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  1. Hotmail has a whitelist. Login and click on the contacts tab. You should see a link to "Safe List" on the left. Any email addresses entered there should be able to send mail to your account without spam filtering of any kind.
  2. If I'm understanding you correctly, the problem that you're seeing is commonly called the peekaboo bug. It is a bug in IE that is a problem with the default style sheet that comes with MT. Do a search on MT's forum and you'll find all the info in the world about it. I never understood why MT would come with a "broken" style sheet. Yeah, it's IE that's messed up, but when most people use it, it makes MT not completely functional "right out of the box" if you will. It's been a couple of months since I had to deal with it, but I think it is some sort of a problem with the "position: absolute" attribute. Browsing through my style sheet (a mod of the MT default) I see it in the container element, but it may be elsewhere as well. Most of the workarounds I tried broke too many things once they fixed the problem. What I found worked great was to add line-height: 1.1; to the element body For some reason, explicitny giving that a value tricks IE into working right, and that is a value that is close to the default that is usually used so everything looks normal. There are a bunch of other ways to trick IE into working right if that doesn't do the trick. Check out MT's forums. The other possibility is to tell all of your visitors to just use mozilla....
  3. I was affraid that may be the case. I'll just have to block them by agent type. I imagine all the difference is that in this case I won't see them at all, whereas if they were listed in robots.pm they would show up under the robots portion of the stats, which isn't really a huge deal(they're mostly a bunch of minor blog indexing bots). Thanks.
  4. I get a lot of robots visiting my site that AWStats doesn't recognize. I'd like to make it so that these don't come up as normal traffic. According the AWStats documentation, there is a file someplace called robots.pm that contains the list of bots that it will consider bots. I've gathered that this is in a subdirectory off of the dir containing awstats.pl. The thing is, I can't actually find awstats.pl. Is this a shared thing on each server, so I don't have access to it, or do I just have no clue where to look? I have also found that I can accomplish what looks to the same thing using a parameter in the .conf file for the site, which I can find, however it says not to do it this way. Of course I see no reason not to do it this way anyways (famous last words...) Anyone know anything more about this?
  5. The code he gave you can be used to replace the referrer blocking part of your .htaccess file. The important thing to note is the format. He set it up quite nicely to block everything coming from that site instead of just one part of it (as your current code does). Use that format for all of the referrers you want to block. The other thing he changed was, as you said, at the end, it redirects to a gif file someplace else. If you just want it to redirect to your 403 page, then you had it right in the first place RewriteRule .* - [F, L] If you want to test it out, put your own site in the list and follow a link on your site to yourself. You could also do something like add google to the list and search for yourself....you get the idea. Just be sure to remove that line when you’re done testing, or else things might not work how you'd like them to. Oddly enough, I just found out about referrer spam a couple of days ago myself and I found that the mod_rewrite docs to be helpful. But the way you have it setup now it should work (though I'm not sure that the second "RewriteEngine On" is needed). Just change your RewriteCond lines so you make sure you block everything coming from that site.
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