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  1. I have links pages on most of the sites I maintain. I want to make it possible for users to add links on some of them, and want to set up an automated process for reciprical links on others (sometimes both). I think this is something that really requires the power of php & mySQL to do right, dont think a simple CGI script is going to hack it. Should be pretty configurable as well so that it can be cosmeticly matched to the sites I am putting it in, as well as adopting it to the specific community where it is going. Anyone out there using something that they really like ? JayC@WyldeArt.com
  2. one of the sites I maintain, www.exreps.com, has a public directory page for all the memembers. Pretty simple page, has provision for name, email address couple of other things. It is divided into three sections, including the "in memorium" area which kinda creeps me out. My problem is that maintaining this page is 80% of the work, I would like to find a script or php/sql package that will make the area interactive and user maintained. The user/member should be able to click on a button and either register a new name or edit their existing entry, then the system should regenerate the list. Clearly it should support catagories, and should sort names before doing this, as well as other standard type stuff, should also be open source or my favorite price. Ideally it would also support profiles so that users who choose to do so could edit a profile entry with additional personal information. Anyone have any ideas ? JayC@exreps.com NB. I could probably write a basic script in Perl and install it as CGI, however I have been bitten too often in the past by what seems like a simple coding job that takes on the aspect of Godzilla when you get into it. Jay
  3. Rickvz I just got through upgrading a 1.0.1 board to 1.1.1 and it went very smoothly. Download the latest version from Invision and unzip it to your computer. I tried the upgrade route and could not figure out how to configure it to accept my db and user information, so just reinstalled on top of the old system, lost my skeleton forum areas, but I _love_ the calendar. Now if I can just figure out how to upload images to the forum areas. Jay
  4. I am running bbPHP on one of my sites, but decided to give Invision a spin on a new site I put up, mostly because folks here were touting it, and also because I found it in my add on folder. I have it working, but notice that it is 1.01 and the version running here is 1.1. <sigh> I lust for the calendar so I want to upgrade, anyone been through the mill on this one and want to give me some pointers ? Also since this catagory includes 3rd part apps, I was kind surprised to find that there is not a forum for 3rd party apps, sure would make looking for help easier. Jay
  5. "Just to clarify, you say that you have the following in your mt.cfg file:" Thanks Rick, Boy is my face red . . . I got foxed by the undersores. Now I am fighting the config battle, trying to figure out how to enter the paths for configuring my first blog.
  6. Well this set a new personal all time high record for dumbness; What I was using ObjectDriver driver_name DBI::mysql What I should have been using ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
  7. I have been through all of the support messages in the forum base, and have not seen anything that speaks to my problem. I decided to test out the bbs function and even went to read the CPanel docs, but still cannot figure out what is going on. From CPanel I put in the forum name, and it comes back and tells me that the forum (bbs) was created. When I click on the back button I can see that the forum is there, when click on the modify button it puts me into the top screen. The problem starts when I try to log in using the default user name for my account. Sez that I have the wrong password, even though the member list tells me that user name is a member of the forum. When I try to get it to send me a new password it sez that the user name and the email address do not match. Tried all the emails I have registered and none of them work, although I would have expected my_username@my_domainname to be the one that was registered with the account. When I check out the CPanel docs, they apparently refer to another bbs/forum package called XMB rather than phpBB. When I attempt to follow the instructions and login and/or register per the CPanel docs I run into the same problems as above. At this point I would like to kill these attempts and start over again, however there is no delete button and I am _very_ reluctant to try deleting the folders and/or the databases to do this. Any ideas out there ? Jay jayrclark@earthlink.net
  8. I have been doing some research on blogging and MT is on my list as one of the possible ways to go, would be an act of kindness if TCH could put together some kinda FAQ or MT for dummies file for folks attempting the installation. Jay
  9. Is anyone using FP 2000 successfully publishing to their www directory as: http:****/www ? I have been unable to do so, my domain has propigated so that is not the problem. Whenever I try I get an error message that the FP extentions are not installed. I get the same error message with my page options set to custom, apache, and IIS compatablity. I can publish to ftp://****/www but this deactivates access to some of the FP funtionality. Jay Clark jayrclark@earthlink.net
  10. I am attempting to figure out how to use the formmail.cgi clone with very little success, can anyone who is successfuly using it give me some pointers ? A working html page that I can hack to point to my domain would probably do the trick. Jay WyldeArt.com
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