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  1. Is it possible to backup only the DB and save them on a remote location?? The full backup is great, but I need to run it only once a month, while I need to DB to be backuped every 12h Thxs in advance Ludo
  2. Here is the question If I backup every night my DB to store it in a directory, will it consume bandwidth? I wonder that, since ther eis no outgoing or incoming traffic, does it use any bandwidth??? thxs in advance Ludo
  3. erm, it's working again... I am wondering one thing. As filezilla tried to reconnect numerous time, unsuccessfully as I did not noticed it was creating an error i did not stop it to try reconnecting quickly. Could it have blocked my work ip for 10-15min? Have you got that kind of protection against DoS attacks? Ludo
  4. Update: I just reloaded my wbesite page: mythtvtalk.com and it tells me: connection refused What does that mean? I can access all the other website fine (ie: google, here, etc.) *TCH-Dick puzzled :?
  5. Hello, I was working on my site from work, usinf filezilla on windows. then the connect shutdown for time out, as I was not using it, and now, in trying to access I get this error: Any idea? thxs in advance Ludo
  6. Hi there, I will be a bit more reserved on my judment. :/ The forum is great nothing to say, but I *often* have prbl with my sites around 8h30-9h00 GMT+2. I have been hosted here around 1.5 months, and experience 3-4 outages. Ok that's not much, but still more than what I thought to expect. The server uptime is great, but http, mysql and smtp can be down even if server is up :/ so I don't believe much in uptime right now. Ludo, a bit desapointted but still happy
  7. yep, as long as you still have your old/previous account! Ludo
  8. yep you are correct. Basically for the next 72h you are going to receive email at your previous and your new hosting company. so for those 72h check both email accounts. After 72h, just move all your previous emails to your new TCH if you want HTH
  9. Thxs for the confirmation I will have to buy the redirection feature from directi. Bruce, some do not retry much I already had prbl with that, that's why I use backup mx for my email domain. Ludo
  10. Hello, If I setup my account to have all the emails sent to mydomain, *@**** to be redirected to an email box. What happens when the server is down? are the email redirected or will they bounced back as if they were collected on the server? thxs in advance Ludo
  11. Hello, I have a subdomain called http://extras.mythtvtalk.com I would like to allow some friends to access its stats, is it possible to achieve that? But I don't want them to give the main login, neither the main password. Any idea? Ludo
  12. Eheh Jim Another Runbox user For several domains I am doing the same thing, but emails are fowarded to Runbox and Fastmail at the same time, so I'm insured I will always be able to access them;) Ludo
  13. Same here I use Evolution and I sync it with my laptop and my ipaq running OPIE. If I have to use a windows machine which belongs to me, then I will use mulberry as I have a licence. but if I am on a shared windows computer for a small amount of time, I will install Thunderbird Ludo P.S.: how the email viruses usually grow? In using Outlook, so can we say its a good email software? No comment
  14. Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to create a CRON which could backup an horde mail folder to another directory on my account, and then delete the 'backuped' emails to avoid reaching the email account quota. Any suggestions? Info? Ludo
  15. I thought about one thing not long ago... You have several registrars (for domain) which allow to redirect domains to a subdomains ie: **** can be redirected to http:/www.yourfreehomepage.com/yourusername/ and the user in typing **** is redirected in a frame to http:/www.yourfreehomepage.com/yourusername/ so the user is never ever aware that the website is hosted on a free host. So let's say someone does it and redirect a domain to a subfolder on its TCH account... what happen? Will you allow that? or do you close the account for going against TOS? Ludo, just curious
  16. This has been discussed several times and seems like no one can find a definite answers. It appears to be an issue with Invision, as other sites have the same issue. Ok I just made a test... I might have an explanation... Right now, I did not close this windows after posting, I let it open even if I did not reload it or whatever but it's like it was keeping my "identity" as being there... I know that phpBB keeps the identity in cache for 5 min, so invision must do something like that to! What do you think? We should try to post a msg without closing his windows but not reloading, one post an answer within 5 min and another within between 5 and 10min and perhaps a 3rd if some of us have time to lose Then the first one will reload after 30min the first window and see if he got or not the email notification for those answers... Ludo
  17. But it still counts them and how much bw used. yep, thought it was clear saying "being seen as user" But it's better to clarify to avoir misunderstanding. Ludo P.S.: why I do not always receive email notification of answer??? Basically, it happens when answer is posted few mins after mine
  18. Under Awstats Summary there are 2 lines (on mine at least) - Traffic Viewed and Traffic Not Viewed. Not-Viewed is the bots so yes it filters it but it does show it there as well. but as I mentionned in another thread, it does not catch all the bots, some are seen as users ie:MSN bot Ludo
  19. Thxs for your answers. I know that there is no way to limit that in WHM and that's why monitoring is useful it's a kind of turn around. Ludo
  20. Hello annie Regarding google, no I'm sure Awstat does not filters it out and basically Awstat gives pretty good info, I mean reliable ones. I will monitor closely my account to see if I notice the same kind of discrepency (not sure of the spelling) Ludo
  21. Ok It seems Email related questions are not really important to you... But emails for some persons as me are as important as the web site.. no downtime, etc... and as the website, it's important (to me at least) to monitor their bandwidth, to make sure nobody could do bad stuff and create problem to me! I mean If one of my email user send too many emails which could result in "spam" i'd rather noticed it myself and stop his account than having my account stopped by you, resulting in SEVERE problem for me. So, is there a way to monitor (and "in dreaming" to restrict) the bandwidth and the activity of email account? (basically the same amount of info which are available in awstat for email, it's not much but already that..) If you do not offer this, is it possible to add a third party tool which could do that? Thanks in advance for the numerous response Ludo
  22. Hello, As it is not possible to have the Awstats Mail plugins Like We spoke in this thread So how can I monitor the bandwidth used by my email accounts???? I need to know the Bandwidth used per account Any idea???? Thxs in advance Ludo
  23. Hello, I noticed that the MSN bot is not indexed as bot by awstat, is there a way to modify that? It's useful to have the bandwidth use per spiders in a specific place. Ludo
  24. Hey Idallen! I have to say that I read this entire .txt you mentionned above! And everything is perfectly summurized in that, about microsoft or linux and command lines Even if you never tried dos, I pardon you Anyway, that's great to see people like you and I would have like to have teacher like you I think! Thanks for your post! I appreciated it Ludo
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