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  1. How about a "Tutorial Contest?" Tutorials could be open-subject or directed towards certain subjects. The subjects would have to allow for some variability in order for everyone to 1. not post the same stuff and 2. to have a chance to sport their strengths. The tutorials could be judged based on multiple factors. All tutorials could be subject to inclusion as TCH's web content, thereby giving you an arsenal of "how-to's" and what not. You could start a little "library" if the participation was high enough. Just a thought. Later, all.
  2. http://www.okinawaresource.org Okinawa Resource Organization Offers activities, exercises, lesson plans and visual aids for Teaching English as a Second Language on Okinawa. Also includes an educational section on the Okinawan Sanshin, forum, link, about ORO, community outreach and contact sections. Graphical Proof that I support and appreciate your service! For actual proof, please visit the page. 'Search Engine Rank Evaluation,' please. Thanks, Ice
  3. It's not glamourous, nor is it big. It is noticeable and tasteful. And, I don't mind one bit having it on every page on my site. Thank you, TCH. This little link is the least I can do for the great service you offer!
  4. As far as conversion, Here is a link to a topic about a converter recently developed by the phpBB team. It's kind of hidden in obscurity, heh. As for the basics.... PHPBB User's Guide. This is a great resource. FAQ's for after you install. PHPBB's discussion forum. This is a great resource as well. However, the most valuable, step by step resource you need is probably on your harddrive now. Look at c:/~your_location/phpBB/docs/INSTALL.html in the /docs folder of the phpBB folder you extracted to (if you used the extractable). It details which files need to be uploaded in binary or ascii, what the permissions should be set at for the files and what security precautions to take. If nothing else, read that much. It is also a good idea to look over the README.html and the FAQ.html located in the same folder. Good luck! Ice
  5. Have you registered your site with these search engines? If not, you can manually request to be added. Actually, it's preferable since you get to specify what people will read about your site. Yahoo! and Google requests can be made from the links, "Suggest a site" and "Submit a site," at the bottom of the page of a directory/category page. I haven't checked the others yet. It may take a while for someone to get around to your request, but it's better than waiting and hoping. Also, because the bots use the <meta>data of the HTML on your page, you may want to ensure you have all of the keywords addressed there. When all else fails, use one yourself. From that, here's a good resource. Here's one from this board. (You have to read down a bit.) Good luck.
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