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  1. Actually, they were going to gmail accounts. Is that also not permitted?
  2. Has anyone else experienced email forwarders going missing? I had a client forward a bounced email to me, I checked his cpanel, and sure enough, all of his forwarders were gone. I then went through all of my other clients, and sure enough, randomly, 3 other clients had lost their forwarders. Does this happen when cpanel gets updated? This is a little unnerving. Is this an issue for the help desk? Miriam
  3. I came across this article today: http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?...17&from=rss about MySQL dropping support for certain Linux platforms. Might we be affected in any way?
  4. I'm trying to find the best solution for a client who is an civil (electrical?) engineer who works with big power companies. He does his work in CAD programs, and needs to be able to EASILY (and I stress the word EASILY) create protected areas on his domain, to be kept completely separate and each passworded. One for each client. He needs to be able to upload very large (maybe 100mb or more) files into his client's areas, so they can then download them. He gets confused easily, so I need to be able to outline a repeatable process for him in Cpanel that he can refer to each time he needs to create a client area, password it, and upload the files. He doesn't actually want a website per se, just web space. So my questions are: What size server would accommodate such large files with the accompanying upload/download bandwidth needs? The files would not be staying on the server permanently, probably deleted after a month or two. What would be the most straightforward way to do this? Setting up individual FPT users with username/passwords, or a subdomain (or add-on domain...I get confused which is which) for each client? Thanks for your input.... Miriam
  5. I have a client who is using Horde mail. Two of the people are telling me that some replys they were expecting, and were told were sent, are not being received. It's not every reply, some are being received. It doesn't look like it's going into the spam folder. I suggested that they put the specific people on their whitelist and ask them to reply to see if they get it. If they don't get the reply, I don't know what else to suggest to them. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Miriam
  6. Reading this thread got me concerned about some flash used in some of my sites, so I checked them out again in my updated IE6. Sure enough, there was the dotted line, and the click popup. So I did some searching, and came up with a little program called Flash Object (name has recently been changed to SWFObject). There is a Dreamweaver extension for this that makes it really easy to replace the original flash <object> and <embed> stuff with very clean code that overcomes the new IE problem. Using the extension, I was able to fix 3 sites in less than 10 minutes, without having to really understand the javascript file. Here are some links: SWFObject Dreamweaver Extension SWFObject - to solve the IE update problem with flash and active x
  7. Added: I submitted the ticket and they said the date on the server is correct. I re-opened the FTP program and looked at the files I had uploaded last night, and now they say 12/1/2005. Poltergeists? UFO's? It's certainly an unexplained phenomenon. At least I'm back in the right year.
  8. Yes, it really says 2004. I will submit a ticket. Thanks.
  9. All of a sudden today, the date modified is displaying 12/1/2004. I've tried searching the Globalscape forums, and google, but can't find any reference to the date showing up incorrectly, or how to fix it. Has anyone had this problem? Any solutions? Thanks alot, Miriam
  10. I'm trying to send via email. I have checked the configuration, and I think I have it correct, as you have shown, with both the cpanelname as the prefix then an underscore, then the actual database/user name. Do you have any idea why it can't actually write anything to the file? Miriam
  11. I'm now receiving two emails, one says the database file has been backed up and is attached, and the other contains this message: sh: /dbsender/fDATABASE_NAME-113005-0253pm.sql: No such file or directory tar: DATABASE_NAME-113005-0253pm.sql: Cannot stat: No such file or directory tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors sh: ncftpput: command not found The file attachment is actually empty. Any ideas what's wrong? Thanks
  12. I have configured the dbsender.php script with the top line of #! /usr/bin/php -q as per the instructions within the script. I have set up the cron job as: php -q /home/USERNAME/dbsender/dbsender.php >dev/null based on info from other threads. I'm requesting the file to be sent by email. I'm receiving an email that says: /bin/sh: dev/null: No such file or directory I have uploaded the script above html_public into a directory called dbsender. I have chmoded the dbsender directory to 770 and the dbsender.php file to 770. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Is it possible to create the cgi-bin outside of public_html? If so, is there then a special way to access it in an html document? The normal way would be http://www.somesite.com/cgi-bin/program.pl If it's above the public_html, what would the the html code be? Thanks.
  14. I'm having the same problem. I'm using a php script called afh.php (Advanced Form Handler). I've been using it for a couple of years on a number of sites and had no problem. Now a number of clients are receiving many many many (30 or more) form submissions each day, many are totally blank, and many have every field filled out with something like: dfladkfkdfj@clientsActualIPAddressInNumbers I can't figure out how this is happening or how to stop it. In my forms, I'm using some javascript to require certain fields, and also the <input name="required" type="hidden" value="Name,email">, but this isn't stopping blank forms from being submitted. This script has minimal user configuration, and I don't know where to add the referrer information.
  15. Just to follow-up in case anyone else needs a solution to this issue: Using my FTP program, I logged into the old server and found the mail directory. I copied it in its entirely to my local computer. On the TCH server, I set up the needed individual email user/passwords, which created the user folders under the mail folder. I then used my FTP program, logged into the TCH server, found the mail directory, and selectively brought everything over as needed into the correct folders. If any of the new TCH email user inboxes had already received any email before bringing over the old inbox file, I re-named the file on my computer to inbox-old-server. That way it did not overwrite the new inbox which had a few emails already in it when I uploaded it. The client still has access to his old emails this way. Thanks all for your suggestions and help.
  16. Would the home backup take more than the Horde mail? I wouldn't want to restore anything else, as the site is totally re-designed.
  17. I have just set up a client on TotalChoice and set up their Horde Mail in cpanel. Unfortunately, I didn't realize they had a great deal of email stored in their Horde mail on their previous server. Is there a way thru cpanel or some other way to move all of the email off their old server onto the new server? I can still access their old server thru the IP address and so can access their email. I thought about trying to forward all of the emails, but that has to be done individually, and there are alot of them. Could support through a help ticket be able to assist?
  18. I use a program called ClearTweak on my flat panel monitor. Check it out on ioIsland.com I find it really helps alot.
  19. For the basics - that should cover everything If you use the shared SSL - then you would get the browser warning - yes. Hence I would suggest you have one specifically for your domain name. You can purchase (and have installed) an SSL though us for $150 for the year. The cpaneldemo is not maintained by us - so unfortunately it does not have the same reliability we offer. That demo is largely similar, but not identical (ie some script installations etc are different. I'm sorry this does not meet your requirements - but we have the one mail server for an account. On a shared server, it would be on a shared IP - hence name based. If you purchase an SSL, it would go on a dedicated IP. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In reading this thread, I got a little confused about using PayPal and needing an SSL certificate. I thought that if you used PayPal, then at checkout the shopping cart sent the customer to the PayPal site and therefore no SSL certificate was needed for the domain. Is this not the case?
  20. Hi Andy, Thank you for your help. I managed to export the file ok from the old server. I had some trouble importing it into the new database, I think the old version of mysql and the version running on TCH are different, so it gave me an error message. I finally managed to get the structure uploaded into the new database, then managed to bring the data over. Miriam
  21. I have transferred a site to TCH but the database is still on the old server. I don't have CPanel on the old server, but do have the phpMyAdmin interface to the database. I'm trying to figure out how to answer all of the questions on the export screen so that I can import the database structure and the table (it's only one table) into phpMyAdmin thru Cpanel here. I'm at a total loss how to do this. Could someone give me step-by-step instructions? Or should I open a help ticket? Thanks, Miriam
  22. I received this mp3 file in an email today, and really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd pass it along. Answering Machine - Irish Mental Health Hotline
  23. I followed your instructions, and this time in Cpanel when I clicked on the uploaded .tar.gz file, the Extract files menu selection was available. But it looks like on the other server, no files were actually included in the archive, and on the TCH server, no files were extracted. It's looking like I'm going to have to move all of the files manually. Thanks, Miriam
  24. I have some domains on another host that I want to bring over to TCH. The other host does not have a control panel, and most things have to be done thru SSH and secure CRT. What I'm trying to figure out how to do is to create a .tar file of the entire site contents and then bring that one file over and extract it thru cpanel. What ever I try is not working. Here's what I've tried: at the command prompt I type: tar cvf archive.tar -C directoryName It does create a file called archive.tar Then I uploaded that file to TCH thru Cpanel file manager. But when I click on that file name, there is no menu choice on the right to extract the files. I tried downloading the file and trying to use WinZip locally on it, and it did not recognize the file as being an archive. So it seems to me that what I'm doing on the other server is not actually creating an archive file. Does anyone know what I need to be doing thru SSH to actually create a useable archive file? Thanks alot, Miriam
  25. I was exploring cpanel and clicked on cgiwrap in the cgi scripts. It gave a message that cgiwrap was now installed. I looked in my directories and now I have a cgi-bin and an scgi-bin directory. I was only curious, I didn't know it was actually going to do something. What have I done? What should I do? Since I don't know what an scgi-bin directory does, can I just delete it and use the normal cgi-bin directory? Is there a benefit to using the scgi-bin instead? Thanks, Miriam
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