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  1. Hi ok, I will open a ticket when I get home. I can't remember where the helpdesk is
  2. Hi I am still getting this problem, do I need to raise a help ticket? Also as anyone installed horde themselves with the plugins? I love the way its setup on TCH but I can't access as it's behind a separate port.
  3. Well, not sure about this but the instructions on the help do not get me any information on screen resolutions.. Does anyone know of any other ways to track this? ATM I feel like I'm just guessing.
  4. introdsucing a new cat is always tricky. Witness these two - the kitten was trying to sneak onto the cushion. the good news is they do play now, although the black one (Nisha) still won't let the new one very close when they are sleeping although Maia is still trying!!
  5. hi dang about that search thing. I never even looked at the how far back it was going!! Obviously it was a blond day!!
  6. Thanks Magenta that was exactly what I wanted. I didn't realise it was in the help files now lol. btw, cute cat
  7. Hi Well, I've searched & browsed and I cannot find the post. A while back I read a great post on how to add a little script to every page so that awstats would track screen resolutions. Anyone know where that could be?
  8. Hi Andy that's excellent to hear. Did you end up updating it, or is it still the same? I'm setting it up now.
  9. Hi Regarding that script. Has it been checked for whether it blocks normal spiders, ie My good mate - GoogleBot? I don't want him blocked he's my friend. btw Rock Sign
  10. Hi I want to add a second hosting plan. Can i add it to the same account? I've only just got used that generated account name Is there an easy to add to existing account? I just realised this is the first time I've needed to post here since I got my site setup!! thanx TCH Rock Sign Margo
  11. Hi Each state is different. I'm not totally sure what BBB does but we have Fair Trading departments here. They report on frauds etc. Here is a link to a list for the different states. http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml...fromItemId/3667 I don't think we actually have an equivalent otherwise. The ABN (Australian Business Number) can be looked up on www.ato.gov.au but it will only tell you some details not a report as such. HTH Margo
  12. Hotscripts I've had a look at before. I might keep browsing horde but it looks like I will need a separate install of the framework as well as the calendar module. If I don't get horde installed without requiring a separate port, I will have to go back to.... pause .... YAHOO *gasp* since I wanted the task manager as well Margo
  13. I have had a browse thru the website but since Kronolith requires the horde framework, I have no idea even where to start. I'm a little concerned too since while I was reading the docs it stated that I would need superuser access... Does anyone know of a similar calendar application that could be installed on the server that does not require separate ports? Or has anyone installed horde framework from scratch so that a separate port number is not required? Any other suggestions? Margo
  14. Hi I was sooo excited yesterday... thinking I now had a roaming accessible calendar & tasks. However, Horde is only available thru port 2095... Is there any other alternatives that anyone knows of?? I don't want to use the big public calendars... the horde looks really nice AND useful.. Is there anyway, I can install Kronolith(?) myself? Perhaps to a sub-domain? Margo
  15. Andy only once?? Gadzooks, I will have to wait... sigh.. Nuther question regarding stats, I have the log files from my old server which was from AWstats as well, although not the same version I think . Would it be possible to have the stats incorporated in my new AWstats here? Margo Webmaster http://www.ozjokes.com Note to self: setup signature!
  16. Hi These fast replies are just too much As it turns out I spoke too soon. Stats are now appearing. From the looks of the last updated it was 4 hours after the first traffic. Not sure if that's what it was but they are working Margo
  17. Hi All Having just transferred over, is there anything I'm supposed to do to get the stats working? the link to awstats in the cpanel gives me empty stats but I know the new one is being loaded. Margo
  18. AFAIK the directory is 777... glad I got that right There are a few thumbnails in the directory - about 20 not sure if that would cause a problem? Always try the easy thing first. Bruce, you were correct. The thumbs dir was 755. However, the other problem was that the script was timing out. In other words don't try and create over 500 thumbnails in one hit I changed it to do 100 at a time and everything was fine. Updated the upload script and all is working Margo
  19. Hi everyone New to the family here so site isn't working yet. However I'm trying to not stress the server. My site has a bug bundle of photos which at the moment I have setup to do on-the-fly thumbnails. I want to change that so the thumbnail is generated when the upload happens. I thought I had a good script to do that and can create thumbnails for a whole drectory. Handy since I have over 500 pictures already. So I tried to run it to create the thumbnails in the directory......... But I get the following message Warning: imagejpeg(): Unable to open 'tn_016.jpg' for writing blah blah Line 77 etc etc but only through to pics starting with h On the end t says Fatal Error 30 seconds exceeded etc. Oh, I did change the permissions... not sure if I changed them correctly of course.... the script: ><?php $gd2=checkgd(); $pics=directory("/home/{username}/public_html/funnypics/img","jpg,JPG,JPEG,jpeg,png,PNG"); $pics=ditchtn($pics,"tn_"); if ($pics[0]!=""){ foreach ($pics as $p){ createthumb("/home/{username}/public_html/funnypics/img/".$p,"tn_".$p,90,90); } } /* Function checkgd() checks the version of gd, and returns "yes" when it's higher than 2 */ function checkgd(){ $gd2=""; ob_start(); phpinfo(8); $phpinfo=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); $phpinfo=strip_tags($phpinfo); $phpinfo=stristr($phpinfo,"gd version"); $phpinfo=stristr($phpinfo,"version"); preg_match('/\d/',$phpinfo,$gd); if ($gd[0]=='2'){$gd2="yes";} return $gd2; } /* Function ditchtn($arr,$thumbname) filters out thumbnails */ function ditchtn($arr,$thumbname){ foreach ($arr as $item){ if (!preg_match("/^".$thumbname."/",$item)){$tmparr[]=$item;} } return $tmparr; } /* Function createthumb($name,$filename,$new_w,$new_h) creates a resized image variables: $name Original filename $filename Filename of the resized image $new_w width of resized image $new_h height of resized image */ function createthumb($name,$filename,$new_w,$new_h){ global $gd2; $system=explode(".",$name); if (preg_match("/jpg|jpeg/",$system[1])){$src_img=imagecreatefromjpeg($name);} if (preg_match("/png/",$system[1])){$src_img=imagecreatefrompng($name);} $old_x=imageSX($src_img); $old_y=imageSY($src_img); if ($old_x > $old_y) { $thumb_w=$new_w; $thumb_h=$old_y*($new_h/$old_x); } if ($old_x < $old_y) { $thumb_w=$old_x*($new_w/$old_y); $thumb_h=$new_h; } if ($old_x == $old_y) { $thumb_w=$new_w; $thumb_h=$new_h; } if ($gd2==""){ $dst_img=ImageCreate($thumb_w,$thumb_h); imagecopyresized($dst_img,$src_img,0,0,0,0,$thumb_w,$thumb_h,$old_x,$old_y); }else{ $dst_img=ImageCreateTrueColor($thumb_w,$thumb_h); imagecopyresampled($dst_img,$src_img,0,0,0,0,$thumb_w,$thumb_h,$old_x,$old_y); } if (preg_match("/png/",$system[1])){ imagepng($dst_img,$filename); } else { imagejpeg($dst_img,$filename); } imagedestroy($dst_img); imagedestroy($src_img); } /* Function directory($directory,$filters) reads the content of $directory, takes the files that apply to $filter and returns an array of the filenames. You can specify which files to read, for example $files = directory(".","jpg,gif"); gets all jpg and gif files in this directory. $files = directory(".","all"); gets all files. */ function directory($dir,$filters){ $handle=opendir($dir); $files=array(); if ($filters == "all"){while(($file = readdir($handle))!==false){$files[] = $file;}} if ($filters != "all"){ $filters=explode(",",$filters); while (($file = readdir($handle))!==false) { for ($f=0;$f<sizeof($filters);$f++): $system=explode(".",$file); if ($system[1] == $filters[$f]){$files[] = $file;} endfor; } } closedir($handle); return $files; } ?> Regards Margo
  20. Well, they are using winfows and something called Control Panel Professional.. Somethine ELSE for email, something ELSE for the databases.. It's Ok, I will just take my time transferring and setting up. I always make a list of everything that needs to be done with changing the DNS servers last thing. Just waiting on a deposit into my Paypal atm. Thank you Margo
  21. Lisa I'jm not sure I can cope. You weren't supposed to respond for at LEAST 5 hours!!! How can I cope with this minutes thing??? heh j/k thank you for the info. I should be signing up very soon. Margo http://www.ozjokes.com
  22. Shucks and it's only 5pm here Thanks for the info page that did answer some questions. No hge problems just things I need to be aware of coding wise as it affects treatment of variables. My entire site uses absolute addressing so it will be a case of upload & cross fingers! lol... It should be alright as it is currently working ... I hope! I will wait to here about Paypal. thx.
  23. Unfortunately, I don't use relative addressing which is why I was asking about the domain environment... umm just makes it awkward as I will be unable to test the site b4 changing the DNS. phpbb2 should be fine then which is good news. It's a very new board so there is not much to transfer. Navicat is a GUI MySQL manager, very nice too. phpMyAdmin also works well One last question regarding the paypal option. Does that setup automatic monthly payments? Tech question: Are global variables off for PHP? ( would prefer off ) Thanx! Margo
  24. Hi This has probably been asked before but I thought I'd ask anyway. 1. When (!) I sign up for hosting is it possible to test the site in a domain environment before I change the name servers? I would prefer to have everything up & working before "flicking the switch" so to speak. 2. Regarding phpBB2, I have already designed a new template, is this easy to install on your system? and how easy would it be to transfer the existing phpBB2 tables & suchlike? 3. Not sure about anything else.. As long as I can transfer my database using Navicat I should be fine Margo Old host - had their mail server hacked and presumably their main server, my CC was taken and has been used.
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