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  1. Bruce, Thanks, now all I have to do is track down a free version of Gallery to download, was checking their website and it did not jump out at me, I noticed that IPB has stopped offering a free version, and fear that Gallery may have gone the same route. Charges seem modest enough, however I like to see what I can get done using pure public domain packages. Thanks again jayr
  2. I have installed coppermine though Fantastico, and with a couple of teething and operations problems it seems to work ok. I need to set up a photo gallery on another website and throught I would give Gallery a spin, mostly because I feel it is more feature rich. I intstalled Gallery 2.0.2 through Fantastico however when I attempted to create an album I got a permissions error. I was able to resolve that by searching the Gallery support site and then changing the locking system from file to database, this resolved my original error message, but now I get other permissions errors when I attempt to create an album or upload a picture. Warning: unlink(/home/aerocom/public_html/photo/g2data/cache/module/albumselect/0/0/_vti_cnf/0.inc): Permission denied At this point I am yearning for the simple life so I see my choices as: 1. Assume that I made a mistake in using Fantastico for the install, remove the installation and try again 2. Assume there is something weird going on with Fantastico/Gallery on total choice, remove the installation and do a fresh install outside of Fantastico 3. Take the path of least resistance and give these folks Coppermine instead of Gallery, even though Copper mine does not seem to offer the features that Gallery does. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who was able to do a Gallery installation through Fantastico and go on to be able to let folks use gallery jay clark
  3. I need to set up directory protection for a single directory on a site I am developing for a client. In reading the forums I have figured out a work around for the time being, by using Cpanel>webprotect. However I am still wondering why my initial effort to hand build an htacess file did not work. I created an htaccess file and put it into the desired directory, I also used a third party site to create the username:password combinations and put it in the same directory Whenever I attempted to access the directory I got the login screen, but it would not accept the password I put in. After using Cpanel>webprotect I checked the password file that was generated and noticed that it contained a different encrypted password than the one generated by the third party script. I suspect that what I was doing wrong with the line with the full path to the location of the password file in the .htaccess file. Can anyone point me at a tutorial or previous post on how to hand build a .htaccess based system that has some examples in it ? Thanks in advance jayr
  4. I am trying to figure out remote database management, mostly for backups. I checked out Naicat, and while it seems reasonably priced I have a preference for shareware. Did you try out multiple packages before deciding on Navicat ? If so what features does Navicat have that made you decide to use it ? jayr
  5. Thanks, at least I am not beating my head against the wall any more. One of the base line requirements for this project is that packages evaluated have to run on shared servers for cost reasons. So RT is now moved to the unsuitable side of the house.
  6. Yeah, unzipping locally has all the files, in fact what I ended up doing as a work around was to uzip locally and then use WS_ftp to send all the files up to TCH, this created problems of its own and the process took about 8 hours. I never opened a ticket on this, have since been able to use the extract function without any problem, I suspect that the problems is caused by the size of phpGroupware. With all of the applications it contains it is over 250 megs
  7. Hi all, I am doing evaluations of a number of PD helpdesk/groupware packages. So far I have been able to get phpGroupware and NetOffice to run properly, I am now attempting to get RT (request tracker) http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/ up and running. The major difference is that the others were php packages and RT is perl based. I cannot seem to get the configuration file to run propely, I read all the stuff about running perl scripts, changed the permissions to 755, changed it to path to #!/usr/bin/perl and tried putting a .pl extention on it. When I try to run it from within Cpanel or extenally as: http://www.incaini.com/RTsource/configure All it does is bring up a text screen listing of the script source. For what is worth I tried putting some of the sample scripts from the perl scripting discussion into test files and get "Premature end of script headers: /home/incaini/public_html/RTsource/test.pl" error message. Do I need to try putting it in a cgi wrapper or somenthing ? any ideas out there ? Thanks in advance jayr
  8. I was just able to avoid opening a trouble ticket by searching on "failed to open stream" and the fix was the same for me. I am a little worried about security concerns by opening up these directories to 777 I also had a problem with Coppermine initially that came from not understanding that I needed to set the URL in the config file to: http://[myurl]/[myinstalldirectory]/ the text with this configuration choice is not clear. I am wondering if, for the cpanel packages, it might not make sense for TCH to start a knowledge base area with common problems for each package. I was finally able to get phpGroupware working, am testing it out now, large number of problems with the various applications, but if someone has problems with this package I am available to provide any number of wrong guesses and a few correct ones. jayr
  9. I am trying out phpGroupware, having a little problem getting it installed on TCH, but doing a workaround, once I get it running I will also try out RT and compare the two for functionality. If anyone is interested in groupware and help desk stuff you can check out the foundry at www.incaini.com where I am attempting to keep track of progress for the moment
  10. Think you are probably right, my FTP workaround is having problems as well
  11. Hi all, I am attempting to install phpGroupware for a customer evaluation. I uploaded the *.tag-gz file and did the expansion thing, but it did not extract all of the files or folders, I deleted everything and uploaded a fresh copy (after confirming that I could see all of the files and folders after doing a local unpacking) After the deletion I uploaded again and again attempted to do an extraction, and even fewer folders were unpacked. I deleted that attempt and tried uploading the zip version, and attempted to extract the contents, and this time nothing was extracted. Currently I am attempting a work around by unpacking as much as will from the tar-gz, and then manually uploading the missing stuff with WSFTP. It is still in progress, but slower than creeping jesus. Unpacked this application is about 150 megs, my question is why the file extraction function on this account appears to be failing on TCH. Any thoughts out there ? jayr
  12. Hi All, I have a client who wants a public domain trouble ticket package, and am looking for suggestions on packages that will run on TCH. The closest commecial package that I have found is Outlook Help Desk in terms of functionaliy, at the moment the ones that seem to have what my guy is looking for is PHPGroupware, and RT:Realtime Tracker. Can anyone make more suggestions for packages to evaluate ? Before I make the installation attempt does anyone have hands on experiance in installing either PHPGroupware or RT on TCH ? Can offer advice on wireless systems in return Thanks in advance Jay Clark Edit: TCH-Bruce - removed email addres to prevent spam bots from picking it up
  13. I have an old server (running since about 1997) with NT 4.0, it is a dual processor machine with 3 hard drives. When I first set it up I configured a Raid 5 array using the NT disk administrater. Basicly designated about 18 gigs in each of three drives and set them to Raid 5. Worked fine The years roll by Blue screen of death with a MBR fault To recover from this I re installed NT 4.0 and went into disk administrator and attempted to turn the raid back on. No luck, hard times and a rocky road. After googling the net for a couple of days I found a hint about turning a service back on, tried that and recovered the raid and promptly moved the important files off the server onto another machine. Several days later another blue screen of death with an MBR fault, but no problem I have my data The months roll by Suddenly I need some files that I did not move off the machine when it was accessable. Re loaded NT 4.0 again, put in the service pack, got the networking card talking again Went into disk administrator and once again I see three unknown 18 gig areas on each of the three hard drives, however I cannot remember what it was I did to fix it the last time (only six months ago, but I am an old coot and my bionic memeory bank aint so hot either) Have been googling the net for several days now and find I can't remember the key words I searched on before either (getting old really suck) Any NT gurus out there can give me a hand ? I can get into disk administrator, can see all three areas on the drives, when I select them all the choices are gray out in the tools. I am pretty sure that the last time I had to turn on some service or other but not even sure of that. Jay Clark the wireless guy jay.clark@cntlwire.com
  14. I had to duck into CPanel again to double check, but I cannot seem to find IPB as an option anywhere in it, can you tell me which button it is under ?
  15. I agree with you about the potential to confuse users, however I feel this is pretty common to all forums (BBS) packages. I am tempted to go with PCP simply because I feel it is a bit easier to customize, however I will have to go through a new learning curve with both packages, and want to invest the time in the one that has the greater upside potential, which I think from your comment you are saying is IPB. I cannot find IPB anyplace on the CPanel install routines, I think if I go with it I will have to do a download from their site and then do a custom install, which does not thrill me.
  16. I read through the discussion from 3Q 2004 about which forum software to use. I am wondering almost a year down the line, which package (IPB or PHP) is best liked and why. It appears that IPB is no longer available through CPanel, and that PHP is now up to the 2.x release. I have a couple of different potential uses for a forum system, some for non profits and some for "4 profits". So free & open source is always good, but for the "4 Profits" buying the software or a licensing fee is not a real problem. I am mostly interested in the following in more or less order of priority. 1. Feature set 2. Availablity of 3rd party add ons 3. Availablity of tech support 4. Ease of maintenance 5. Ease of installation 6. Cost I have installed both PHP and IPB in the past, and had kinda made my mind up to go with IPB, however I would like to get advice from those down in the trenches and operating forums today before jumping either way. Thanks Jay Clark
  17. David, thanks for the post, problems solved, when the configurator was asking for the main site url I did not realize that it was looking for the main BLOG site path, and not the top page of the website url. Now on to trying to load in a whole new template <sigh>
  18. Hi, I installed MT 3.17 on TCH (www.4dot9.com) and following the step by step instructions I found here and it went pretty smoothly. However I have a problem that I can't seem to figure out. When I go into mt.cgi to make a post, it looks very pretty, with all the formating and stuff. However when I log into the Blog as a user www.4dot9.com/Blog I do not see any of the formating stuff. everything on the right margin, stacked up as a single column. I checked the FAQ and here on the formum, and uncommented StaticWebPath and changed it to read StaticWebPath /Blog/ but it had no effect that I could determine, I still see the blog entry screens with all the fancy formating, and the blog itself as a plain vanilla page. I intend to install a custom 3 column template, but it strikes me as a good idea to figure out why the default display does not work before I start tinkering around under the hood. Since the entry screens show formatting, but the main screens don't it feels like it has to be a configureation problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated Jay Clark
  19. One of my domains is www.WyldeArt.Com which offers fine art reproductions on cermaic tile murals. I have been knocking my head against the wall trying to promote this site, without a lot of luck. I am thinking that if I install ecard software I can get visitors to help me promote the site by sending some of my images to their friends. Has anyone installed an ecard package on TCH ? Any suggestions, pointers, hints or packages to avoid will be appreciated Jay (702)567-0744
  20. I got a tip from the IPB support board, and it worked, you have to edit the group properties and set the size of uploads permitted for each group. Default is 5 megs on admins so that worked out of the box, however default on members is set to zero by default, inclreasing that amount did the trick. Thanks for your suggestion Jay
  21. I decided to add IPB to one of my sites, I used the scripting tools in CPanel to do the install. Everything appears to be normal, except that members cannot upload files in a forum. When logged in as a member I cannot upload file attachements. When logged in with the admin account it seems to work normally. As a member when I start a new topic or reply to an existing topic the browse to/upload choice simply does not appear. I am having the problem with an IPB 1.1.2 installation. I see that this installation is running 1.1.2 and does not appear to have this problem. I have IPB 1.1.1 running on another site with TCH and do not have this problem Members can upload avitars normally. I tried deactivating and reactivating uploads in the forum permissions. With no luck. Following up on another tip I checked /uploads permissions and they are set to 777 Any ideas ? Thanks in advance for all help Jay Clark JayRClark@Earthlink.net Head Bash
  22. Thanks for the pointer, will try installing it and report back with comments on the luck I have or don't have
  23. jayc


    Well since I am looking at putting the real MailMan in, the functionality is not the issue, it is the configurablity as far as what the users see that is the issue to me. I am pretty picky about consitancy of appearence for all the elements of something that I put together and after trying out the clone version of MM I have not been able to make it look enough like the rest of the sites that I am using it with. I figure if I do my own install of the new release I should have full access to all of the formating to be able to make it work like I want it it to. My real question here is if TCH has phython support (if MM 2.1.x requires it) or should I continue looking for a mail list manager that works with PERL/Php/MySQL. TIA Jay
  24. jayc


    I have tried the Mailman clone available on TCH and am not happy with the limited amount of configuration that I can do with it, both the web visible portions and the format of the messages that it sends. Am looking for a replacement that I can install, suggestions would be very welcome. There is a new release of the real deal Mailman available from source forge, however it seems to require Python, and I am not sure that Python is available on TCH. Thanks in advance Jay <currently on the road>
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