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  1. Found dokuwiki - it rocks!
  2. I've installed mediawiki in a password protected directory on my website to store contacts, todo-lists, bookmarks etc. Doing so makes it easier to maintain them from any PC.. instead of editing html after logging in to the cpanel. Is mediawiki an overkill for what I'm using it for? Any better lightweight alternative? I love easy edits, but installing updates every couple of months is an annoyance.
  3. Any chance of keeping both php4 and php5? (with default being php4)
  4. Anyone else using it yet? I love it!
  5. Heh, I signed into Amazon today and found that I'm eligible for a pi/2 = 1.7% discount across the board for having used A9.com Nice marketing.
  6. A lot has been happening with firefox lately. * Version 1.0 is near release. 1.0 Preview Release is out. * A new website, spreadfirefox.com has been launched. My favorite quote "You're our marketing deparment. * The developers working on IE 7 acknowledged on their blog that "People want people to download firefox." * As the premier product from mozilla, firefox now boasts of its own guidebook and CD, purchaseable from mozilla store. * All gecko based browsers (firefox, mozilla, netscape) together reached 19% share at w3schools website and 18% on CNET.
  7. vfwlkr

    A-z Movies

    Lord of the Rings
  8. vfwlkr


    Gmail is awesome! - extremely fast (almost feels like local mail) - grouping by conversations (ala outlook) - labels instead of folders (no duplication) - 1G of storage (you dont have to immediately delete the 5Megs zipfile containing snaps from the last long weekend) - Ads? If anything, they're actually useful.
  9. Strange, I've been using MT with firefox and never encountered popup blocking. What build are you using?
  10. vfwlkr


    I will put in a feature request to include profile backup in firefox.
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