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  1. likoma

    Php V5+

    I agree that more things might break (WordPress) that would be more important than the things I would like to install that only work with PHP 5. So if you're starting a list somewhere of software that's only running on PHP 5, here's my 1-item list! http://www.activecollab.com So no, I don't want to change my own hosting package (and certainly not my reseller package!) just yet, but I read that if PHP 5 is running alongside PHP 4, it can be made to work for that program. Just my late-night two cents. - Bradley
  2. Thanks for the info, Tim. When you say, "no disk upgrades at this time for semi-dedicated or dedicated packages" do you mean they're coming at some point soon?! I ask because I'm currently on the "Semi-Dedicated, Fully Managed" and am just about to max about my disk space, but the jump in price to "Dedicated, Fully Managed" is a big one I'm trying to prolong ($79/mo. to $219/mo.)! I'm not technical enough for the "unmanaged" solution. Also, a simple but I-have-to-ask question, does "80GB x2" mean "160GB"? Jus' checkin'. The thing is, I could really just use an increase of 10 GB and not 150 GB of disk space (and triple the cost). I see below on that page that I can buy an add in (e.g. 120 GB IDE Hard Drive for $203.99). Is that a one-time cost or monthly? Maybe this is a question for the sales department. Let me know if I should email them directly rather than ask here. The reason I ask here is that maybe others in my position have a similar questions. Thanks again, - Bradley
  3. Thanks, Bruce. I have a running ticket going on the subject. Do you think it's maybe that I have my /g2data/ folder "under" public_html (i.e. accessible?)? Could that be it? I'm happy to try to fix ANYTHING that may be causing this, but I don't know what's causing it. Thanks for any tips. There goes my Friday ... !
  4. It must be some sort of upgrade business going on at TCH because it just happened again to another site of mine here: http://www.alisonwright.com/gallery2/main.php I know TCH is going to moving servers and I think I read something about a PHP upgrade. Could this be causing this trouble? Anything I can do to prevent it? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the comments. An update after an all-day fix-it job: I just could not get that install working again. I tried upgrading, fresh installs (but keeping the same table as there are hundreds of images in there), and still that same error page. I finally created a new SQL DB and installed G2 in another directory and used another storage directory (this time above public_html). All went well. Then I used the "Local Server Upload Paths" to get the old albums and photos and so far so good. I think it didn't get all of the images, but it's trying. What I still really need to know is what caused this in the first place. I have a post over at the G2 forums asking the same thing, so I'll update here if I learn anything. I spent hours fixing this today. Thanks for any feedback or experiences or suggestions.
  6. Gallery2 just stops working and I get this error message: I haven't touched it in a while, so I'm thinking something happened at TCH (PHP upgrade? MySQL upgrade?). I have searched for a reason why this happened (it's the second time on two domanis here at TCH) and found this suggestion: I know that I should rather have my g2data folder at the same level as public_html, but I'm not sure if that's the problem. I also know that one solution is to recursively CHMOD the g2data folder (and all subfolders) to 777 and that's supposed to fix it. Also, I can't seem to do that in any FTP program as I'm not the correct user (need to be admin or host or something) so maybe TCH has to do it. I have submitted a ticket, but wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem and if they know how it can be avoided--I have several G2 installs on TCH and this is a pain that they just go down. Thanks, - Bradley
  7. This is going to save me HOURS of installation time! Thank you, TCH!
  8. Thank you. I love when TCH finds and fixes a problem before my clients even notice something is wrong. - Bradley
  9. I build websites and I also host most of them through a reseller account here at TCH. Some of my clients want to stay with their existing host and that's fine with me--as long as their host can get the job done. This is rarely the case. It's not about cost, either. Some big name hosts that cost $30 for a regular hosting account can't get the job done. I use some "sophisticated" tools that require more than your average HTML page: WordPress, Gallery2, Drupal, Mambo, MovableType, PHP List, Dada Mail, Ultimate Form Script, etc. Many use an SQL database and PHP. On TCH, it all works just fine. Upload, install, presto. Easy for me, easy for my client. The trouble comes when a client wants me to set up something on their host and although maybe the software installs correctly, there's usually trouble down the road. For a client today I installed Gallery2 and the G2 Windows XP image uploader wouldn't work, then the Upload Applet wouldn't work. Yes, their help desk said they'd work on it, but it's just more delays and, frankly, most cost to my client. My clients come to me with big name hosts, too. I won't list them here, but you'd recognize them. The other day, a huge Internet presence host didn't run "Ioncube" (not that I even know what that IS!) that Ultimate Form Mailer uses, so it didn't work. Sure, I could have searched around for another form program that did everything UFM did AND ran on this host's severs, but that would have taken time, rather than JUST WORKING THE FIRST TIME. For the client, it came down to UFM working or switching hosts (to my TCH). UFM--and TCH--won out. Same thing the other day with PHP List. Something about not running in safe mode. I did a bit of research, talked to the host and they said I had to do a few things and it would work. I did the few things (yes, it's highly possible I didn't do them correctly) and it still didn't work. Switched them to TCH, too. I'm not trying to bash other hosts. I'm just trying to save some time and money and frustration for those maybe enticed by big names or flashy packages offerring lots of bandwidth or lots of something. If your sites are at all complex--or ever will be--you want the nuts and bolts working and the bells and whistles working. It just works here. Anyway, this is my Thank You to TCH. Best regards, - Bradley
  10. Thanks for your post, Bruce. My clients are a mix of business accounts and individual users and I agree with you about the business accounts, but lots of individual users would like the challenge/response option as they have had their firstname@lastname.com email address for years and, as people are talking about in this thread, it's inevitable--even if you're extremely careful. Also, you say "put forth the effort to battle it" but many of my clients wouldn't know how to battle and that means I'm usually taking care of it for them (not cost effective, boring, etc.). ;-) Of course my email does pretty well against spam using Spam Assassin and using forwarding and the default email (e.g. if I send a card from Hallmark, I'll use hallmark@**** so when it gets sold/spammed, I can then stop/block it). I post again tonight as I'm moving yet another client away from another hosting company (yippee for TCH!) because this or that little thing didn't work (in this case it was that it was running in safe mode, I couldn't turn it off, and thus couldn't run PHP List), but while I was moving things away from her host, I noticed that they run cPanel, had Spam Assassin and ALSO had an option called "BoxTrapper." This is how it described it: BoxTrapper protects your inbox from spam by forcing all people not on your white list to reply to a verifcation email before they can send mail to you. Aha, I spoke too soon. So I did a quick search for Box Trapper and found out that TCH has already tried it, but I guess it was too much of a load on the servers. I couldn't find much else about Box Trapper, but anyway, it'd be great if TCH had it as an option, even charged for it if it's going to be a bigger load on servers. Best regards, - Bradley
  11. Any chance TCH will offer something like Spam Arrest (challenge/response) in the future? I'm a reseller and Spam Arrest is what I suggest to them after they've (1) had their email address listed publicly on a site for a long time and is certainly on the spammer's lists, (2) tried Spam Assassin with success, but still just not quite good enough, (4) can't/won't ditch that address for a new one, and (4) they're ready for drastic measures. I send them over to Spam Arrest where they pay $5 a month or so. I'd be much happier being able to offer that through my own reseller account (TCH) for free or for a small fee (if I/we had to pay an extra fee to TCH to set it up). Just my two cents. Best regards, - Bradley
  12. I just wanted to thank you very much for that extremely clear response. It saves me lots of trying and time. Best regards ... wow, I almost wrote, " ... and have a nice weekend." Shows you what kind of weekend I've been having! - Bradley
  13. Thanks for this thread. I've been messing with .htaccess and php.ini to no avail. I was also following this link and tried #1 and #2, but couldn't find the add_photos.php, so didn't figure that out. I can see that it allowed me 128 MB in a batch: Not that I'd need that, I just need the occasional movie uploaded that's bigger than 2 MB. I just submitted a ticket requesting the max single upload be increased to 8, thanks. However, I was wondering why I couldn't upload it even via FTP or cPanel (File Manager). The permissions on those folders (albums, etc.) are 755 and I couldn't change them in FTP (FileZilla) to 777. I guess they're locked somewhere? I guess they're locked in Gallery somewhere so I don't use FTP to upload? I just tried Add Items From Web Page and used a URL where I just uploaded video (e.g. www.mysite.com/videos/) and that worked. Thanks. - Bradley
  14. I'm stuck in a Horde loop. It keeps coming back to the login page. http://www.domain.com:2095/horde/login.php I'm a reseller (server17) and a client of mine just said the same thing (I guess she's on 17, too). My browser or something on your end? Thanks, - Bradley [Just submitted a ticket about it.]
  15. Thanks. I didn't think you did block sites, I was also just putting out the note in the forum to see if anyone else was having the problem. I'll submit a ticket. Thanks. - Bradley
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