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  1. Hi, It seems there is no option for removing Mailmain mailing list archives. Also not manually, as it seems there not stored in my home folder. Is there a way to do this, perhaps using the cpanel? Or do I have to open a ticket for it?
  2. When installing almost any content management or blog system or anything else that uses php en mySQL, like the Coppermine gallery, Mambo, eGroupware and others, I run into the following problem: These apps of course need write-access to some folders, that's fair enough. So these folders need write-access for the webserver-user. My problem is that the only way to achieve this is to make folders WORLD-readable, i.e. absolutely anyone from anywhere has write access to these folders which is obviously a huge security risk. If I restrict permissions to writable only by myself and my group, the webserver can't write to it. Is my webserver in a different user group from me? Ideally it would be in the same group so I can allow the webserver write & execute access, but read-only access to the rest of the world. So I'd like to set permissions to those folders to 755 or 775. Or, grant access to the web-server in some other way. Currently the only way I can get any content delivery system to work is by setting 777..... That's like, bad, right? Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Cheers, Chanchao
  3. I have been in contact with TCH since last month in order to update my billing info. [ See this post dated Sept 24. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=13165 ] I have also created support tickets. I think after submitting the first ticket it didn't actually go through because there was some extra step about checking the FAQ list? That's okay if it's a question like 'how do I add a database user?' but NOT for urgent billing issues that may lead to suspension of service! Last week I received payment reminder urging me to make a ticket, which I did. I ALREADY updated my credit card info!! I have two domains, one billed fine, the other got cut off! You obviously have my correct billing info. Now my main website is cut off and I can't receive emails. I can give you my credit card info right now, I WANT TO PAY!!! please let me! The affected domain is www.customsoftwareshop.net Please respond with extreme urgency.
  4. Thank you!! ...though still having problems.. seems my two sites both use different pay systems.. and one doesn't accept my new credit card.. oh well, we'll see. Cheers, Chanchao
  5. chanchao


    AND, a lot of stuff people/companies typically run on their websites use it. Like any kind of website that would show current information that's stored in a database. This could be specific stuff your organisation wants to show to your users, or it could be any of the software packages that make use of a MySQL database. Examples include: * A user discussion forum like this one you're looking at; all posts, users, settings, etc, etc are stored in a database, and MySQL is a very common one, and a very free one. Examples include PHPbb forum that's included with your Totalchoice account. * A Weblog / blog / diary site: All posts would be in the mySQL database. * Any other database driven site that uses PHPNuke, PostNuke, etc. * Some picture galleries like Coppermine These are typical uses of the MySQL database you have on your account. Cheers, Chanchao
  6. I am cancelling my current credit card that's on file with TCH, for two separate accounts. I'd like to change this to my new Visa card. I can't find a place to log in and change my billing info, can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks a lot in advance.. Cheers, Chanchao
  7. Hi, I setup a mailing list using the 'Mailman' script that's available from the control panel. Everything works fine, except for the 'archiving' option. No matter if I turn this on or off, public or private, it points to a different website that I've never heard of. It does however run on the same Totalchoicehosting server, so I'm thinking there's something wrong in the mailman configuration, or perhaps it wasn't designed to run on a different domain hosted on the same IP?? The link that should point to my archives but does in fact point to the wrong one is this one: http://bkknights.netasia.org/mailman/priva...ts.netasia.org/ But it points to this site: http://www.sfaa-astronomy.org I think both are hosted on the same server, but I have nothing to do with SFAA.. Now my users are worried that the people on that site/list can read our mail... Cheers, Chanchao
  8. Okay... I have come to a conclusion on which blog software to use. Note that this is potentially an almost religious matter where some people will defend their preferred blog software to the death, kind of like an Apple vs. Windows vs. Linux debate.. My main requirements are that it should be easy to add pictures/thumbnails to posts, and that any ordinary person (i.e. your and my mother) should be able to use it. (Not install it, use it, as in: write a blog.) Expression Engine is out. That it's one of the few ones that cost (serious) money is not even the major issue for me. The major issue was that you have to paste HTML code into your post to do things like show images. I'm not allergic to code myself, but I intend to let users start their own blogs on my site, and, well, having to do code is just SO 10 years ago. :-) Textpattern. For some reason that I cannot put into words I feel a LOT of sympathy for Textpattern. Maybe it's the clean, very logical approach to everything. Installation is a breeze too. It's almost art the way it works, very clean and abstract. But the learning curve is VERY steep, not just for the TXP tags you have to learn but also to get even your first 'hello world' basic layout to look the way you want you need to understand HTML and especially CSS. There's a lot more to CSS than I thought. But keep in mind that this software is not finished yet, it's not a 1.0 release yet. I like it, but at this time I don't think any mom and pop user could get going with it. I will keep following this one though, I find it attractive in a strange sort of way. So the winner is......... pLog !!! See www.plogworld.org. The user-interface to make posts is very user friendly, it looks just like MS Word basically. And there are many layout templates you can just apply and modify. And it supports multiple users per blog, and multiple blogs per site. Again this is not a 1.0 release yet, but the basics are there. Installation is easy too; upload and run the wizard.php page from a browser. Look into it. Cheers, Chanchao
  9. Okay, now I have ExpressionEngine running too.... (The trial version) It's clearly the best of the bunch, but also the only one that costs serious money, even for a personal blog.. $150 Ouch... Cheers, Chanchao
  10. Okay, so now I have also installed Textpattern... Nice and clean to work with, but making layouts and doing design is hell.. Very steep learning curve there, don't use TextPatter (at this stage) unless you're already comfortable with HTML and -especially- CSS. There are *NO* ok-looking default templlates you can just apply, you will feel like you did 15 years ago toying around with HTML in Notepad!! Anyway, note that this is already better than WordPress, where you're actually digging into the PHP code far too often for my liking. So it looks like I'm some crazed blog-software collector... Good thing TCH offers unlimited MySQL databases. :-)) Going to try ExpressionEngine next. It may cost money, but I have to value my time too! Cheers, Chanchao
  11. Ok.. I'll just open another $5/mo account for the new domain until I know for sure if it will take off or not.. The reason I wanted the new domain to redirect to my other site would be because it's just a little experiment (blog page) that I however need separate from the domain I use for business. Thanks!! Cheers, Chanchao
  12. Yes, so indeed MT is the best one I found so far. (Though I think seeing HTML in your posts is not nice for users. Not just a simple link either, you're pasting serious pop-up code. The advantage of course would be greater flexibility.)
  13. Just yesterday I installed WordPress and today the free, 1-user version of MovableType. WordPress was straightforward enough to install though not quite as polished as MT. Where WordPress really lost was its inability to quickly add thumbnails of pictures in the blog-entries that open up to full-size pictures (or a picture gallery). For this you need some plug-in which requires modifying php code.. Then afterwards there were still issues, and adding pictures was still by no means as easy as it could be. (Check out www.fotopages.com to see how easy adding pictures could/shoudl be!) I'm kind of looking for that level of functionality but haven't found it. MT is a bit better, but still not perfect.. You have to copy and paste the HTML picture code in your posts. Really! I'm now looking at Textpatter, the one suggested above. Does anyone know of example blogs that use a lot of pictures (thumbnails)? I'm NOT looking for a gallery, I'm looking for text posts with 3-6 pictures for every entry. (Like I have at my fotopages page at http://chanchao.fotopages.com ) Cheers, Chanchao
  14. I read the instructions for forwarding a particular domain to another domain/site that I already own. (Both domains registered with TCH) According to the help file, when I click on the domain name I should get the option on the right to forward it. I don't get this, I only get options to change contact info, name servers and so on but not for forwarding/redirection. Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm looking to point the new domain to the sub-directory on my site. I already created a sub-domain on that site just in case that's required. (Not sure if you can forward a domain to a particular subdirectory or not. Thanks a lot for being a great hosting provider!!! I'm very happy in general with how easy it is to set stuff up and configure it! Cheers, Chanchao
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