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  1. Can you suggest something that is secure?
  2. The link for the script is: http://carbonize.co.uk/Lazarus/Forum/index...89ed9&topic=8.0
  3. Hank_Top


    Hi, I received emails similar to this one: "Hello user of LBHank.com e-mail server, Our antivirus software has detected a large ammount of viruses outgoing from your email account, you may use our free anti-virus tool to clean up your computer software. For more information see the attached file. In order to read the attach you have to use the following password: 16326. Have a good day, The LBHank.com team http://www.lBHank.com" I own this domain, and the sender states it is from: management@LBHank.com which is an address that does not exist, nor did I create it. Is this because I have SMTP completed within some of my scripts. Should I remove that and go back to just using the sendmail path of /usr/sbin/sendmail? Thanks, Hank
  4. Hi. I tried the search engine built into cPanel, and I really didn't like it. My search engine is @ http://www.lbhank.com/search/search.pl Source Code and instructions @ http://www.xav.com/ I'm trying to get the proxy.pl to work, so that the search criteria entered, is highlighted on the results page. My posting @ http://forum.xav.com/viewtopic.php?p=6206 has all the details. Much Appreciated. Hank
  5. Where is the documentation of what is being blocked?
  6. I sent a test to one of my accounts with a word doc, and it never came through, nor did it bounce back. I do not see an option on Mail for blocking attachments, and need certain things to come through. How do I go about editing this?
  7. I installed MT 3.0 @ /MT30/ Install went fine and it is working. However I'm missing something. My blogs reside @ /blog/ My archives reside @ /MT30/archives/ I want my blog to look like: hello this is me..... Posted by Hank at 03:11 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (1) do I need to copy and paste the following text every time I blog, or what am I doing wrong? <div class="posted"> Posted by Hank at <a href="http://www.lbhank.com/MT30/archives/000001.html">HH:MM AM</a> | <a href="http://www.lbhank.com/MT30/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=1" onclick="OpenComments(this.href); return false">Comments (0)</a> <a href="http://www.lbhank.com/MT30/mt-tb.cgi?__mode=view&entry_id=1" onclick="OpenTrackback(this.href); return false">TrackBack (0)</a> </div> Thanks. Sorry if this is in the wrong group. Hank
  8. I need a form that simply asks for an email address. The form is sent to an email address set in the background, Upon hitting submit, the submitters email address receives an autoresponder from the email address set up in the background. So Person A submits form to script. Script knows to email form to preassigned address. Preassigned email in script sends an autoresponder to Person A. Pretty simple, but I can't find what I am looking for on the web, and my FPSE's on here are not working. Tech Support told me to go buy a $90 forms package, I said no and have turned to the forums. Hank@lbhank.com
  9. Where can I find the TCH instructions for Moveable type?
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