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  1. Maybe, but I did a search under Joomla and it only comes back with 3 entries in TCH forum. I have no problems running the same site on my local server that has no entry for memory_limit in php.ini I have submitted a ticket to support and hope they don't come back with 8mb is maximum allowed.
  2. Yes thats an oops Mb instead of Kb, must have been going back to my Sinclair Z80 days, thanks for replying. Will open a ticket with the help desk, if they don't increase it I will look very silly because I recommended that they use TCH because of the good support they have provided in the past. Also the growing number of Mambo to Joomla convertors will not be able to use TCH as their hosting service.
  3. Hello, I am trying to setup a website using the Joomla CMS system. All works ok except when I try to add new menu items where after selecting new menu item I get a blank page returned. After investigation on the web I found this article stating that Joomla needs php memory_limit set to 16k. As I undestand it the default at TCH is 8k. Has anyone else had this problem and is there any way to increase the PHP memory_limit setting. Thanks, John Carpenter
  4. Serpentine to answer your points A US support number is not much use to me in the UK. I expect to be able to click on the Technical Support button and get an option to email them not a totally blank page. I was told by one of the mods that he had handed the query to a full-time member of TCH and expected to receive some reply. No, I did not research it, I thought that since TCH were selling it they considered it to be a good product and accepted their implied recommendation.
  5. Seems like nobody wants to answer this one. Got a PM saying that it had been passed onto a member of TCH staff to answer about a week ago. My gripe is that I purchased the product through TCH and it sucks and provides no technical support so why is TCH selling it on their domain name registration page. TCH have a great product but are spoiling the experience by selling dodgy third party addons. John
  6. Done with pleasure. You do give great hosting and support. John
  7. Hi All, I bought Traffic Blazer via TCH when I first purchased hosting (which is excellent). Unfortunately Traffic Blazer does not seem to work very well and I wonder if you should continue promoting it. When I run a report on my site (www.geoffrey-walker.com) it reports that there are no internal links and also says that robots.txt does not exist, both of which are untrue. So I decided to log a query with technical support, clicked on the technical support link and all I got was a blank page. Seems like I have wasted my money on this product. regards, John Carpenter
  8. I have a friend (no really, its not me ) who wants to register a domain name which is already registered but expires in 2 months. Is there any way of prebooking the domain so that if it is not renewed he can purchase it or does he have to wait for it become free. Out of interest when looking up the domain owner it says "transfer lock guard enabled", any idea what this means ? Thanks, John Carpenter
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