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  1. Thanks for the advice so far. I had never set up any email accts, just used the default one since everything gets through... Never really thought about it. Anyway, I have set up a "reserve" address and am in the process of setting up forwards to it for all my legitimate addresses... if I can remember them. I will copy Don and go through old emails, though many have been discarded. Is there a way to have spam assassin scan only the unforwarded emails (not my reserve address and the forwards, and then set it VERY aggressive? I haven't decided whether to try the above with spam assassin, or simply :fail: all the other emails. My fear is that I have forgotten a special email address I set up, or someone misspells my email address (i.e. rob@ instead of bob@ and then it fails, but I guess it would bounce back and they would double check the email address and realize their mistake...?).
  2. I think several people are in the same boat as me, having used various email addresses (now forgotten) over the years and not wanting to now block them... I would lke to make sure that email addresses I specify get through, i.e. legit@mydomail, legit2@mydomain, etc. I'm not sure whether to then :fail: everything else, or subject everything else to a very aggressive SpamAssassin number (i.e. 2). Anyway, Jim wrote a good post on preventing spam that explained the :fail: command for the default address. He said you could still have your "reserve" address get through, and forward other legit addresses to it. "2. Have a reserved email address you never use to sign up for things or give to websites. I may have Jim@MyTCHDomain.com". I hope this isn't a dumb question, but HOW do I set up a "reserve" email address? Do I set up an account for it? And do I then have to check it separately with Outlook / POP3 ? I take it if I only have my default address and set that to :fail:and don't set up a reserve or forwards, I won't get anything. I don't want to forward to a different domain, I just want legit@mydomain to go through as usual. I am thinking I need to set up an email account in cPanel, but would appreciate a clarification if my question above makes sense! Thanks in advance.
  3. Spam assassin is working great, and is filtering out a lot of junk. Unfortunately, I am starting to get more and more spam sent to bogus addresses at my domain, i.e. moytet@mydomain, gagne@mydomain, etc. (50 to 100 per day!). I saw another post that called this technique "Rumplestilskin". I would like to set my default to fail everything, except the specific addresses I pick. However, I have had my domain for several years, and have used different email addresses for different purposes, some of which I can't remember... I don't want to risk bouncing legit people. Is there a way to set the fail command (or a similar command) to bounce back email, but include a message "This email address is invalid or no longer in use. Please use our website contact form or call us to get our current email address." Thanks in advance.
  4. Don, I have not set anything up to bounce. One person had a problem like this a few weeks ago. Then a new person had the problem yesterday, and I am quoting her error message. Rick, interesting analysis. You are saying the problem is on their end and they need to fix their configuration? I don't know anything about them. Wouldn't almost all of their emails be bouncing back, and wouldn't they have fixed the problem already if this was the case? I may send her your response and suggest she forward it to the technical person there. Thanks for the quick response. Am I correct that this is a RARE problem and there is nothing I can do about it?
  5. Someone called me because when they tried to email me, their email kept bouncing back. I sent them an email and told them to just reply to it. They got my email, but their reply keeps bouncing back. This same thing happened a few weeks ago, and I was hoping it was a fluke... I am getting other emails every day. They faxed me the bounced message, since they can't email it. Here is the relevant part... Subject: Undeliverable: RE: our email address Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients... The following recipient(s) could not be reached: "Pinnacle Displays' on 10/22/2004 12:17 PM There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server. Please contact your system administrator. <tytyty.com #5.5.0 smtp;550-Verification failed for <carla@ty***tyty.com>> note: I inserted "***" to stop spambot harvesting. I do have spam assassin on. I can't imagine life without it. Does anyone know why their email keeps bouncing and they can't get through???
  6. Yes, I understand this problem is NOT related to TCH in any way, but is because a spammer somehow got one of my email addresses (there are so many ways they can do this, the slimy B*A*S*T*A*R***s). I just wanted to make sure you guys wouldn't think my account is spamming, and also hoped that there was something I could do to stop spammers from spoofing my email address. I'll say it again, SpamAssassin is worth its weight in gold, and is a free feature at TCH.
  7. Lisa and Bruce, Thanks for the quick answers... I think I am the victim of spoofing. So there is nothing I can do to stop it in the future???? I use spam assassin to automatically delete all messages to some of my old compromised addresses. Unfortunately, the address in question was compromised but is on my business card, so I can't just delete all the messages to it (i do filter it though). I also don't want to auto delete all messages that say "mail delivery failure", etc, because sometimes they are legit and I need to know my message never got through. I guess I just hope this spoof was a one time thing, and that the spammer keeps changing the spoofed address... thanks again
  8. I have sometimes gotten "mail delivery failure" notices for emails I never sent, but I just delete them. This morning, I got 186 failure notices. They were for a spam message. I think a spammer has forged my email address in the return... What can I do? 1. I don't want to get blamed for this by TCH. 2. I don't want to sort through all these emails to delete them, and possibly delete a legit email. 3. I don't want the recipients getting mad at me for spam. BTW, SpamAssassin is a priceless (and free here at TCH). It filters out 10-50 spams a day for me. I don't want to use it to filter these though, in case I send a real email and for some reason it doesn't go through. so the question is, what do you do if a spammer is forging your email address as a return? or do I have an unsecured relay (I don't know what that is, but I remember reading something about it once)... help!
  9. Rick, thanks for the quick advice. I opened my website in fp and deleted the text in the html, but fp wouldn't let me save the changes (can't modify part of an fp component). don't know if that would have solved the problem anyway. However, I uninstalled and then reinstalled fp extensions (even though I already did that last night), and now the form works. I read somewhere on the net that it is possible to "break" your extensions by testing a form on your computer... don't know. Important thing is now the form works... at least for now.
  10. this is driving me nuts! I created a new page with a simple form in frontpage 2002, and then published it to my site. When I open the page, it shows the following message at the top of the form, "[FrontPage Save Results Component]" the when I try to use the form and press "submit", I get a new page with "Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions on this page: "*****/new_page_1.htm" cPanel shows my frontpage extensions are installed, but I uninstalled and reinstalled anyway. I still have the problem. HELP! Mad!!!
  11. thanks you guys. Windows XP did an auto update... maybe that was the problem. I'll play around with WS FTP, and if I can't get it working, will reinstall it.
  12. yesterday and for a long time I have logged on to a folder via ws_ftp. Today when I've try to do it I get... WINSOCK.DLL: WinSock 2.0 WS_FTP Pro, Version 7.6, 2002.08.23 Finding Host www.pinnacledisplays.com ... Create socket failure Did something change overnight? I also can't access my main account with ftp (same error), but have no problem via the control panel or frontpage... help! any suggestions?
  13. Lisa, I will not use spaces in my urls in the future! (I,m going to write this on the chalk board 100 times). I would like to use a 301 redirect because google says it is ok. Meta-refresh redirects (?) are spammy, so I have been told to avoid them. Any opinions if the java redirect you are suggesting would be considered spammy and be penalized? thanks
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