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  1. Thanks for the replies, Mike. So...my impression of SPF configuration is that it happens at the DNS level, where the legitimate mail servers allowed to send mail from a domain are defined in a TXT record. That's what I've done. From what you said it sounds like there may be some reason why that is not sufficient. (?) Other question I forgot: So if you're a reseller and somebody you're hosting starts sending spam, what gets suspended? *their* domain, or the reseller domain? Since it happens quickly it would be good to know in advance at what level the suspension occurs: The guilty domain, o
  2. This is an old thread but it brings up some questions: 1. If I were having this problem on a TCH-hosted domain (being hijacked and thus, me getting bounces to made-up emailaddresses@**** used by spammers) -- it isn't clear if this is enough to get an account suspended. It shouldn't be, since the TCH-hosted domain is a victim, not a perp. 2. Does TCH expect us to report abuse to dozens or hundreds of different emails, ip addresses, compromised mail relays, in order to keep from being suspended? This would be unfair to those who are hijacked like this. 3. What is TCH's level of aware
  3. Oh believe me I've seen THAT happen -- like on a domain that I have never used email (or anything else) on, but for some reason had a catchall address for. As it happens, though, the domain that was hijacked has existed since 1996. So....that's not what happened in this case. Frankly, as careful as I am, I am amazed I avoided this sort of thing on that domain for 8 years.
  4. I got one of my domains swiped last week for this use as well, so I've been getting about 50 "bounce" messages a day with random email addresses (because I use a catchall address, a practice which may have to end on that domain). Before this I almost never got spam because of the compartmentalization of how I use addresses (facilitated by the catchall address). I won't go into that, but I am a little curious why the first spams I got were at an address I only gave to TCH last year and never to anyone else. Anyway, it hardly matters now. They've decided they like my domain. I'm sure that th
  5. Well guys, not too thrilled, I'm getting spammed at an email address only assigned to TCH for its correspondence with me. Might want to double-check your security of customer lists. I know it wasn't anyone else; I assign every business I do business with on the 'net an email address that is for its exclusive use. That's why I get about 3 spam messages a week. Works great...and tells me who needs to button things up a little tighter. - ? And no it's not because of some virus I got that passed on that address to a spammer. I don't get virii or worms or any of that other malware. I'm on a
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