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    Blogs and other internet type stuff, travel--been to Greece, live in Japan, heading to France next--reading sci-fi, anthropology, costume design, coffee--lots of coffee.

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  1. Pattern Recognition by William Gibson I LOVE William Gibson.
  2. Thanks! BTW-that did fix it. Look who hasn't been clearing her cache What an unfortunate set of events, eh?
  3. Hi! I will try that with firefox-thanks! Well, here we go :my first domain ever!! Thanks for all your help! Shana BTW--thanks for all your welcomes!!
  4. Thanks, Mike. I had tried logging in again and again with the dialog box, but every time it failed. When responding to the tech's email, I tried the login page itself and that worked. I'm not sure why the dialog worked the first time, but not any subsequent time...perhaps firefox has a bug? Shana
  5. Hello, I live in Japan, so my time schedule is pretty much opposite from that of TCH. I ordered a domain and web-hosting last night, aware that it would take 12 hours or so to set it up. Luckily, I got to sleep through all of that. I awoke this morning to happy confirmation emails from TCH and promptly proceeded to the cpanel to logon. In the welcome email, I was advised to change my password immediately, before doing anything else. Agreeing that this was a good idea, I did just that. _Before setting up my cpanel email address._ So when the password change failed, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I could not login. I sent the password request, and then realized that I had not setup the email so I would not receive anything. So I looked at the FAQ and cpanel sections and didn't really find anything that applied to my situation. I sent in a support ticket and got an email almost immediately asking for some confirmation information. I sent the information and then I didn't hear anything for 1 hour. So I sent a reply on the ticket--nothing. Then I logged into the live chat after 2 hours and sent a message. I got a quick reply, supplied the tech with my email and ticket number, and she replied that I would have to wait for billing to open _when I am asleep_ to confirm my cc number. Even though my order was confirmed, I am using the same email address for all transactions, and my credit card has been charged. There is no information on this that I could find on any pages. Does everyone have to wait for billing when they mess up their password? Why couldn't the tech tell me that I would have to wait so I didn't sit here by the computer on my holiday, hoping to post my new site, waiting for her reply? I asked her these questions, but she did not reply. Now, I am not trying to one-up anyone, but I worked as a tech support specialist for 3 years and if anything like this happened, I would have at least let the user know how long it would take. At the very least, upon realizing the mistake, I would have apologized for not notifying the user. I understand that it is not her fault that it happened, and that she can't help having to follow the rules. But she could have been up-front with me. Of course, this is all above and beyond the whole password/billing issue, which I find to be a bit over the top. I offered to forward the confirmation emails to her and she didn't respond to that either. Why, when you have my money, is it a security issue to send a password to the ordering email address? There is nothing in this situation that stinks of criminal activity--what, are criminals more likely to mess up password resets? How is confirming my credit card number going to tell you that it's really me? I could offer other forms of id that don't require billing. (I mean, a lot of things must require ID, what's the point of 24 hour tech support if they can't do half the things they are supposed to?) I know that there are lots of more important problems going on than mine, but it doesn't mean that I deserve any less kindness. I think this is a simple problem that should have been resolved in 15 minutes, and it makes me skeptical of the rest of the process. And of course, you have to imagine my disappointment at being SO close and then having to wait another 12 hours to get my site up. Not to mention the wasted holiday. Can you add information on password resets to the FAQ so that people like me will be more prepared for the wait? Can you advise that people set their email addresses in cpanel before changing the password? Thank you, Shana [edit] Heat Miser was a totally unrelated choice, I promise!
  6. If I need to send an .exe attachment and don't feel like messing with winzip, I just change the file extension to .doc and change it back once it's gone through...faster and just as effective... Shana
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