails about it ever reaching 80% there has been no changes on my part or can i get into the control panel to check bandwidth usage What are my options and a solution to my emails not being sent Alan
  2. example I have a webpage with a lot of thumbnails on the left side and a blank image area on the right is there a script that allow you to click on a thumbnail and has it appearing in the right image area? preferably summit easy to install even better if TCH has summit built in Many thanks if you can help Alan
  3. Over the last month I have had issues with the max connections mysql problem sometimes 8 people are online and its goes down for months it has worked fine and now its occuring numerous times during the day mainly for about a minute but sometimes up to 5 minutes down Has there been any chnages to mysql over the last month or so? Id put in a ticket but im not at home and havent my login details lol Alan
  4. Right its time for a yearly review since day 1 ive had 100% no issues with TCH My site has been that sucessful I am going to upgrade my account and stay with TCH for another year as the service and support is the best i have ever encountered on the internet respect Alan
  5. All of my systems are dual booted with 98se apart from a few well rocket killing my mates is great afer a a couple of beers lololol its law you have 2 do it Q3 UT4 Its gotta be done i wouldnt be normal therwise lol Alan
  6. With just the replies from the tech guys Im glad i moved hosts to here I just wish UK hosts had some politeness instead of the usual answering machine type reply Alan
  7. Newbie I have just transferred to TCH and i have a UK domain I talked with the peeps on the forum and got great responses which really put me at ease considering i was swapping a largeish MYsql phpbb forum and also i had a bad experience from a host which i had decided to swap to everything swapped over took a couple of days like normal the first day it had finally swapped over...my forum was up and running by 3pm 177 meg mysql file restored within 5 hours including the hiccup and email chats regarding the task ..the hiccup was no ones fault thats a big database and t
  8. I have never used windows firewall yet as it let things through which i didnt want even though id closed the ports On stand alones I usually use zone Alarm which did have its annoyances with msn messenger and other proggies I mainly use ISA server now but even that is strange as you can have 2 duplicate servers setup exactly the same (apart from the networking obvious (IP/Hostname etc)) i connected them to the router so both had full access to the net both were installed and setup exactly the same step by step BUT the differences were totally wild 1 allowed irc 1 not (All c
  9. My experience is mainly Windows based server/workstations and Novell 3.11 and currently upgrading yet again over the years to 6.5 As novell is naff to have at home I use Windows 2000 Server & ISA to provide security( ) for Net connectivity and firewall for a number of PC's used by my family (Yes im back at my Mums Groan dont ask) Im currently learning Mandrake which is easy to network etc i find it hard for learning databases as a lot of Nix peeps on sites seem to prefer to keep their knowledge to themselves I am really basic at apache and not bad at sendmail..the trouble is
  10. Ive also sent a thankyou to the helpdesk as well Alan
  11. After the disaster that was my first choice of host i came across this website with its helpful forums and techs that are mods on the forum I thought it was a good sign Well i wasnt wrong helpful staff Brilliant tech support which apart from a minor hiccup which wasnt anyones fault was solved in no time at all I cant fault anything at all as i was given the attention that any company should give its customers 10 outta 10 Alan
  12. one thing it says my domain is still with streamline which makes me cringe at the though I thought it was going to transferred to TCH my nre hosts like the other times ive swapped domains over Am i missing something? Alan
  13. Yeah i checked that all i gotta do now is wait for DNS to update properly Alan
  14. They say its been done now so lets wait and see Alan
  15. Well i sent a email to my old suppliers..lets see how long it takes them to swap me over I reckon they will drag their heels over this Is their anyway i can do this myself? Alan
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