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  1. Visiting TCH after a long time, coz exam.. Finally cool contest btw, okie here are my entries the first one of home computer and second entry after thinking so much as I don’t have another comp, I got struck with another idea I read the rules of contest again to make sure my second entry is eligible and it is … .. so the second entry is very innovative .. total choice hosting on the move p800
  2. Congrats Hoping some Day TCH will have Servers in Asia Too ill wait for that day… would be helpful for other international users Like me (India) Till then across the oceans
  3. Well i think The problem is ... Curiosity and no one can blame anyone for that ... because its human nature but we all should realize that "Curiosity kills the cat " So i think it would be wise to wait for the Site to Be completed and regarding ... " I find it silly that anybody gets upset at the delay of the new design " i feel its its Because the aspiration from people out here are getting higher and higher might be i may be correct or May be wrong in my assumption or conclusion
  4. i tried that but it didn't work i think there this issue with this server only... because one of my friend using the same script he also uses.. TCH on his server its running properly... well when i try to run this script which a part of security in the directory suppose to display random security image THe script attached Below the Error i get i think this because two conflicting version installed.. not compatiable.... could you please look into this Thanks -puneet securityimage.php
  5. Actually i have recently bought this directory script which has this security feature which enables person to type in the number or alphabets so that the directory cannot abused by using bot or any other thing.. i am try to enable it but it isnt working i tired GD but it doesnt might be GD is not installed.... i checked image magic is installed so can you tell me what is the path to image magic on TCH server and ... so that i can try again ... and if still it doesnt work then ill have to contact the script author for support.
  6. For me its a Old Service : it was launched in jan this year been using it and its too good it makes things easier for people who dont have credit card and its safe because you limit the credit on the card so even if someone tries to misuse it they simply cant because the card expires within 48 or the transaction completed whichever earlier Even used it to pay for my TCH hosting did had initial problem signing because the 2checkout gateway use to timeout might be this because they need to verify with visa and also with the bank could be the reason... but then finally did manage to use it to open my TCH account i have noticed when i have used it online on anyother indian site or payment gateway there wasnt any such problem .. it was super fast also another thing i am not sure if it does allow recurring bill. or not . Because i was told i would need to change my billing info. Next year to pay again using my netsafe thing... or it does automatically.. Cant say ... will have to wait till then..
  7. i was lucky to find this site and thought ill share this with other family members http://www.sxc.hu/ offers great quality photos which can be used at site people share there photos at this site and others allowed to use them [ few images might be restriction where u need to get authors permission in order to use ] photos can be searched using keyword or browsed using category i think this site is too good Earlier i used to use google images but then the quality of photos you find is okie and you cant be sure if the image out there is copyighted and stuff if to use it or not etc
  8. ya i knew about it but then even i was sceptical about applying it as it related to core System file and i dont wish to land up in mess with my OS all conked So even i think ill wait for some time there should be other ways too improve performance
  9. with regards to XP2 i think only issue i have is it limits the no of connection to 10, [ the aim was to prevent worm etc and spreding virus etc ] BuT also it has slowed down the P2P because in XP1 there was no limit to number of connection. because soon after installation i started to face problem downloading torrents file the Time now had increased which i feel is bad news and also i am facing compatibility Problems with many games and Softwares I think SOon there Should Be tips and updates to overcomes these i suppose
  10. I so curiously waited for the announcement but then same here as mentioned above its not relevant for International User because at least for myself I feel it’s not economically feasible to call long distance for a support But for other who got easy access to it I think its good going on your part can say one more feather in your hat Also while reading the announcement: a suggestion and a Idea What struck me was ideas see for international user just a suggestion you all can explorer the possibility of it For people who cant call to check the network status etc there this possibility well 1.can setup or make a custom script which alert people Via SMS Send a sms automatically to all who subscribed to this service (could be paid / or free as a value added stuff) informing about the current network issues and status etc 2.Second Scenario Could be people sms a Keyword to you and then its replied back automatically saved text based upon the keyword which was sent I think this Practical possible because there so many SMS gateways on the Net which Connect to Whole world and not limited to particular area or continent Also with regards to second suggestion which also I think there must be already a software for that…because I had a symbian software in my p800 I remember which did the same Job
  11. Why dont you just Say it and get it over and done then that way you can then go relax and chill and forget that you had to announce lol and others can also.... calm down ... see win win sitiuation for all....
  12. i am New to TCH i was just exploring the forum and found this I am a TCH starter package customer joined recently i was wondering how do i enter this forum mentioned above.. it ask for the password ? 1. i tried my forum pass it didnt work 2. tried the hosting pass didnt work So thought its better to ask
  13. just Joined yesterday Was highly Impressed with the price and packages had initial problem but then managed to sign up ...thankx to very Prompt Support Now one more suprise coming on 15 , what more can one ask for ? couldn't ask for anything more keep it going Thumbs Up Lucky to have found TCH
  14. Thanks for the prompt Support Thumbs Up 1. okie ill open a support ticket to ask "to remove the first sign up" and try again 2. will try using the credit card created with http://www.hdfcbank.com/netsafe/ as ihe card created has visa logo With regards to changing the billing info its not a problem as i would be registering for a year and dont mind changing every year ... to get account at Rock Sign also one more thing.. i would be sending in Rs.( indian Currency ) i think it should get converted and reach you as $ .. assume checkout should take care of it .. how and all. etc thankx again Hopeing to Join TCH soon
  15. I heard about TCH from a Friend of mine abroad and was very happy to see your packages and the service as a whole.. and though to open a account for myself. 1.I tried to order and it did send me the email. Informing the detain but then.. I couldn’t pay because it took so much time that it got timeout the 2checkout page so I would wanna know how do I try to register again to get a new account successfully 2.With Regards to payment .. I am from India, a student and I don’t have a credit card I don’t know much about banking and all…and would be happy if I get some info. Can can I pay for my hosting at TCH … I got a visa electron Debit card can I use it to pay for TCH? Does 2checkout accept that ? 3.I opened a paypal account but cant manage to link the debit account to add funds its giving problem might be its not available for NON US people.. to add funds using debit card ….. so was thinking of other alternatives and found this http://www.moneybookers.com which had my country listed do you all accept payment by this method.. ? if yes then ill register 4.Also my bank offers this facility http://www.hdfcbank.com/netsafe/ to make Temporally make credit card which expires within 48 or when transaction over… can I use this ? 5.also another method which I searched was westernunion.com can it be used I have searched a lot on net to think various method possible…for online payment from India for paying apart from using credit card which I don’t have and cant get also… hopeing atleast one method would be helpful for me in getting a account or if any other method then .. please do let me know.. how do people from NON US get hosting at TCH ? ( method of payment ) Any more information with this regard would be helpful , thank you
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