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  1. One of my websites is currently running a Wiki script. The script uses a MySQL database, as the Wiki is starting to grow in size pretty rapidly I wanted to make a backup just incase anything should go wrong (as well as regular backups in the future every few weeks). When I looked on the mediawiki website (the software I am using), it gives the following warning: I don't have the first idea what it means or how to check what the default character set is. I poked about a little in phpMyAdmin, but in all honesty I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Can somebody please advise me on how to go about performing the check described above, or even just tell me if the database is likely to be set to latin1 or UTF-8? Thanks in advance, Alec
  2. Just to clarify then (was about to ask this question myself). I already have an account with TCH (virtual), but am currently considering another online venture (which would just be a very small site initially), there's NO way for me to use the same account for both domains (assuming I wanted the content totally seperate)? Also, I notice that your cheapest reseller account is $19.99, so I'd be cheaper to just buy a completely seperate virtual account... yes? TIA.
  3. Fixed. For the ImageMagick path use... /usr/local/bin
  4. Hi. I'm trying to install a PHP-Nuke compatible Gallery. However, I've hit a slight snag. I need to know what to fill out in this field... Temporary directory (REQUIRED) The filesystem path to a temporary directory. E.g. /tmp or c:\windows\temp. Note that if you have open_basedir configured on your system, then this temporary directory must be inside the open_basedir path! In that case you may need to create the directory yourself and make sure that it's writable by the webserver process. Also - is ImageMagik installed on the TCH servers? Also this... Error: You must specify a path for netpbm or ImageMagick for Gallery to function!! Thanks for any help
  5. ^^^ I write that exactly in the .htaccess file?
  6. Hi. Can someone help me out - I'm trying to redirect my site - so that if you go to www.siteurl.com it will take you straight to www.siteurl.com/content/index.html. Can somone tell me how to do this using the .htaccess file? Or am I easier just using a javascript redirection page on my public_html root? Cheers folks.
  7. Hey folks, I've been a customer of TCH for some time and have been very happy with the service. Just a few days ago I decided I didn't have time for the site anymore, and I would be closing it and hence closed my account. However - now a friend and I have decided to make a new site. Thing is - I want to try out some content management systems and designs before actually launching the site. I still own my old domain name. Would it be possible for me to register a new account with TCH - Using my old domain name, try out the various features I want to then arrange to change the domain name to a new one (we haven't come up with a new domain name yet lol)? Thanks again.
  8. Hey hey, I'm having a problem, and I wondered if anyone here has had a similar problem and has overcome it. Deciding I had reached a stage in my life where it was of exceeding importance for me to make a website, I eventually settled with the "comedy/satire" theme. Finding totalchoicehosting, I found an extremely competitive/reliable host ( Rock Sign ), and began work on the site. Now I feel I have moulded the site into arguably the seventh wonder of the world, but I have one small problem... I DON'T HAVE ANY TRAFFIC!! Some tips on how to promote a site such as mine would be greatly appreciated. If you're interested in having a look at the site, the address is... Cheers folks. Alec Currie [edit] Link removed - there's some adult related content there and these are family forums. Sorry
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