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  1. Initial setup finished with success for TIKIWIKI on TCH (based on FANTASTICO). GOOD - I will try to find the time to add this good news on the TIKIWIKI-site of recommended hosters. REMARK_1: TIKIWIKI did not work perfectly for the server configuration of serveral other hosters (in all cases PHP version 5.xx of late 2007). (problems with new-unser registration - the main program everywhere working fine). REMARK_2: Apparenty, the execution of a shell script setup.sh is NOT required. (This is rectification of my preceeding mail about TIKIWIKI.) REMARK_3: TIKIWIKI combines extre
  2. First: TIKIWIKI is now one of the best choices. - Here the "but be aware of": The TIKIWIKI manuals, doc service and so on say: - If you update TIKIWIKI over FANTASTICO, some part of content may be (or will be) lost. - So this has to be checked before doing updates. Back-ups of content may be helpful in theory, in practice diffidult to restore prior state of all the reciprocal pointers, DB iids etc. Possibly, FANTASTICO settled thsi aspect meantime. So check it before making decisions. A different problem is : On TCH the very newest TIKIWIKI version will be installe
  3. The total problem with OSCOMMERCE is as follows: There are 3 major versions in frequent use: ============================= - (1a) OSCOMMERCE (from oscommerce.org since summer 2007 compliant with PHP 5.x and MySQL 5.x - (1b) OSCOMMERCE by Fantastico - in the TCH version not yet compliant - the specified patches will probably settle this (I imagine that this is probably meantime done on the pre-installed version). Extremely easy for programmers, but I guess that average shop owners will have some difficulties with it. - (2s) Variant CRE-LO (not named in full here in this
  4. Good news, I got it settled for the past version of OSCOMMERCE. ====================================================== My preceeding 3 posts here show the way: - Adapt OSCOMMERCE for new MySQL (a manual source code patch). - If necessary, adapt .htacess and php.ini so that PHP gets increased backwards compatibility for YOUR part of shared hosting. (I did not check if this is really required for TCH hosting) - Believe in God and trust him for the rest. :-) It helped. The proof, the shop is up again. The OSCOMMERCE version within Fatastico (in the Cpanel of
  5. Current state of troubleshooting / OSCOMMERCE ( ========================================== First it should be said that the update strategy of TCH is how it should be done. The valid reasons have been stated above, and I fully agree. The problem is due to lack of backwards compatibility for PHP and MySQL. It is not the place here to discuss this. For OSCOMMERCE is the special additional problem the slowness of ongoing development, a probleme already since 2003 or so, perhaps due to lack of financial user support. There are some commercial service providers distributing OSCOMMER
  6. Oscommerce can have major problems with new MySQL 5.x on TCH. ========================================================= Worldwide, there are probably now hundreds of OSCOMMERCE shops down with the message 1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_id' in 'on clause' Place this message into the Google search field, and you will find 30 or so from them. The very ugly problem is that there are so many variants of OSCOMMERCE - many with other brands - , and that individual modifications have been applied for most shops (re-writes of layout segments in the source code). So it is a bit risky
  7. The real task of adaptation / PHP 5.x ============================ I already had to do it on other hosting accounts and for various software. I do not want to go into details here and for now. There is not so much to fear for PHP souce code. But here the ugly problems: === empty=== has been redefined between 2 relatively recenct PHP versions. I do not know, which ones I NEVER use in my own prgs such commands. Many or most prgs do, I removed in a major freeware software a while ago hundreds of them (replacement by if isset or if 0 or so. ) Since the time of COBOL,
  8. Thanks! Yes, basedir problems can require to ask for help from the support service, to modify the way how security aspects are configured. It was settled this way. Thanks, all help was fast and perfect.
  9. In fact, there should normally be no problem, because at TCH, =================================== the ,,restriction'' is evidently defined that the whole customer site belongs to the allowed paths (within basedir ). But I stated since today such a rare problem on a site =============================================== (the problem is possibly up to 4 weeks old) The software, an OSCOMMERCE variant, worked well since 9 months. Only image uploads do not any more work. - Error message (part): ### Warning: move_uploaded_file(): open_basedir restriction in effect.
  10. Thanks for the welcome messages! By the way, in German it is: Willkommen in der Familie. In French (I think): Soyez le bien-venu dans la famille. Helpful info for new users of MySQL data bases at TCH: Once that the data base and the DB user are created, the admininstrator should be aware that he has to link both together by using the lowest of the buttons on the MySQL menu. The automatic install methof of OSCOMMERCE works well, too (no need, in this case, to modify configure.php by hand.) There is a general silly difficulty with PhpMyAdmin for MYSQL data
  11. Difference between binary / ascii ----------------------------------------- One of the difficulties was due to the need to obsere for FTP uploads now more precisely the differentiate properly between binary and ascii. The automatic recognition features for this may differ between hosters. So if the image display does not work on a new server, this is one of the possible reasons. - ''don pedro'' - Thumbs Up
  12. Implementation problems with OSCOMMERE ? ... ... I am porting a running shop in OSCOMMERCE ------------------------------------ to a site on a TCH server. Here some helpful information for those who want to do this, too: I downloaded my (a bit modified) OSCOMMERCE code from the former site (not TCH) und uploaded the identical file set to the new site (TCH). I dumped / re-inserted the MySQL data. (Requires .gz and - better - ''complete'' inserts. Otherwise 'some 'magic character conversions'' for French, German creates ESCAPE char conflicts.) I up
  13. MySQL data base and user creation: Many users had a same problem - read the forum messages - which could be eliminated by several lines of minimal instruction: The created use and the created DB name have to be linked together. This is evident if you did it once. Otherwise it is not evident, and it can take hours to find the reason why OSCOMMERCE or anything else does not work, the error messages are as usual for MySQL and PHP, hence good guidance, but sometimes no clear error location...
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