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  1. Thanks guys. Can't figure it out on this end, it must be a firewall issue that I can't control. It only happens at work, everything is fine at home. Sean
  2. Of what tool do you speak? Or are you calling ME a tool ;-)
  3. Although I think this is a firewall issue (not TCH's fault), perhaps someone here has some tips for me. When I access cpanel or webmail through IE, everything works fine, but from Firefox it acts as if the port is completely blocked. I am behind a corporate firewall, however I figure that if IE is getting through, perhaps there is a way to get firefox to poke through? Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. I put this in mt htaccess in the root of my public_html folder and it works for me: php_value upload_max_filesize 50m make sure your htaccess is saved in unix text format and not dos perhaps?
  5. great! thanks for the info. I checked into that and it was disabled.. further troubleshooting showed that it was my redirection that was blocking it... linking directly to my main domain works fine. thanks again! --sean
  6. I don't know the details, but the gist of it is that you will be offered a credit card for a purchase, and it will be approved by the card company, only to be rejected a few days later (presumably after you have already sent the goods). I can't remember all of them, but there's a list of countries that are the biggest places to watch out for. I believe it started as an ebay scam. I will try to get more information about it. I only know tidbits of info, because I had received some very suspicious sounding emails to my generic business email, and did a little digging. This was about six months a
  7. i have a quick question.. would the TCH account default to disallowing external pages to embed images from my space (such as an avatar on an external message board)? i have an image that loads fine on my own page, but will not work on a page residing on a diffreent server can i fix this? thanks!
  8. ok thanks for your help.. i guess thats as close as we can get to a single unifor login screen!
  9. hm ok. and then you have to login again at the horde screen. it all just seems so messy!
  10. when i do that, i have to enter my cpanel login and password.. it pops up and asks me to enter my password for realm "webmail" and then the only thing it accepts is my cpanel user/pass... is that the way it works for you?
  11. theres a huge singapore-based credit card scam going on.. that's probably why...
  12. how can i get to the horde login screen without having to log into cpanel?
  13. oops! looks like i was missing your messages by a matter of minutes! Thanks for the help.. if anyone has any ideas as to how i can get the user permissions set up so that the data folder is not publicly accessible, please let me know! cheers --sean
  14. ok i figured out, for sub accounts you need to use the full email as the login now i need to figure out how to make it about 3 million times more secure than 777 hahah! any ideas?
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