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  1. Joly, I can also recommend a good book on FrontPage - very simple basics. Probably there is a more recent edition. "How to Use Microsoft FrontPage 2002". Sams is the publisher. It mentions this font issue. BTW, when you saw my site, most of my "banners" are using .JPG files because I wanted a font that most computers don't have. Be careful that for every paragraph you write you specify the font, too. Laurel
  2. Hi, I'm in the process of trying to get a refund from a web hoster that I made the mistake of signing up with so I can possibly choose Total Choice. I'm impressed so far with this bulletin board, and you look like a REAL company!! My question is about subdomains. I understand that the 2nd domain is just a subdirectory of the main domain. I understand that search engines have a problem with them. Also, I currently have a subdomain and I notice that the title of the webpages only shows the url - not the actual title. Is this going to be the case or is there a way around this? I don't need much space so don't need a reseller, but was hoping to have two domains that share the same space. Thanks in advance! Laurel
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