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  1. One of my websites is currently running a Wiki script. The script uses a MySQL database, as the Wiki is starting to grow in size pretty rapidly I wanted to make a backup just incase anything should go wrong (as well as regular backups in the future every few weeks). When I looked on the mediawiki website (the software I am using), it gives the following warning: I don't have the first idea what it means or how to check what the default character set is. I poked about a little in phpMyAdmin, but in all honesty I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Can somebody please advise m
  2. Just to clarify then (was about to ask this question myself). I already have an account with TCH (virtual), but am currently considering another online venture (which would just be a very small site initially), there's NO way for me to use the same account for both domains (assuming I wanted the content totally seperate)? Also, I notice that your cheapest reseller account is $19.99, so I'd be cheaper to just buy a completely seperate virtual account... yes? TIA.
  3. Fixed. For the ImageMagick path use... /usr/local/bin
  4. Hi. I'm trying to install a PHP-Nuke compatible Gallery. However, I've hit a slight snag. I need to know what to fill out in this field... Temporary directory (REQUIRED) The filesystem path to a temporary directory. E.g. /tmp or c:\windows\temp. Note that if you have open_basedir configured on your system, then this temporary directory must be inside the open_basedir path! In that case you may need to create the directory yourself and make sure that it's writable by the webserver process. Also - is ImageMagik installed on the TCH servers? Also this... Error: You mus
  5. ^^^ I write that exactly in the .htaccess file?
  6. Hi. Can someone help me out - I'm trying to redirect my site - so that if you go to www.siteurl.com it will take you straight to www.siteurl.com/content/index.html. Can somone tell me how to do this using the .htaccess file? Or am I easier just using a javascript redirection page on my public_html root? Cheers folks.
  7. Hey folks, I've been a customer of TCH for some time and have been very happy with the service. Just a few days ago I decided I didn't have time for the site anymore, and I would be closing it and hence closed my account. However - now a friend and I have decided to make a new site. Thing is - I want to try out some content management systems and designs before actually launching the site. I still own my old domain name. Would it be possible for me to register a new account with TCH - Using my old domain name, try out the various features I want to then arrange to change the dom
  8. Hey hey, I'm having a problem, and I wondered if anyone here has had a similar problem and has overcome it. Deciding I had reached a stage in my life where it was of exceeding importance for me to make a website, I eventually settled with the "comedy/satire" theme. Finding totalchoicehosting, I found an extremely competitive/reliable host ( Rock Sign ), and began work on the site. Now I feel I have moulded the site into arguably the seventh wonder of the world, but I have one small problem... I DON'T HAVE ANY TRAFFIC!! Some tips on how to promote a site such as mine would be gr
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