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  1. I have multiple sites and a reseller account here at TCH. I've got separate packages and separate installations of drupal on each. I'm trying to figure out how to run them from one code base. I've sucessfully set up a multisite installation on my home computer but I am a little confused how to do this on TCH. If I park domains what effect does this have on other site functions (mail, cpanel, email forwarding)? It should be as simple as creating a symlink in the base directory, but TCH doesn't have a command prompt to do this. Alternately I've tried using a php script to create a symlink
  2. I've been running Drupal on my TCH account (now up to 3 drupal sites) since I signed up. Here's my link to notes which should help anyone using TCH. coacalina drupal notes check out the articles section on the site as well -- i've created a dedicated area for upcoming drupal tips. Attention: the notes span versions 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6, so some may not be accurate anymore.
  3. Actually alt tags for images is a start but not nearly the limit for making accessible sites. there's the World Wide Web Consortium aural style sheet specification, which basically controls the aural markup of the page and there's CSS in general, which encourages design separation from content. In accessibilities case, it also discourages frames and table layouts which text readers have a hard time navigating. So switch to a pure css layout if you haven't already!
  4. This is also necessary for the Image Module in Drupal. Thanks! Rock Sign
  5. Thanks Lisa for the quick reply! I'll definitely be signing up shortly, it was kind of my final question in my searching for a new host. Erik
  6. Hi, I was curious as to whether Drupal and/or Zen Cart were able to be installed. I had searched for and read a couple of comments on the former but none specifically saying it was supported; just that it was a popular substitute. The latter, Zen Cart, I have tried in demo form and thought was interesting but I am not as familiar with it so pardon me if I am asking a dumb question. I'm currently looking for a MT friendly host - though with 3.0d getting so much backlash and Drupal actually offering features I like I would like to keep my options open. Erik
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